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WOW!!!! WOW!!! The seat formerly held by the late Senator Edward Kennedy has been won by Republican Scott Brown!! Yes, that’s right! A Republican won the U.S. Senate seat for Massachusetts! It’s an astonishing achievement! And it is the one thing that finally got the attention of the liberal elites in Washington DC and in the lame-stream media.

They refused to listen to the American people in the Tea Party movement. They labeled us “tea-baggers”, a disgusting term, and ridiculed us despite the hundreds of thousands who participated. They didn’t listen to the election results in Virginia and New Jersey last November that saw HUGE Republicans gains in deep blue and purple states. They didn’t even listen to the anger of the American people over the back room, shady deals and outright bribery of senators to secure their votes on a healthcare bill the Left sought to shove down our throats.

Finally, the “Scott” heard ’round the world in Beantown seems to opening their ears. Democrat Senator Jim Webb of Virginia released a statement saying, “… I believe it would only be fair and prudent that we suspend further votes on health care legislation until Senator-elect Brown is seated.” Even ultra-liberal Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) released a statement that suggested the Senate Democrats should go back and rework their healthcare legislation. When the libs are saying stuff like this, you KNOW they’re scared.

However, I suspect the Democrats hearing improvement is only temporary. They’ll be back to their tin-ear ways of ignoring the people and attempting to ram liberalism down our throats in no time.

This is good news for the GOP. Scott Brown’s epic victory in Massachusetts will be a great recruiting tool to attract strong Republican candidates into the 2010 race. Then, once again, the Revolution will be televised.

7 Responses to The Scott Heard ‘Round the World!!

  • LD Jackson says:

    I think you are right. The Democrats hearing improvement may not last. What I am more concerned with however, is the hearing of the Republicans. The win by Scott Brown could be a foretelling of the future in November and I hope it is. If the Republicans do regain control, they need to make sure they listen to the people. If they fail to keep their promises, they need to be held accountable.

  • Gary says:

    A Bostonian Perspective:

    They [voters] don’t see the point of an expensive new health care bill that threatens to damage the health care industry here, disrupt service to Medicare recipients and tax us all – especially when we already insure 97.4 percent of our people.

    They don’t see the point of paying higher and higher energy costs, when the world’s pollution is not our fault.

    They don’t see the point of growing the deficit so that our children and grandchildren will be paying for today’s policy mistakes – including a $787 stimulus bill that didn’t.

    Most of all they are simply tired of the kind of Washington arrogance that says “don’t worry, we know what’s best for you.”

    Voters of Massachusetts wanted to take back the power that has been so sorely abused. Yesterday they did.

    Nice to see, no matter how you look at it.

  • Charlotte says:

    I think that the Dems are tone deaf and, as time goes by, will just spin it and spin it.

    They are so stupid. So afraid of facing their constituents. Avoiding us and then telling us this crappy deathcare bill will be good for us all the while exempting themselves and extending the governement into our lives.

    People just want to work in peace, not be taxed to death, and hang with our families.

    Policitians don’t understand we didn’t elect whores to represent us. But THEY ARE GOING TO GET IT WHEN WE ALL VOTE.

    The mood in America isn’t going to be good for the Dems. 😈 If they continue with this, they are putting their party in serious jeopardy. We just are not going to stand for the government to put everyone in debt for generations for bills that are made in back room meetings that people DO NOT WANT!!!

    Can you HEAR US NOW?????

  • BB-Idaho says:

    We gave Bush eight years. We gave Obama a year. Scott Brown, oh, perhaps
    six months. Seems to be a trend in this age of instant gratification….

  • StephC says:

    BB, Obama himself is acting as if his one year doesn’t even exist. He still keeps harping on “the last eight years.” He did so while commenting on the Massachusetts special election results. Going into 2012 he’ll still be saying “the last eight years.”

    You always seem to forget the Democratic majority Congress we’ve had since ’06 who secretly like Bush’s big government ways. If Bush was Big Government, Obama is Bigger Government. You really want him to be a success?

  • BB-Idaho says:

    Hey, where ya been HB? IMO, gov’t or no gov’t, our problems started when we decided to have all our stuff manufactured overseas. We have been bleeding $$ and jobs for years. Frankly, I see no cure from government or private enterprise, but when no one is working (or working for much less than they used to make) no one will buy stuff – so the trend cycles downward. Small wonder they call economics the ‘gloomy science’…

  • StephC says:

    Agree on that, BB, but the trend started decades ago and every time somebody starts giving power back to the people and free enterprise, the opposition does its best to take it away.

    We boomed in the 80s, went a bit stagnant in the 90s, maintained for the earlier years of this decade, then it went downhill. And Obama is channeling Jimmy Carter… sheesh!

    I’ve been working, BB. Computer crashes, server maintenance, this, that, and the other thing.

    Now, if somebody paid me to blog full time, I’d sure be able to put more time into this.

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