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…..Or that’s what the left used to say when George W. Bush was president. And, you know what? They were right. Dissent is still the highest form of patriotism. However, now that the Democrats are in power, they aren’t such big fans of dissent anymore—in fact, they’ve been doing everything in their power to quash dissent for the last year and a half. Furthermore, if you disagree with President Obama in any way, you are now officially a “RAAAAACIST!” (that’s spelled with five A’s). Want proof? Well, here goes….

I’m sure you all heard about the brouhaha that occurred during the past week. I’m, of course, talking about how a bunch of supposed evil, raaaaacist Tea Partiers attacked some members of the Congressional Black Caucus with racial slurs and how one was even spat upon. You couldn’t have missed it, because the media ran wild with this story, and there were op-eds galore—like this one from Colbert King comparing the Tea Party members to George Wallace, David Duke and the KKK, or this one from Derrick Jackson stating that the Tea Party uses hatred as a political strategy. Oh, and of course Frank Rich has a new column out where he states that all opposition to Obamacare is completely rooted in race hatred. Rich further states in his column that there was “nothing entertaining about watching goons hurl venomous slurs at congressmen like the civil rights hero John Lewis and the openly gay Barney Frank.” So, since the MSM seems so lathered up in self-righteous outrage over these supposed incidents, they must be true, right?

Well, Andrew Breitbart has written an excellent column where he calls all of these incidents into question. Below are some excerpts from Breitbart’s column and two videos of the actual event—-

As I have said over and over and over, the left has one trick that it will use again and again when its back is in the corner: shout ‘racist’ in a crowded country.

On Saturday, during the peaceful and patriotic tea party protest at the Capitol, the Democrats staged a series of symbolic acts meant to manipulate the media to do its bidding. The Congressional Black Caucus pulled the Selma card and chose to walk through the crowd in the hopes of creating a YouTube incident. This is what it looked like:

And this:

Saturday’s “never mind” moment will live in infamy as the Congressional Black Caucus claimed the N-word was hurled 15 times. YouTube video shows that at least two of the men in the procession were carrying video cameras and holding them above the crowd. They have not come forth with evidence to show that even one person hurled the vile racist epithet. The video also shows no head movement one way or another. Wouldn’t the N-word provoke a head turn or two? Is it really possible that in 2010, in a crowd of 30 or 40 thousand people — at the center of a once-in-a-lifetime media circus — not one person’s flipphone, Blackberry, video recorder or a network feed caught a single incident? And if not, then at least someone could have found an honest tea partier to act as an eyewitness — or the Congressional Black Caucus would have confronted the culprit(s). If that had happened, there would be an investigation to see if the perpetrator was a left-wing plant.

That’s how much the Democrats need a racist Tea Party moment. To stop it in its tracks. That’s why on Saturday they used the Congressional Black Caucus to try to manufacture the false appearance of one. And when they didn’t get it, they did what they always do: they lied.

[After watching that footage, I’m beginning to think that Frank Rich might need to be heavily medicated because he claimed that he “watched goons hurl venomous slurs at John Lewis and Barny Frank”. I saw nothing of the sort in that footage, so Rich obviously suffers from frequent hallucinations, but I digress.]

Breitbart also reminds us how members of the MSM have willingly participated in similar hoaxes in the past—specifically MSNBC cutting off a Tea Party protester’s head in a shot, who was carrying a gun to a protest, in order to hide the fact that he was black.

But hey, none of those members of the CBC making those allegations have any past history of race-baiting. Oh, wait a minute. I forgot about John Lewis comparing John McCain to George Wallace. (You can watch John McCain’s impassioned response to John Lewis below.)

Oh, and I forgot about Jesse Jackson Jr. (one of the members of the CBC holding a camera while walking through the crowd) stating that Hillary Clinton “cried for her appearance, but not for Katrina victims”. (Wow, race-bating and sexism all rolled into one—you stay classy Mr. Jackson.)

