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Daily Archives: March 2, 2011

A couple of weekends ago, there was a huge shake up at one of my, once upon a time, favorite blog sites. I can say once upon a time because long before the shake up, I was heading out the “door”. The shake up happened over a few member bloggers versus the front page bloggers and a supposedly “super secret cabal” engaged in gaming the top recommends system in place. Ironically, the “super secret cabal” was one of the motivators that had me heading out the “door” because the so-called cabal was made up of  front page bloggers, blog moderators, and community member writers alike. We were all supposed to be equal but as such things go…  no we weren’t. There was a hierarchy on which I was so low that I was virtually forgotten about.

I’m not going to name the blog site or the players involved, though I come down on the side sent (banned) and gone (left on their own reconnaissance)  away from the blog.  Names are just not important to this story but the fact that a lot of misinformation was handed out to which others, not a part of the “super secret cabal”, reacted badly. The misinformation involved who was actually involved in the “super secret cabal” and what the cabal was about.

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