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Eh, not so much. This is Cooper.

On November 7, 2009:

Nevertheless, the Nashville Democrat planned to vote in favor of the $1.1 trillion package.

“My vote is not an endorsement of all the provisions of the bill because I find much of the bill to be deeply flawed,” Cooper said in a written statement issued during Saturday night’s debate. The bill passed in the House late Saturday night.

“There is little chance that (the House bill) will become law due to the long legislative process.”

His reasoning seems to be it won’t pass the Senate or a “passing of the buck.” He also stated he was voting for it “to advance the cause of health care reform by forcing the Senate to act.”

What if he is wrong?

What he voted for was this:

… who has not had health insurance coverage
or coverage under an employment-based health plan
for at least the 6-month period immediately preceding the date of the individual’s application for high-risk pool coverage under this section.(pg 18, HR 3962)

So, what is said in public is not backed up in the bill they support. How many people with cancer can wait 6 months for treatment? In spite of the rhetoric and sob stories, Congress isn’t going to do anymore for the people than the insurance companies will do.

His reasoning?

“Without passage of this House bill, the Senate could delay reform indefinitely. That would be the worst possible outcome because our current health care system is not sustainable,” he said.

Did you know there’s a matching funds requirement?

(A) IN GENERAL.—Subject to subparagraph
(B), no grant may be awarded to a State unless the State demonstrates the seriousness of its effort by matching at least percent of the grant amount through non-Federal resources, which may be a combination of State, local, private dollars from insurers, providers, and other private organizations.(pg 75, HR 3962)

The federal government will raise taxes to pay for this and the states will be forced to play along. Why is it that every time the federal government decides to interfere with something, it means hardship for the respective states? How is your state placed in this economic downturn? Will you be able to afford all the new taxes?

And, yes, Cooper voted for this:

In fact, Cooper was the lone Tennessee vote.

Never mind individual circumstances that might preclude buying a $15,000 dollar policy which is the cheapest one can buy. Never mind the waiting periods for pre-existing conditions. Never mind the cuts to Medicare into which retirees and future retires have poured billions of dollars over decades. Never mind that a 5 year jail sentence is a death sentence to some. Never mind that with that death sentence it means someone will die for someone else’s sense of entitlement. Please, just never mind all the negatives. Just look over here at the cherries. Cherries come with pits and we’re expected to swallow the pits with the fruit… and like it even if it kills us.

And please ignore the majority of Americans who don’t want this plan, especially in an economic downturn. We’re simply right-wing extremists and must be ignored on your way to Shangri-La.

And the excuse, as always, is: “To move it forward.” How many times have we heard that from both sides of the aisle? Does anything get moved forward other than bigger government, more intrusion into our private lives, and more authority over our individual labors toward the American Dream?

Oh, and did I tell you he’s the lone Tennessee vote? I’m sure I must have.

I have no understanding of what it means to be a Blue Dog Democrat if Jim Cooper is supposed to be a prime example. I suppose what it used to mean is no longer what it means. Perhaps, we need a new term for them: BDINO (Blue Dog In Name Only).

Oh and speaking of Blue Dog Democrats, remember that Owens fellow in NY23 who was supposed to be more conservative than Scozzafava, whom she endorsed over a real conservative candidate? He broke four campaign promises within an hour of being sworn in.

Perhaps we should call them what they really are: Liars. There’s no such creature as a Blue Dog Democrat. They’re myths just like their campaign promises.

To say all politicians lie is to admit to apathy and helplessness. When are we going to expect more of the people we pay to represent us? We do not pay them to cater to the Nancy Pelosi’s of Congress. We do not pay them to serve their own self-interest over the interests of the people for whom they work.

Now that I’ve rambled in the NY23 territory let’s get back to Cooper. Did I tell you that Cooper was the lone vote from Tennessee? I was wrong. I suppose two out of seven isn’t bad.

It is small comfort to have only the hope that it is indeed D.O.A. in the Senate as is being claimed. Cooper’s own words imply that is the hope when he says it’s “to advance the cause of healthcare”, which is the equivalent of saying, “The dog ate my homework.”

Hope is cold comfort if you’re one of the ones who may end up sitting in a jail cell because Congress is full of cowards.

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19 Responses to Jim Cooper, Conservative Democrat?

  • BB-Idaho says:

    I don’t think it will pass. Our healthcare system will self-destruct just like our big banks.