And, who could forget James Clyburn making a huge deal out of Bill Clinton stating that it’s a “fairy tale” that Obama was ever going to pull the troops immediately out of Iraq, and insinuating that Clinton was speaking in some kind of racial code. (Last time I checked, we were still in Iraq, so I guess Mr. Clinton was right.) In fact, Clyburn even went to far as to tell President Clinton to “Chill”.

Well, Bill Clinton sure hasn’t forgotten about Clyburn’s accusations, because he basically admitted to Kate Snow that Clyburn played the race card on him (see embed below).

So, if these fine, upstanding gentlemen (my voice is dripping with sarcasm right now) would go so far as to play the race card on a president of their own party, compare a war hero to George Wallace, and imply that Hillary Clinton doesn’t care if black people in New Orleans drown, then do you really think that they’d have ANY compunction when it comes to lying about a bunch of nameless, faceless protesters?! I seriously doubt it.

Last summer during the town hall meetings, Jonah Goldberg observed the tendency for Obama supporters to be the boy who cried race in an excellent column that he wrote titled, “A Deck Stacked with Race Cards”. Here are some excerpts below—

No one should be surprised. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, liberal Democrats have to accuse their opponents of racism. Indeed, somewhat to their credit, fighting racism — alas, even where it doesn’t exist — is one of the reasons they became liberal Democrats in the first place.

From Day 1, Obama’s supporters have tirelessly cultivated the idea that anything inconvenient for the first black president just might be terribly, terribly racist.

This was always the nasty side of Obama’s implied hope for unity. Obama gave oxygen to the idea that disagreement with him amounted to obstructing his mission to “transcend race.” During the campaign, that meant anyone who got in his way was wittingly or unwittingly abetting racism (just ask Bill Clinton).

Anyway, the reason why the recent circus involving the CBC is so important is because Obama’s supporters, the DNC and the MSM (I know—they’re all one in the same) have used the race card, name-calling and every other dirty trick in the book in order to suppress dissent. Want proof? Well, here goes….

Here is Maureen Dowd implying that anyone who vocally disagrees with Obama is a “RAAAAAACIST!”. (I guess Jonah Goldberg was right). Here is NYT’s columnist Charles Blow calling the town hall protesters a bunch of “hooligans” who are “hooting and hollering” and “terrorizing legislators”, and then stating that “the Republican Party is no party of Einsteins”. And, here is a recent column from WaPo columnist Courtland Milloy in which he writes the following about the Tea Party protesters (H/T KOTM—his diary is excellent)—

I know how the “tea party” people feel, the anger, venom and bile that many of them showed during the recent House vote on health-care reform. I know because I want to spit on them, take one of their “Obama Plan White Slavery” signs and knock every racist and homophobic tooth out of their Cro-Magnon heads.

Oh, and how could anyone forget about the infamous and embarrassing DNC video that refers to concerned citizens as “The Mob” ? (Even Camille Paglia derided them for this idiocy.)

Hey, where‘s the love? I thought that being a community organizer was cool. Oh, but silly me. I guess it‘s only cool to organize the community and protest if you are an ACORN member threatening banks. I guess if you are protesting against The One, you are no longer a “community organizer“–you are a “hooligan“ or a member of an “angry mob” and you must be stopped.

Oh, and who could forget Barbara “Ma’am” Boxer calling protesters at the town halls “astroturfers“, because they are “too well dressed“? Our own Lori Ziganto wrote an excellent diary detailing this (and it contains the embed of the video of Barbara Boxer), but I feel the need to paste one of the more hilarious quotes below–

Unlike Cindy Sheehan and her Code Pink cohorts, normal citizens actually attempt to look nice when, you know, going out in public. Even worse, we Right-Wing nutty nut women gasp shave our legs .. while showering no less.. AND wear bras. Sometimes we even comb our hair and put on make-up to look purty. It’s our Stockholm Syndrome, of course. We can’t help objectifying ourselves, obviously.

