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I’m sure that by now, most of you have heard about First Lady Michelle Obama’s extravagant Spanish vacation. The story that was on the front page of The Drudge Report for days reported that Mrs. Obama’s trip would cost the tax payers around $75,000 per day (during a recession no less)–not to mention, it had photos of her wearing tight spandex leggings and a revealing, inappropriate top. In fact, Mrs. Obama’s vacation seemed so self-indulgent and over the top, that New York Daily News writer, Andrea Tantaros, called her “a modern day Marie Antoinette”.

Ruth Marcus wrote a column responding to Ms. Tantaros. In her column, Marcus conceded that the optics of Michelle Obama’s Spanish getaway might be less than ideal when she wrote the following–

“Let’s stipulate: A five-star resort on the Spanish Costa del Sol was probably not the first choice of White House spin-meisters for a mother-daughter getaway. Especially when the getaway included a posse of 40 friends of the first lady staying at the Hotel Villa Padierna, where rooms start at $330 a night, and photos of Michelle Obama strolling in Marbella wearing an off-the-shoulder number by Jean Paul Gaultier.”

[For the record, that John Paul Gaultier top probably cost over $2000.]

However, Marcus concludes her column by stating that we are all being a little hard on Mrs. Obama, and that maybe we should “give the First Lady a break”.

Well, I might tend to agree with Ms. Marcus if this had been Michelle Obama’s first foray into ridiculous behavior–however, it most certainly is not. Furthermore, if you will all bear with me, I am prepared to bring forth a plethora of evidence that spans back over two years in order to prove–beyond any reasonable doubt–that Mrs. Obama has gone out of her way to deliberately cultivate the image of a spoiled, entitled brat.

Now, let’s all jog our memories back to the Democratic primary. Does anyone remember when Michelle Obama said that, “For the first time in my adult life, I’m really proud of my country?”

I’m sorry, but how bratty and ungrateful can one woman be?! This is a woman who had attended Princeton University, Harvard Law School, was currently married to a US Senator (who himself was currently running for president)–and she was just now proud of her country?! Seriously?!!

Oh, and who could forget during the Democratic primary when she stated that she “would have to think about that” with regard to supporting Hillary Clinton if she became the nominee instead of her husband.

Again, I don’t think that it’s possible to sound much more bratty than that. You think that I’m being a little hard on Mrs. Obama? Well, imagine if in 2012, Sarah Palin was running for president and someone in the MSM asked her if she would support, say, Mitt Romney if she loses. And then, Palin replied to the questioner by stating, “I’d have to think about that”. The media would crucify her and everyone knows it.

And finally, does anyone remember how Michelle Obama would dress her beautiful ten year old daughter, Malia, in dresses to match her’s during the Democratic convention? Well, I personally didn’t have a problem with Mrs. Obama dressing her daughters to match her. However, what should trouble any parent is that her ten year old daughter not once, but on two different occasions wore a low-cut, spaghetti strapped cocktail dress on national TV–just so she would match her mother. (I’m sorry, but that dress is wildly inappropriate for any ten year old girl to wear.)

OK, now I realize that some on our lefty lurkers will be screaming from the rooftops, “But that’s not fair to bring up her kids!”. First of all, I am not judging her daughter (Malia is beautiful)–I’m judging her mother for putting her in two different inappropriate dresses for a child who is ten years of age. Second of all, could any of you imagine if Sarah Palin had dressed her daughters like that for the Republican convention (or if even Chelsea Clinton had worn a dress like that when she was just eleven or twelve)? We would never have heard the end of it! Andrew Sullivan (who is still obsessed with Palin’s gynecological records), Bill Maher, and Sally “the home-wrecker” Quinn (who has implied in the past that Palin is a bad mother for not staying home with her kids) would still be calling her “white trash” to this very day.

Oh, and if any of you are remotely curious, all of Sarah Palin’s daughters were quite demurely dressed for the Republican National Convention.

Now, let’s fast forward to the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States. Does anyone remember that God-awful, off the shoulder, inappropriate gown that Michelle Obama wore to the inaugural ball? It looked like something that Wilma Flintstone would wear. The guys over at The Hillbuzz called it “a yaba daba don’t” and wrote that she should be nominated for TLC’s What Not To Wear.