  • StephC says:

    Doesn’t matter, BB. They voted for it so obviously it’s what they want. They’re supposed to be our leadership not playing “hot potato.”

  • BB-Idaho says:

    “We do not pay them to serve their own self-interest over the interests of the people for whom they work.” True, I agree. It seems though, that the interests of the people for whom they work vary considerably. Whatever they do, or if they do nothing at all, a lot will be happy and a lot will be pissed. Probably why you and I avoid running for office.. 😉

  • StephC says:

    BB, if most people knew the truth about what goes on in Washington, an overwhelming majority would be angry. Most people don’t care until it affects them directly in a big way. The incrementalism of the past didn’t. This will hit them big and hard.

  • StephC says:

    Oh, running for office is not something I would contemplate because I would wind up telling all of the rest of Washington to grow up. I don’t mince words and I’m nowhere near politically correct. I’d wind up being assassinated just so they could shut me up.

    Although I will say I could probably do a better job than most of them there now.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    Ya know, HB, you should be a member of the 2nd Maine Militia with the “The attendees were a wildly diverse group: young activists and anarchists in black, old beat-up Maine woodsmen with beards to their bellies, retired white-haired college professors, Second Amendment zealots, conservatives, libertarians, Marxists. But they all shared the belief that the U.S. government has lost its moral authority, that both political parties had “degenerated,” as one attendee put it, “into whores for wealth and arbiters of empire.”
    Or as they sum it: “A Republican is a standard screw,” said Chute. “A Democrat is a Philips screws. So whichever way you vote you get the screw.”
    …dunno, just a thought.. 🙄

  • StephC says:

    But I’m not an anarchist, BB. I respect the rule of law. Every shred of freedom and personal responsibility given up for security brings us closer to a totalitarian government. There must needs be some order, a balance between freedom and personal liberty and a government that decides everything for the people being governed by some arbitrary method of whims and whimsies. When that balance is upset, you get one of two results, anarchy or totalitarianism.

    Did you know I was in Germany when the wall fell? I remember the people spilling out into the freedom of their western sister and refusing to go back to their homes preferring to sleep in their cars rather than spend one more day in a place that reminded them of their ‘captivity.’

    When you get your history from a movie, fictionalized or supposedly a documentary, you lose sight of the time frames and forget that what happened in communist Europe didn’t happen overnight but was a progression of steps, some slow, some fast until the time was ripe for the sudden changeover.

    We’re heading in that direction now. Whether it happens during Obama’s time or one of his successors, it will happen unless the people rise up and reject it. He promised to fundamentally transform the nation. I don’t believe the people will want his transformation if they fully understand the meaning of that change.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    “Congress isn’t going to do anymore for the people than the insurance companies will do.” Holy Crikey!! Ya mean I gotta pay $1000 a month to
    congress for the crap my insurance co. has? I think my insurance co. sends it to congress anyhoo, special interest, lobbying and all that other stuff that I need for my health. I got a letter from my insurance co. about prescription drugs. Signed by an MBA. A friggen MBA!! ❗

  • StephC says:

    That about sums it up, BB. And you’ll still have to pay a deductible and co-pay and so forth and so on and maybe even for abortions and the like.

    Plus, they’ll tell you what you can and can’t eat, raise your taxes, put you in jail if you can’t afford all their mandates, and make the states raise your taxes even more to pay matching funds.

    And have a 6 month waiting period for preexisting conditions if you have to change plans because your existing one is not acceptable.

    Basically the whole thing is 7000+ sections of bad mandates.

    Did you know that administrative costs are the largest portion of your health bill? I think we ought to have an option to pay the docs out of pocket for a discount since the administrative costs would be reduced greatly from not having to file paperwork to get paid.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    Well dang! 1900 pages of gov’t healthcare! Thats almost as much as my policy!
    I don’t understand that jailing or fining folks who cannot afford healthcare..but it sure sounds like it beats advertising for big H. ins. especially if there is no public option. Big signs, huh…Blue Cross or JAIL! Yep, our system now is OK, they can only take your house, car and bank account…and that is private business.
    A pox on the whole business, gonna join the Maine Militia 😆
    “Did you know that administrative costs are the largest portion of your health bill?” I kinda think so, since I never go to the Dr., or clinic, or hospital..just pay
    big private health insurance $1000 a month. If I get sick, gonna go offshore, I tell ya…

  • StephC says:

    Mexico has cash only doctors. I think we need some like that. I go to the doc for check ups every 3-6 months. Costs me about $100 between the visit and medication refills. That’s not good enough for the government. It must be made “affordable” and I’m wondering by whose standards.