However, no mocking and deriding of the town hall/Tea Party protesters would be complete without the MSM routinely referring to us as “Teabaggers”. (In case any of you are wondering, the term “Teabagging” is a vile oral sex term.) I have embedded two videos below. The first one shows Anderson Cooper making the disgusting pun, “It’s hard to talk when you’re teabagging”. The second one shows Rachel Maddow and Ana Marie Cox laughing for a good seven minutes about “teabaggers”.

OK–please allow me to quickly put this into perspective for you. Can you imagine, for a moment, if conservative commentators were routinely referring to anti-war protesters or pro-Obamacare advocates as “C**kgobblers” (sorry for the vulgarity, but I was trying to make a point)? (Thank you Office Space.) I bet that liberals would be rioting in the streets, but I digress.

And finally, any diary about liberal suppression of dissent would not be complete without the example of Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling people “astroturfers” who attend town halls, and implying that they are Nazis by claiming that “they wear Swastikas” (the video is below).

However, what’s really funny about all of this, is that back in 2006, a bunch anti-war protesters heckled Speaker Pelosi at one of her own town halls, and she told them that their “advocacy is very American” and that she was “a fan of disruptors” (instead of referring to them as a bunch of teabagging, raaaaacist, Nazi hooligans).

However, last August, Speaker Pelosi and Steny Hoyer wrote an op-ed for USA Today where they referred to the town hall protesters as “un-American disruptors!” Hypocrisy much, Madame Speaker?

So now, given the lack of respect—as well as the outright intense animosity—clearly shown towards the town hall/Tea Partiers by the DNC and the MSM, I completely agree with Andrew Breitbart when he writes the following—

It’s time for the allegedly pristine character of Rep. John Lewis to put up or shut up. Therefore, I am offering $10,000 of my own money to provide hard evidence that the N- word was hurled at him not 15 times, as his colleague reported, but just once. Surely one of those two cameras wielded by members of his entourage will prove his point.

And surely if those cameras did not capture such abhorrence, then someone from the mainstream media — those who printed and broadcast his assertions without any reasonable questioning or investigation — must themselves surely have it on camera. Of course we already know they don’t. If they did, you’d have seen it by now.


In other words, if you believe that ANY footage verifying the CBC’s accusations actually exists, but for some reason the MSM isn’t running it, then I have a blind bird dog and some under-water real-estate to sell you.

Oh, and speaking of liberal suppression of dissent, today the WSJ reported that a bunch of Harry Reid supporters surrounded Andrew Breitbart and threw eggs at him, as well as the Tea Party Express bus. And yet, it’s those “violent teabaggers” that we are supposed to fear. Funny, huh?

Well, since I’ve clearly demonstrated how liberals love to suppress dissenting views, I would, now, like to show how “radical” liberals can get when they protest—and boy do they like to protest. Liberals are all for freedom of speech—as long as it’s their freedom of speech, of course.

Here is a video of Code Pink interrupting John McCain’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. I don’t remember any “teabaggers” interrupting Obama’s Speech, do you?

Oh, and here is a NYT’s column about a bunch of spoiled, bratty college kids at The New School turning their backs on john McCain and calling him a “war criminal” when he spoke at their graduation.

Furthermore, speaking of an “angry mob”, do any of you remember when Code Pink members, dressed up like transvestites at Mardi Gras (not that there’s anything wrong with that if you are a transvestite at Mardi Gras–there’s a time and a place for everything), and interrupted General David Petraeus’ confirmation hearing by screaming like banshees? These people could definitely teach the people attending health care town halls and tea parties a thing or two.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of “hooligans”, what about the video below of members of The New Black Panther Party engaging in clear-cut voter intimidation? By the way, Obama’s Department of Justice dropped the charges against these hooligans after the DoJ had already won. Ed Morrisey of Hot Air has the story (even the US Commission on Civil Rights was furious).