Moreover, after the inauguration, Michelle Obama’s insensitive, diva-like behavior continued full-throttle. On their first trip to visit the Queen of England, Michelle Obama gave the Queen an iPod and gave Prime Minister Gordon Brown some DVDs that were the wrong format for his English DVD player–and she gave Gordon Brown’s sons two plastic models of Marine One from the White House souvenir shop. (I’m not kidding–could they be any tackier?!) Oh, and it should be noted that Gordon Brown gave Barack Obama a pen carved from the timbers of a 19th century British warship, and his wife bought the Obama’s daughters beautiful dresses from Britain’s most exclusive children’s clothing store.

Oh, and did I mention that Michelle Obama wore a cardigan to meet the queen? Fashion icon Oscar De La Renta put it perfectly when he stated that, “You don’t…go to Buckingham Palace in a sweater.”

Furthermore, does anyone remember that soon after her husband passed a budget busting stimulus bill (because we were in the middle of a “great recession”), Mrs. Obama went to volunteer at a local D.C. food bank wearing $540 (extremely tacky) Lanvin designer sneakers?! Oh, yeah, she really feels your pain. (Can anyone imagine if Laura Bush had done this?!) Oh, and later that same month came the infamous “Broadway date night” when the Obama’s flew to New York at the tax payers’ expense right after GM had filed for bankruptcy and after Barack Obama, himself, had admonished CEOs for taking private jets to Las Vegas.

Then, a few months after those PR disasters, Dana Milbank of The Washington Post reported that Michelle Obama did the following in order to buy fresh kale from a local extremely overpriced farmers’ market (“$19 bison steak from Gunpowder Bison, organic dandelion greens for $12 per pound from Blueberry Hill Vegetables, the Piedmont Reserve cheese from Everson Dairy at $29 a pound”, etc.) —

“The Secret Service and the D.C. police brought in three dozen vehicles and shut down H Street, Vermont Avenue, two lanes of I Street and an entrance to the McPherson Square Metro station. They swept the area, in front of the Department of Veterans Affairs, with bomb-sniffing dogs and installed magnetometers in the middle of the street, put up barricades to keep pedestrians out, and took positions with binoculars atop trucks. Though the produce stand was only a block or so from the White House, the first lady hopped into her armored limousine and pulled into the market amid the wail of sirens.

Then, and only then, could Obama purchase her leafy greens. “Now it’s time to buy some food,” she told several hundred people who came to watch. “Let’s shop!”

However, Michelle Obama was just getting warmed up with her spoiled “I don’t at all feel your pain” act.

Back in May, as unemployment numbers rose to 9.9%, Michelle Obama threw a glitzy state dinner for Mexican President Felipe Calderone (you know, the guy who trashed the state of Arizona on American soil in front of the US House of Representatives)–and, she even brought in her favorite Chicago chef to put together an extremely ostentatious and expensive menu. To be specific, the AP wrote the following about Mrs. Obama turning the White House into “Club 1600 Ave.”–

“R&B diva Beyonce topped the entertainment bill for the dinner, taking place in the East Room of the White House, with the action later moving to a luxury marquee on the South Lawn of the presidential mansion. The marquee, the size of two-thirds of a football field, decked out in elaborate black decor and nightclub-style lighting, featured a stage and baskets of flowers and models of Monarch butterflies dangling from the ceiling.”

[By the way, I think that my colleague, Amy Miller, put it perfectly when she wrote that, “ONE DOES NOT POP, LOCK, AND DROP IT IN THE PRESENCE OF DISTINGUISHED GUESTS.” But, I digress.]

Next came the oil spill, which really gave Michelle Obama the perfect opportunity to finely hone her Marie Antoinette/spoiled brat image. First, came the lavish state dinner to honor Paul McCartney who serenaded Mrs. Obama with the song “Michelle”–and, then proceeded to take a cheap shot at President Bush by stating that, “After the last eight years, it’s great to have a President who knows what a library is”. (I guess Mr. McCartney was unaware of the fact that Laura Bush is a former librarian.) Keep in mind by the way, that this whole spectacle took place as oil was continually pouring into the Gulf of Mexico.

Oh, and when Mrs. Obama finally did go to visit the Gulf Coast, she, literally, wore a dress that was “oil spill chic” (see image below). To quote blogger Doug Powers, “Yikes. That’s like visiting a state that was devastated by a forest fire and arriving in a limo covered with flame decals.” Please, allow me to put this another way. Suppose that Laura Bush had worn a “hurricane chic” dress when she went to visit Katrina victims? I rest my case.

