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Daily Archives: May 28, 2010

Seriously, this will make your day. I saw a clip of this last night on The O’Reilly Factor, and it made my entire evening.

I’m sure that you are all aware that Mexican president, Felipe Calderone (AKA-“Crapweasel”), gave a speech in front of our Congress where he bashed the Arizona immigration law and LIED about it allowing for racial profiling. Nevermind the fact that the Mexican government has draconian laws against illegal immigration (and has been cited by the Red Cross for abuses against illegal immigrants)–or the fact that Phoenix, AZ is the kidnap capital of America, and that AZ ranchers and policemen are being murdered by illegal immigrants. According to Calderone, we’re the bad guys for not wanting to put up with chaos on our southern border anymore.

Now, in the clip below, Jake Tapper states that he has never seen a foreign leader criticize America on American soil. Then, George Will calmly explains that the Democrats stood and cheered for this hypocritical idiot (Calderone) as he bashed AZ for wanting to secure their southern border, when HIS GOVERNMENT has been cited by Amnesty International for human rights violations against Mexico’s illegal immigrants. Well, in response to George Will, Sam Donaldson (AKA-“Skippy”, which is my favorite pet name for morons) replied by stating that President Bill Clinton condemned China for shooting students in Tiananmen Square–and then, Donaldson LIED by stating that the majority of Americans were against the AZ law (when in fact, 73% of Americans are for it).

Now, I guess that everyone has their breaking point, because you are now about to see Jake Tapper’s. Mr. Tapper is known to be one of the few honest, non-biased journalists left who calls it like he sees it (he is neither a right wing nor a left wing shill). However, Sam Donaldson must have pushed Mr. Tapper to his breaking point, because when Mr. Donaldson uttered that ridiculous and factually false remark, Tapper turned and looked at him incredulously and replied in a tone dripping with utter disbelief (with steam pouring out of his ears)–

“That law is actually supported by a majority of Americans according to the polling, and I can’t believe that you’re actually comparing it to Tiananmen Square.”

THWACK!! Man, that was a thing of beauty wasn’t it? I sure wish it would happen more often. 😉

This was originally posted in a Live Wire on The Minority Report.

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