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Alas, the new Republican caucus has gotten a little bit larger. FoxNews announced tonight that two more GOP candidates have prevailed in their election battles. Joe Walsh defeated Democrat incumbent Melissa Bean in congressional district IL-08. And it appears Randy Altschuler has defeated Democrat incumbent Tim Bishop in NY-01.

We now have 242 Republicans to 190 Democrats with 3 races left to decide. That’s a gain of 64 seats (and counting) for the GOP in the next Congress! Let’s hope the last 3 seats go our way too!

It’s hard to believe less than two years ago the “lamestream” media reported the GOP had been left for dead on the long political highway called Obama-Mania. Don’t you just love surprise endings? Especially when the surprise is on them.

4 Responses to And then there were 64…

  • StephC says:

    It’s politics as usual, but I grow weary of the same old two-party system. I’d like to see the Tea Party break ranks, gain some seats and become their own entity.

    We could do that but it’s an awful lot of work and a two party system seems to work, for the most part, for this country. I’d think it’d be better, though probably not much easier, to simply retake our party.

  • Steve says:

    I agree with Steph. We REALLY need to get away from talk of creating a 3rd party right now. Would be far more productive – and easier – to change the GOP from within.

    I’m not entirely happy with the Tea Party. Although I like Christine O’Donnell very much and glad they helped her win the nomination, I was very upset with them in Nevada causing Sue Lowden – who Harry Reid LEAST wanted to run against – to lose to Sharon Angle – the person Reid most wanted to run against.

    We need to be smarter about our choices in the future. If you have 2 conservatives running against each other in a primary, pick the most conservative candidate WHO CAN WIN in the general election. A very simple and effective strategy.

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