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A lot of seats considered safe are flying under the radar. TN-05 is one of them. Cooper is beatable.

According to this poll, any Republican can beat Jim Cooper.

The article does talk about some drawbacks, one of which is the poll is coming from the Hartline camp, whom I come have as close to endorsing as anybody, in spite of Huckabee not because of him. However, Cooper has done nothing but the same in the intervening months.

It’s always the quiet ones, eh? They try to keep quiet and not draw attention to what they’re doing in the shadows, while being rode roughshod by the likes of Pelosi, not to mention buying into the whole “common good” myth.

And for those of you too lazy to click through to the poll findings, the key findings are:

  • Voters in the 5th District are actively seeking an alternative to Jim Cooper.
  • Cooper can’t even manage a majority of the vote against a virtually-unknown Republican.
  • The more voters learn about Jim Cooper, the less they like him.

Considering this is Cooper’s second gig, one does wonder where he’ll crop up next. Likely nowhere if he and the rest of the Democratic majority Congress continue with their threats of a lame duck session.

While many are concentrating and working actively on some critical campaigns, we often overlook some chances of making a real change because it’s never been done before. TN-05 has been Democrat held since 1875 (much as I hate to link to Wikipedia). That’s a goal worth attaining, wouldn’t you think?

(H/T Allahpundit of Hot Air.)

Folks, this ad is sheer genius. I was literally blown away by the pure awesomeness of it that oozed everywhere. But enough about me–watch it below and see for yourself.

See, I told you so. Now you can all thank me for brightening up your day. ;-)

PS–If any of you were living in a cave in the eighties and aren’t sure what the point of reference is for this ad, then watch the original Talking Heads video here.

PPS–Consider this an open thread.

This diary was originally posted on The Minority Report.

As many of you might already know, I recently wrote a diary that explained not only the details of the Black Panther scandal, but also the MSM’s deliberate blackout of the story.

Well, since I last wrote that diary, a couple of new revelations have come to light with regard to this scandal…like, for instance, the fact that “the nice young man Mr. Holder let off the hook” (to quote Ed Morrissey) is actually a raving racist who “hates crackers” and wants to “kill all of their babies”. (H/T to Kenny Solomon for the video).

Furthermore, it’s also come to light (thanks to Andrew Breitbart) that that King Samir Shabazz, the head Philadelphia chapter of Black Panthers who was the one of the Panthers involved in the PA voter intimidation case, is also regularly preaching “revolution” and posing with guns when he’s not shouting about killing white babies on street corners. Continue reading

“I got a lot of problems with you people, and now, you’re gonna hear about it!!”

The above quote was uttered by Frank Costanza, the father of George Costanza of Seinfeld fame. Costanza invented the holiday Festivus, because he wanted to remove the traditional and commercial aspects of Christmas. Instead of a traditional Christmas tree, there is simply an aluminum pole. (Mr. Costanza said that he found tinsel to be “distracting”.) And, instead of a traditional Christmas dinner, there is the “airing of grievances” where you tell all of your friends and family how much they have disappointed you over the last year. And finally, at the end of the evening, there are the “feats of strength” where you attempt to pin one of your friends or family members to the floor. (See embed below for the story of Festivus.) Continue reading

OK–we’ve all seen small children put their hands over their ears and wail when they are told something that they don’t want to hear, like “eat your vegetables” or “take your medicine”. However, this is quite strange behavior to behold in adult journalists who work for mainstream media outlets. Now granted, anyone who reads newspapers, and doesn’t live under a rock, is somewhat aware that there is a left-wing tilt to the MSM. For instance, there have been the recent embarrassments involving the infamous JournoList–a sophomoric clique of left-wing journalists and bloggers. And, most people are aware that the MSM has a tendency to throw a fit whenever anything negative is said about President Obama or his Administration.

But now, it’s come to this. A few days ago, Megyn Kelly broke a huge story on Fox News where she interviewed former Department of Justice attorney, J. Christian Adams. Adams has blown the whistle on the Obama Administration’s DOJ for dismissing the infamous voter intimidation case against the Black Panthers, after he had already won the case (the Black Panthers never even showed up in court to answer the charges). Adams claimed that the main reason why the DOJ didn’t want to prosecute the Panthers was for racial reasons. Now, one would think that this would be an explosive story and that the mainstream media would be all over this, but instead they are like a toddler putting his fingers in his ears when he is told to eat his vegetables.

Continue reading

Pepe Le Pew Pictures, Images and Photos

Y’all know the drill. When the story first broke regarding General Stanley McChrystal supposedly “committing an act of insubordination” by trashing President Obama to Rolling Stone magazine, the conventional wisdom was to say that “he should be fired”. Well, then, after reading Michael Rulle’s excellent article titled, “Has Anyone Actually Read the Rolling Stone Article?”, it became apparent to me that A.) most of the general public and the mainstream media had not read the infamous article, and B.) that it is foolish to take anything that the MSM says at face value. In other words, this whole story began to stink as though a skunk had scurried across the backyard. Continue reading

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