Then, to make matters worse, instead of vacationing at the Gulf Coast in order to, you know, maybe help out the local economy there, the Obama’s instead decided to leave for a posh vacation in Maine the day after Mrs. Obama visited the Gulf Coast in her “oil spill chic” attire. (Not to mention, this wasn’t the first time that the Obama’s thought nothing about hurting part of the US tourist based economy. Remember when Barack Obama told people to “not visit Las Vegas”? Well, people in Las Vegas sure haven’t forgotten about it.)

So, after a long list of examples of egregious, bratty behavior–that spans over two years–we have, now, finally arrived at Michelle Obama’s recent Spanish fiesta, where she has been photographed wearing an extremely overpriced top (during a time of high unemployment) that kind of makes it appear like she’s “letting it all hang out” a bit much for a First Lady representing her country, if you get my drift (see image below). Now, some of you lefty lurkers, again, are going to say that I’m being too hard on Mrs. Obama. Except that I’m not. Remember when Hillary Clinton showed the tiniest bit of cleavage on the Senate floor and the MSM went nuts? The WaPo fashion editor devoted an entire column to Mrs. Clinton’s invisible cleavage (I’m serious–look at the picture in the link–I have NO IDEA what she’s talking about), and implied that it made people “uncomfortable”. However, a First Lady, literally, letting it hang out a bit in a foreign country is OK? Please!

[Oh, and speaking of dressing inappropriately as a First Lady, nothing says, “For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country” like getting off of Air Force One looking like a hung over beach bum/spring breaker. Again, could anyone out there imagine the fallout if Laura Bush had let herself be photographed like that?! But, I digress. Seriously lefties, I can play this game ALL DAY LONG.]

In fact, the optics for Mrs. Obama’s Spanish vacation are so cringe-worthy, that even perpetual Obama apologist, Maureen Dowd, has criticized her recent trip on her husband’s 49th birthday no less. (Not to mention, Democratic strategist, Kirsten Powers, called Michelle Obama’s trip “extremely tone deaf” and then stated that, “I can’t believe that she did it”.) However, the Maureen Dowds and the Ruth Marcuses of the world are partially responsible for Mrs. Obama becoming such a self-absorbed, disgrace as a First Lady. Maybe if guilty, white liberals like them weren’t perpetually making excuses for her, and occasionally told the truth about her (gasp!)–instead of shouting “RAAAAACIST!!” (that’s five A’s) at anyone else who does–then maybe Michelle Obama might be channeling more Elenore Roosevelt right now, and less Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton.

In other words, Mrs. Obama’s Spanish vacation isn’t her first foray in insensitive, self-indulgent behavior–it is the last straw in a long line of ridiculous breaches of etiquette, as well as ridiculous outfits (as the embed below demonstrates). This whole Michelle Obama affair is a perfect example of an “emperor has no clothes moment”–or actually, it’s an “the empress has really tacky clothes moment”. Everyone has known for years that Michelle Obama, with her whiny attitude towards America, her sense of entitlement, her ginormous “boob-belts” worn over cardigans, and her insensitivity to the suffering of her fellow Americans, is a total spoiled brat of a First Lady. It’s just that, until now, everyone’s just been afraid to say so for fear of offending Oprah, Maureen Dowd, or getting kicked out of the Manhattan cocktail party circuit.

And hey, I realize that “disgrace” and “spoiled brat” are heavy handed words, but if the way overpriced Lanvin sneaker fits, well….

Put it this way, you reap what you sow and Michelle Obama has not sown a whole lot of good will with the American people. She has made her own bed–it’s time for her to lie in it. (Don’t worry–I’m sure that it’s fitted with the finest of linens.)

PS–I would like to start a charity for the First Lady. I plan on calling it “Find Some Red State Women to be Friends With Michelle Obama”. Why? Because I am convinced that if Mrs. Obama had some friends who were southern belles–like, say, in Steel Magnolias–that she would never go out and about looking so ridiculous (see 1:20 to 1:49 of the embed below to see what I mean). Red state friends don’t let friends go out in public looking silly, and we tell them when they are about to make a giant fool out of themselves. Just sayin’.

This diary was originally posted on NewsReal and The Minority Report.

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