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Daily Archives: March 22, 2010

Unfortunately, the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress passed the Senate version of Healthcare “Reform” late last night to the cheers of many socialist Dems in the House, White House, and around the country. However, the passage of this Obamanation was facilitated by the “pro-life” Democrat caucus. Yes, that’s right Bart Stupak and his cabal of half a dozen Dems who supposedly care about the treatment of the unborn put this bill that WILL allow, for the first time in American history, for federal funding of abortions.

There were many in the conservative movement – to include a popular female radio personality – who believed Stupak and his group would help us kill this bill. Yeah, it would have been just as meaningful to believe in the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, or government programs that cost less than projected.

Apparently President Obama showed Bart Stupak his unicorn ranch and promised him a baby pony on paper because that’s all it took to get him and his so-called anti-abortion group to walk in lock step with the liberals in the House to decide, once again as they did in the first vote.

Based on this article by Phylis Schafly, it would profit our side greatly to remember this update of an age-old adage: “How can you tell when pro-life Democrats are lying? Their lips are moving.”

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