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Unfortunately, the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress passed the Senate version of Healthcare “Reform” late last night to the cheers of many socialist Dems in the House, White House, and around the country. However, the passage of this Obamanation was facilitated by the “pro-life” Democrat caucus. Yes, that’s right Bart Stupak and his cabal of half a dozen Dems who supposedly care about the treatment of the unborn put this bill that WILL allow, for the first time in American history, for federal funding of abortions.

There were many in the conservative movement – to include a popular female radio personality – who believed Stupak and his group would help us kill this bill. Yeah, it would have been just as meaningful to believe in the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, or government programs that cost less than projected.

Apparently President Obama showed Bart Stupak his unicorn ranch and promised him a baby pony on paper because that’s all it took to get him and his so-called anti-abortion group to walk in lock step with the liberals in the House to decide, once again as they did in the first vote.

Based on this article by Phylis Schafly, it would profit our side greatly to remember this update of an age-old adage: “How can you tell when pro-life Democrats are lying? Their lips are moving.”

5 Responses to The Pro-Life Democrat and Other Myths

  • xsd4tex says:

    If this health care bill was all about abortion then all of the Republicans who voted against this bill, 100% of them, have a legitimate gripe.

    But, the bill specifically forbids federal funds from being used for abortions regardless of the demagoguery and one’s personal feelings on this emotional issue. So, I think it’s fair to look at the abortion provision proposed by the Republican alternative:

    Section 303 of the Republican bill states, “The limitations established in sections 301 and 302 shall not apply to an abortion if “(1) the pregnancy is the result of an act of rape or incest; or (2) in the case where a woman suffers from a physical disorder, physical injury or physical illness that would, as certified by a physician, place the woman in danger of death unless an abortion is performed, including a life-endangering physical condition caused by or arising from the pregnancy itself.”

    Apparently though, the majority doesn’t have the right or privilege of passing legislation without the permission of the hard right-wing element that prevails and controls today’s Republican Party. This is the same element that caused John McCain’s loss in 2008 once the voters got a load of the cerebrally-challenged Sarah Palin, the darling of the Tea Baggers and the primary agent of the descent into the cesspool where the Republican leadership now finds itself.

    What will the GOP do now? Will they campaign to repeal the law of the land health care coverage bill and then waltz back into control in November?

    Right now, the voters are fed up with both parties and the poll numbers put the disapproval at 77%. That number includes both parties. But, there is no groundswell of support for the Republicans once you remove the hard right-wing whose irrational obsession over Barack Obama’s birth certificate, thirsting for his failure and hope that he meets his Waterloo.

    In short, Republicans have glued themselves into blindly pursuing the repeal of health care legislation,severing funding for young mothers whose children may be born with congenital abnormalities, lifetime disease and denying surgeries which could correct mental and physical deficiencies.

    Do Republicans really want to re-insert the donut hole provision in Medicare Part D that exists for seniors who must pay the entire cost of patent-protected prescription drugs and re-implement the lifetime medical cap, restore the draconian insurance company practice of booting out people with pre-existing conditions and allowing the insurance companies to quadruple the premium costs on those who contract a medical disease such as breast cancer or diabetes?

    Is that a plan they can sell and the best idea to win back both houses of congress? Or, will the interminable hatred for Barack Obama pursued relentlessly by the Tea Baggers be enough for the voters to put the party back in power who believe just saying No to everything is the right thing for America?

    Personally, I think the Republican Party are whistling Dixie if they think voters are that stupid or that easily lied to.

  • JoeH says:

    Actually–The Voters have proven that many can be that “Stupid and Lied To”—Example–Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and the list goes on

  • Steve says:

    xsd4tex – You are simply wrong about the healthcare bill regarding abortion funding. This new law allows for federal funding of health clinics that provide abortion services. Mind you, that’s not all these clinics offer but abortion IS offered.

    Also, there will be healthcare plans offered to women that include abortion coverage which WILL be subsidized with federal funds.

    And the executive order the president signed and gave to the formerly pro-life Democrat Congressman Bart Stupak might as well have promised him a unicorn farm because it’s worth about as much. The EO does not have the power to overrule law as I’m sure you know. That’s not even in dispute.

    As for all your vitriol regarding “the hard right-wing” and “the cerebrally-challenged Sarah Palin,” that’s typical mindless liberal pablum. Liberal always revert to name-calling when their arguments aren’t very strong.

    But here’s the BIGGEST problem with the Healthcare debacle, xsd. The federal government for the first time in history is mandating THROUGH PENALTY OF LAW that citizens buy a particular privately sold product from a specific industry. That, my friend, is a blatant violation of the US Constitution. The government cannot compel you to buy a specific product simply as a condition of being alive.

    The GOP will do very well this November because many of the “popular” provisions in this bill were Republican ideas like heath insurance portability. So, your side can try to fight on those points. Our side will fight on not being taxed for a product we don’t get to use for 4 years. the side of FREEDOM, and the ability for citizens to make their OWN personal healthcare choices in a free market system that can actually drive down healthcare costs.

  • StephC says:

    xsd4tex, it’s not ALL about it but it’s included. Obviously you haven’t read the bill.

    Here’s the thing. I’m against abortion. I think it’s the worst practice a civilized people can engage in. However, I know my limitations and cannot force my views on everyone else, even for a practice that I find so reviling the thought makes ill to think of it.

    Just as I don’t force my views on everyone else, neither should the government force me to pay taxes for something I find that abhorrent.

    And, no, it is not in the same category as war.

    Democrats lie. They do it as easily as breathe. If you haven’t figured that out yet, it’s not my problem.

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