Just a thought, but do any of you really think that Obama’s DoJ would have dropped the charges against two Bubbas in Mississippi dressed in overalls and carrying baseball bats outside of a voting precinct (instead of wearing jackboots and carrying nightsticks)? I highly doubt it (and rightfully so I might add).

Oh, and here is a video of some liberal hooligans throwing a pie at Ann Coulter. I guess, in their world, throwing pies and eggs at people is OK, but waving flags is dangerous.

And finally, there’s this recent video of SEIU union thugs attacking an African-American conservative for exercising his freedom of speech by passing out flags that said “Don’t Tread on Me” (which shows a rattlesnake that was a favorite motto of Benjamin Franklin). The video also shows these “hooligans” “hooting and hollering” and then slapping the woman holding the camera in the face (H/T Caleb Howe).

On a side note, what I find to be very strange, is that what upsets liberals is so very different than what upsets the rest of us. They are bothered more by people protesting at town halls than they are by men with nightsticks threatening voters. They are bothered more by people waving “Don’t Tread on Me” flags than by thugs beating up a guy handing out those very flags. And finally, liberals are angered more by people hurling imaginary slurs at congressmen than by people throwing actual Oreo cookies at Michael Steele, or by people shooting up Eric Cantor’s office (please read Amy Miller’s excellent diary) and posting death threats to him on You Tube (the FBI arrested that man today).

OK—Now that my curiosity is peaked, I thought that I would actually take a look at that infamous Tea Party rally on March 20’th where Congressional Black Caucus members were supposedly smeared.

Oh my eyes!! My eyes!! It burns, it stings!!! That was absolutely terrifying! They were waving flags—and singing The Star Spangled Banner! How will I ever get those awful images out of my head?! It would have been so much more reassuring if they were waving nightsticks, throwing food and slapping people.

However, if you really want to scare a liberal, show up with a baby. Babies are like Kryptonite to them (just ask Sarah Palin whose baby and pregnant daughter were perpetually smeared by the Daily Kos and the MSM). Below is a video of CNN’s Susan Roesgen freaking out on a guy at a Tea Party with a baby and berating the other protesters there. Roesgen says to the man in an accusatory tone, “You are here with your two year old”—like the man had committed some kind of sin by bringing his baby with him.

However, Ms. Roesgen took a COMPLETELY different tone with some anti-war protesters that she interviewed earlier in the year. Bias much, CNN?

OK—altogether now, say it with me—

“Babies and flags and Franklin—Oh my!!”

“Babies and flags and Franklin—Oh my!!”

“Babies and flags and Franklin—Oh my!!”

So, in conclusion, I think that what the DNC, the liberal MSM and the Congressional Black Caucus have been doing is utterly contemptible—simply put, they have been suppressing dissent by making people afraid to speak up. How have they been scaring people you ask? Simple. People have seen other people being regularly mocked by the media, the Speaker of the House, the DNC and other people in power, and naturally they become afraid to protest or speak their minds for fear of being smeared as a “raaaaacist teabagger”—or even of possibly being physically assaulted or losing their job. Just ask the guys over at The Hillbuzz. As our own Finrod thoroughly documented, The Daily Kos and The Democratic Underground have outed Kevin DuJan as the owner of the blog and are smearing him with the false charge that that he is a racist. They are even urging their readers to destroy his career and attack him physically—simply because his blog supported Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary and John McCain in the general election.

I, personally, am against Obamacare because I have a chronic illness (chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuopathy), and am worried about healthcare rationing, overall decreased quality of care, and access to medical tests. I have written extensively about my illness in this diary here. I am also against Obamacare, because I am worried about the national debt, because the WSJ has reported that retirees benefits are already being cut, and because of what a disaster socialized medicine has turned out to be in England (see embed below).