  • Charlotte says:

    The government doesn’t want to really run healthcare…it just wants to run our lives. Every single facet must be controlled. Period. And when it doesn’t work, they will justify more interventions to “fix” (i.e. making more and more laws in interfere with our lives).

    Death panels will be the order of the day. This is NOT a lie, contrary to popular belief. If you smoke and get cancer, it’s the pills for you. (blue or red?) Healthcare won’t be for you. (even if you have paid into the system all your life) Government counseling about all the money you will save the government when you die, and the fact that you need to die for the good of everyone else will be the order of the day for you.

    But abortions? Those will be covered and each one of us will be mandated to pay a tax so that there will be a pool of monies for those. The government forcing all of us to pay for them…with no option to state: this is evil. This is murder.

    Will hospice be in charge of the death panels? They got good experience with Terri Schiavo, so I am sure they are on the list of people to profit.

  • StephC says:

    Well, Charlotte, I focused on the other issues in the bill because that one has been well documented. You’re right that it will come to that. What the politicians say and what actually happens are fairly far removed from each other.

    Here’s something to think about on the clauses that tell us we’ll go to jail if we don’t obtain a government approved health insurance plan: Convicts lose the right to vote along with all their other freedoms.

    Wouldn’t that make of people so jailed political prisoners?

    Does Congress care?

  • Charlotte says:

    Yes, I believe that an argument could be made to the effect that people who are jailed for not buying insurance could be considered political prisoners.

    WOW!! I can’t believe that this is happening in the USA. The land of the free!!! HELLO!!

    I don’t think that Congress cares about ANYTHING other than power, power, and more power. They sure aren’t worried about healthcare since they will continue to get their own healthcare through a system which will now be denied to the unwashed masses.
    But we know we will have great healthcare because it’s run by the government…right?

    They apparently aren’t worried about spending money that they don’t have. And they don’t seem worried about the inflation and unemployment that are going to continue to rise.

    Americans are willing to take a lot, but this sort of arrogance is really unbelievable. Especially by elected officials. Last time I checked, they are supposed to be accountable to the people they are governing, not acting like they are better than us and know what is better for us.

    I hate them all. They earned it.

    And the AP is upset because Americans are so depressed and down. MY GOD!!! Are these people totally clueless? Do they live in another world? They sure don’t live in reality.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    “Yes, I believe that an argument could be made to the effect that people who are jailed for not buying insurance could be considered political prisoners.
    Debtor Prisons were outlawed in the US back in the 1830s. Thanks, Charles Dickens) But they have made a comeback ..dumb idea, unconstitutional as well.
    Seems obvious the idea of fining poor people who cannot afford health insurance was put in the bill as a sop to (drum roll) the health insurance industry.

  • StephC says:

    I don’t think it was a sop to the insurance companies, BB. Guess it doesn’t hurt some of them but it’s all about power and control.

    The cheapest plan under the house bill is $15,000/ year. That’s a huge chunk of some paychecks there and if you don’t pay it, you’re toast. Nor will you be able to buy just any plan to escape the hand cuffs as all plans will be determined by federal mandate. Any company who doesn’t play footsie with the government will be run out of business.

    Good find on that article. I’m going to have to go back to that for a possible blog topic.

  • Charlotte says:

    Another good point, StephC….

    “Any company who doesn’t play footsie with the government will be run out of business.”

    This appears to be the modus operandi for the entire current administration. Business is threatened, then used, and then thrown under the bus. Villifying business while glorifying government intervention is rather stupid given that the government has never run anything successfully EVER. Then it’s another program to “fix” and then another program to “fix.”

    I think it is a given that the jobless rate will be very high next year. I believe that this administration plays on the ignorance of voters. They had best be careful. I believe there will be a total bloodbath of the Dims if they continue to pass laws that put the country into massive debt for a program that most people do not want.

    The people who vote for this healthcare bill should (if there is ANY justice at all) burn in hell for what they are doing to our great country.

  • StephC says:

    I don’t know if there will be a bloodbath or not, yet, Charlotte. I think people are waking up to the fact that what they thought Obama promised, he didn’t really promised. We tried to tell them but no, no, no. Bush was evil… not misguided, just downright evil.

    And truth to tell, I believe we had to go through this for people to realize that this is not the way. It would have been as bad with McCain, only slower.

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