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This past week, Time magazine wrote an extremely dishonest column comparing Barack Obama to Ronald Reagan. In fact, Michael Sherer, one of the column’s co-authors, claimed on Hardball that Obama has always seen Reagan as a model, even though Sherer admitted in his column that “Reagan would come to epitomize all that Obama opposed”. That is the understatement of the millennium. Allow me to put it like this–Ronald Reagan strongly believed in American exceptionalism, and he would rather have shaved his head with a cheese grater than gone on an Apologolooza/America Sucks world tour or bow to the king of Saudi Arabia. (Maybe Time magazine is confusing President Ronald Reagan with Ron Reagan Jr.)

But enough talking. The video below, made by Citizens United, perfectly demonstrates the real contrasts between the two men better than a hundred more words of blogging ever could.

What this pathetically disingenuous comparison between these two men shows, is just how desperate the liberal mainstream media is to prop up Barack Obama’s presidency. For instance, Time magazine has already compared Obama to FDR on one of their previous covers; then they discovered that the American people don’t really want a “New Deal” style big government after all. So now, the MSM has scratched the whole FDR thingy and is plowing full steam ahead with the ridiculous Reagan/Obama comparisons. If in a few months, when Time realizes that Americans aren’t buying the “Obama is Reagan reincarnated” meme, we can possibly expect more magazine covers comparing Obama to, maybe, JFK or Bill Clinton. (Obama has already had Bill Clinton do one of his press conferences for him, so an Obama/Clinton magazine cover is entirely plausible.) But, I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for an Obama/Carter magazine cover.

However, one thing is for certain–the MSM and the president’s spinmeisters want the American people to associate Barack Obama with anyone not associated with his failing presidency (or Jimmy Carter).

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One Response to Video: President Obama, You’re No Ronald Reagan

  • Bruce says:


    You know for once I am going to have to agree with you………..I am a little taken back with all of the media comparisons of Obama to Reagan also…… it’s kind of like in basketball where everyone says every new and upcoming star is the next coming of “Michael Jordan”, who by many is considered the greatest basketball player ever……just as Mr. Reagan by most conservatives is considered the greatest president ever…….but here is one thing everyone seems to forget both in basketball and in politics these are different times, different players, and different rules…………and just as the basketball world does these new up and coming stars a disservice the media is doing the same to President Obama……….from the 24hr worldwide media, an economy that has tanked at all levels, to the terrorist threat both here and abroad, things Mr. Reagan never had to deal with, the game has changed and no comparisons can be made…………..As for Mr. Obama’s failing presidency only history will tell……not the naysayers……….but I will give you a little piece of Bruce’s view of the “game”…………history will be on the side of Mr. Obama……He will serve a successful second term………..and maybe just maybe the next president will be compared to President Obama in much the same way……..the next coming of Obama…………

    Black In America Baby……..The revolution has been televised.

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