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As some of you are aware, earlier this week I published a post that was chockerblock full of pictures documenting my adventures at CPAC. Well, included in that post were pictures of myself with the hilarious Red Eye guys, the hysterical Stephen Kruiser (who is a frequent guest on Red Eye, as well as the host of the Kruiser Kabana), and the lovely blogger Sarah Rumpf. (See the pictures below.)

[Above is a picture with me and Greg Gutfeld, the host of the Fox show Red Eye.]

[Above is a picture of me with Stephen Kruiser (in a purple shirt to my immediate right), and Bill Schulz (to my left) and Andy Levy of Red Eye fame.]

[The above picture is of me and the beautiful Sarah Rumpf, who is the proprietor of the blog Sunshine State Sarah.]

This past week, Stephen was kind enough to pass along the two pictures that my husband took of me with the Red Eye guys–and some pictures of Sarah taken with the Red Eye guys–to the Red Eye producers. Well, on Friday night, multiple pictures of Sarah and me posing with the Red Eye cast appeared in a photo collage on Red Eye! (Go to approximately five minutes into the video embedded below to see multiple pictures of Sarah and me posing with the Red Eye cast members.)

As I previously stated in my prior post, always bring a camera with you everywhere you go at CPAC.

Oh, and thanks for letting me brag a bit. I can’t wait to see you all again next year!

PS–Robert Stacy McCain was kind enough to write a cool post about Sarah’s and my “brush with fame”.

PPS–Thanks so much to Brian Henchey, host of The New England Job Show (who is pictured in my earlier post), for alerting me–via Facebook–to the fact that my pictures were featured on Red Eye.

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3 Responses to Addendum To My CPAC Post: My Pictures Were Featured On Red Eye!!

  • Bruce says:


    Well it is good to see one of my favorite conservatives enjoying themselves……I am still reading and listening to the last post you put out on CPAC…….Once I digest it I am sure I will have an opinion…….Looks like you had a great time and met quite a few people of prominence in the republican party………I am sure everyone there is readying with great anticipation for 2012………but in the meantime we have a civil war brewing in Wisconsin……..A governor in Florida that doesn’t like trains……a budget battle that will make history…….and the fall of the Arab world as we know it……..I miss the debate can you StephC and Steve at least humor me a little……I miss you guys……..

    Lonely In America Baby………..

  • Susannah says:

    Bruce, it’s good to hear from one of my favorite liberal commenters. Please let me know what you think when you get through with my other CPAC post. I’m always interested to hear your thoughts.

    Take care. 😛

    X0X0, Suzi

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