However, even with all of my completely logical reasons for being against Obamacare, I have still been loathe to speak up in certain circles for fear of being labeled a “teabagging, redneck raaaaacist”. Well, NO MORE!! I refuse to be intimidated any longer. Our Founding Fathers, literally, laid down their lives for our first amendment rights. They told the British, in the words of William Wallace, “You may take our lives, but you will never take our freedom!!” Dammit, it’s my right, and the right of every American, to peacefully assemble and protest without feeling threatened in any way—anything less is un-American.

PS—To all of our liberal lurkers out there, if I happen to run into any of you at a protest in the future—and you are advocating for Obamacare—feel free to say “Hi” to me. I will not throw food at you, slap you, wave batons at you, call you vulgar names, or yell at you and your baby. I will simply say “Hi” in return and wish you well. Why? Because our Founding also fought for your first amendment rights as well and so, therefore, it is only right that I treat you and your opinions with respect—even if I vehemently disagree with you. Always remember that dissent—nay—defending someone else’s right to dissent is the highest form of patriotism.

This diary was originally posted on The Minority Report.

I have some questions for you. Now, I know I didn’t vote for you but you are still my congressman in spite of that. You don’t get to ignore those who disagree with you when you take that oath to become a public servant.

What’s wrong with this picture?


Let me work on some of this for you, okay? I know by your august standards I’m an “ig-nernt” hillbilly but, well, sir, I can read a map and this one looks quite a bit lopsided. I mean in ways other than being scrunched in this blog post, that is.

See that area where all those pretty symbols are? You claim this is where Tennessee’s Recovery Dollars are being spent. So let’s get down to business, shall we? If one does a “stroll” through they could mistake it for the health care deform you just committed upon the American people, but I digress.

Almost all those symbols seemed to be placed in a very small geographical area known as Vanderbilt University.  Can I assume that you have told everyone in your district that you are an adjunct professor at said university? Of course you have. You just didn’t expect anyone to understand what they’re seeing, right?

So, I’d like to know, sir, how many jobs did these items create from their share of the recovery money?

    1) $5,239,099 to Vanderbilt University for which the funds will be used to support the Beta Cell Biology Consortium, which develops cell-based therapies for insulin delivery.2) $5,184,612 to Vanderbilt University for which the funds will be used to combine a DNA repository with electronic medical systems, in order to provide analysis of disease susceptibility and therapeutic outcomes across patient populations. These funds will be go towards the VESPA: Vanderbilt Electronic Systems for Pharmacogenomic Assessment project.

    3) $4,721,145 to Vanderbilt University for which the funds will be used to enhance the Southern Community Cohort Study, which investigates cancer disparities.

    4) $3,948,000 to Vanderbilt University for which the funds will be used to acquire a 900 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer. The spectrometer will study the structures and interactions of biomacromolecules.

    5) $3,000,000 to Vanderbilt University for which the funds will be used to supplement the Fogarty International Clinical Research Scholars and Fellows Support Center.

There are more of them. 175 in all for Vanderbilt University totaling $74,230,739. I’d just like to know where the jobs are in those earmarks? Tennessee’s unemployment rate is a tad higher than the national rate. And people have given up looking for work in construction because the unemployment rate in that field is even worse.

So, can you explain to me why there are all those earmarks for medical research in a jobs bill? That’s what the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was touted as a jobs bill. While some might consider them laudable causes, they hardly belong in a jobs bill.

Bill Frist, at one time, was crucified for having shares in his family owned HCA when he was divesting himself of his holdings for a possible presidential run. We wouldn’t want a congressional leader to have the appearance of a conflict of interest, would we?

So, Congressman Cooper. What about Vanderbilt University? Frist was later exonerated. You probably won’t be hauled into a court of law but your constituents would like to know why a small but rather affluent area around Vanderbilt University has gotten the lion’s share of Tennessee’s Recovery Act money.

