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As many of you might already know, I recently wrote a diary that explained not only the details of the Black Panther scandal, but also the MSM’s deliberate blackout of the story.

Well, since I last wrote that diary, a couple of new revelations have come to light with regard to this scandal…like, for instance, the fact that “the nice young man Mr. Holder let off the hook” (to quote Ed Morrissey) is actually a raving racist who “hates crackers” and wants to “kill all of their babies”. (H/T to Kenny Solomon for the video).

Furthermore, it’s also come to light (thanks to Andrew Breitbart) that that King Samir Shabazz, the head Philadelphia chapter of Black Panthers who was the one of the Panthers involved in the PA voter intimidation case, is also regularly preaching “revolution” and posing with guns when he’s not shouting about killing white babies on street corners. (Again, H/T to Kenny Solomon for leaving this link in the comments section of my original diary about the Black Panthers.)

And finally, there is a new video out of Black Panther Party leader, Malik Zulu Shabazz, praising Osama bin Laden. Is the MSM awake yet? Not yet?! Pathetic. (H/T Hot Air, and BigGator5 for the video.)

PS–It looks like, back in 2009, Malik Zulu Shabazz might have visited the White House. (H/T Jaded by Politics.) And the hits just keep on coming…. Is the MSM awake yet? Didn’t think so.

PPS–Just so you know, as Haystack pointed out in his excellent diary, our super competent and not a all corrupt DOJ has made it possible for these maniacs to visit polling places in Pennsylvania with their nightsticks again in 2012. However, they can currently visit other polling places in the country–they just can’t visit PA until 2012. I feel so much better now, don’t you?

UPDATE: Today, the Hillbuzz posted an explosive video from Fox News where they interviewed a Democratic activist who claimed that the Black Panthers–and many Democratic special interest groups similar to them–were intimidating Hillary supporters throughout the 2008 Democratic Primary. In other words, this incident in Philadelphia was not the first time that Obama supporters had engaged in some sort of voter intimidation. (See Jaded’s excellent diary for more details on this matter.)

It’s no wonder that Eric Holder and the MSM want to shut this story up as fast as they possibly can.

This was originally posted in a Live Wire on The Minority Report.


One Response to An Update to the Black Panther Brouhaha….

  • Lisa Benway says:

    Nice to see you Democrats are finally waking up to the cancerous, treasonous fraud you voted into the White House and that you acknowlege that the MSM has been instrumental in suppressing/manipulating stories about Chairman Zero. Maybe there is hope for America after all…

    This needs to be shown to the young people of America, they are the ones who are being indoctrinated by these criminals.

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