Look at that map again, Congressman. You see that blank area near the bottom southeast just under the cute little airplane? That’s where I live. There is nothing, not one dime, spent there. Want to know something about that area? It’s the area to which most of the illegal aliens have gravitated. You really care about them, don’t you? How about east Nashville? North? That’s where most of the minorities are concentrated. I live among them, mostly peacefully except for the illegal immigrant gang shootings, etc. There’s nothing there, either.

I won’t hold my breath for your explanation but I’d really love to know: Do you represent all of TN-05 or just that little patch around Vanderbilt University?

Unfortunately, the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress passed the Senate version of Healthcare “Reform” late last night to the cheers of many socialist Dems in the House, White House, and around the country. However, the passage of this Obamanation was facilitated by the “pro-life” Democrat caucus. Yes, that’s right Bart Stupak and his cabal of half a dozen Dems who supposedly care about the treatment of the unborn put this bill that WILL allow, for the first time in American history, for federal funding of abortions.

There were many in the conservative movement – to include a popular female radio personality – who believed Stupak and his group would help us kill this bill. Yeah, it would have been just as meaningful to believe in the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, or government programs that cost less than projected.

Apparently President Obama showed Bart Stupak his unicorn ranch and promised him a baby pony on paper because that’s all it took to get him and his so-called anti-abortion group to walk in lock step with the liberals in the House to decide, once again as they did in the first vote.

Based on this article by Phylis Schafly, it would profit our side greatly to remember this update of an age-old adage: “How can you tell when pro-life Democrats are lying? Their lips are moving.”

This morning on ABC’s “This Week”, Obama lackey David Plouffe faced off against Karl Rove in the ongoing health care debate. Ladies and gentlemen, it was vicious—Plouffe didn’t stand a chance against Rove. In fact, Rove ate his lunch—and that’s putting it politely. For every campaign talking point that David Plouffe regurgitated, Karl Rove swung back hard with actual facts, figures, statistics and calculations. Plouffe was basically reduced to a rubble of transparent Obamaisms. Rove must have sensed that he had Plouffe backed into a corner, because he went so far as to demand that Plouffe “stop throwing around epithets and deal with the facts”. I guess the moral of the story is that when all is said and done, pixie dust and unicorn farts are no match for real knowledge, facts and cojones.

PS—I don’t know about you all, but after watching that train-wreck of a debate (for Plouffe anyway), I’m currently having visions of President Obama nervously pacing around the Oval Office and chain smoking while Rham Emanuel is simultaneously uttering creative and never before heard profanities. Have a happy Sunday! 🙂

This diary was originally posted on The Minority Report.

I believe what you mean is we should raise taxes, rather than add a new one.

Speaking at a security conference in San Francisco, Microsoft Vice President for Trustworthy Computing Scott Charney pitched the Web usage fee as one way to subsidize efforts to combat emerging cyber threats — a costly venture, he said, but one that had vast community benefits.

The problem with this is: We already pay fees and taxes for web usage. We also pay fees and taxes for phone usage (both cell and land lines), cable TV, and utilities in general.

This is someone who has never looked at a bill for any service he pays. We pay sales taxes, franchise fees, FCC fees, and the like typically adding up to about 20-25% of the bill, depending on the service. For instance, my Vonage business account is supposed to cost $49.99/month but the bill is always $74 or higher. If I don’t go over my free minutes for the toll free or fax numbers, it’s $74/month. If I go over… well, you get the idea.

Go ahead, open up your next bill or dig out one of your old ones and look at all the various fees and taxes that are added to the supposed cheap price of services. It becomes more ironic when you find you’re paying taxes on a government owned utility such as your electric bill or water services.

Where has this guy been living? In a cocoon? People are already hurting trying to make their dollars stretch and he wants to add yet another tax. I suppose this is one of those: The government will insure that it receives its fair share of our labors regardless of how they describe it, be it income tax or some fee for supposed services that never seem to materialize into anything concrete except more governmental control.

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