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(H/T Aaron Gardner)

Last night, I was watching the following exchange on The O’Reilly Factor with Chris Wallace and Bill O’Reilly, when Chris Wallace blasted the Obama Administration so hard that it made my jaw hit the floor. The reason why this surprised me so, is because Chris Wallace runs a very “fair and balanced” show and he usually keeps his personal opinions to himself—i.e., he is no partisan hack. Below is a list of criticisms that Wallace hurls toward the Obama administration:

—Both Bill O’Reilly and Chris Wallace call out Barack Obama for going on all of the other Sunday talk shows this weekend EXCEPT Fox News Sunday, which has the highest ratings. Wallace further points out that he has always been fair to the Obama Administration, that they “refuse to take yes for an answer”, and that “there is a certain childishness or pettiness” about their behavior.

—Chris Wallace also calls out David Axelrod for going on Face the Nation and denigrating the 9/12 tea party demonstrators by stating that, “They are not representative.” Wallace then adds, “This from the President who said that he wanted to reach out to all Americans?”

—Chris Wallace even hilariously points out that Bertha Lewis, the CEO of ACORN, will go on Fox News Sunday, but Barack Obama won’t.

—However, Wallace really burns the Obama Administration when he offers up the following zinger—

“These guys…everything is personal…everything. They are the biggest bunch of crybabies I have dealt with in my 30 years in Washington.” (See embed below).

Ouch!! That’s gonna leave a mark.

However, I would be willing to bet dollars to donuts that the arrogant Obama Administration, and their pompous supporters, won’t use Chris Wallace’s honest critiques as an opportunity for some self-reflection (see Media Matters as exhibit A). No, they will probably continue to preach to the choir by having President Obama perpetually appear on networks whose ratings are in the toilet. Furthermore, the Obama Administration will probably continue on its quest to alienate swing voters by allowing Democratic leaders and their surrogates in the MSM to childishly attack Fox News and refer to its viewers, as well as regular Americans exercising their First Amendment rights, as “Raaacists!”, “The Mob”, “evil-mongers”, “Nazis”, “hooligans” and “teabaggers”. Heckuva job Obama Administration!

This diary was originally posted on The Minority Report.

6 Responses to Chris Wallace Doesn’t Suffer Fools.

  • Bruce says:


    Who’da thunk it……I have to agree with you on this one. Barack should have made his first appearance on Fox News. The Bible says “thou preparest a table before mine enemy” Also there is the old saying “keep your friends close and your enemys closer”. If he is going to make his case for his health plan he needs to make it with his detractors. Believe it or not I am a fan of Chris Wallace and his show. That would have been the best forum for Obama to make his case. He should never give the Republicans a chance to say that he is ducking them. There is still time and I hope he gives Fox their interview.

    The revolution has been televised……..Black in America Baby

  • StephC says:

    Bruce, you forget something. Obama is a narcissist, and a coward, which stems from the need to keep his narcissistic world intact against a reality that would shatter it. If he doesn’t show well on Fox or any other network, the networks are shunned as in: burn the messenger rather than the message.

    The W.H. is a bunch of crybabies. Obama is getting treated just like any other president since the beginning of the Presidency of the United States.Even George Washington had his detractors.

  • kim says:

    I would hazard a guess that Obama’s policy about what questions he will and won’t answer might conflict with any that FOX would be interested in asking. It’s dificult to ‘make your case’ when your argument for doing so will offend 70% of the voting public.
    I’m waiting for the public reaction to turning the lame stream media into a ‘non-profit’, so the taxpayers can now PAY for the crap they don’t watch.

  • Larry Wilcoxx says:

    Whew, talk about an ignorant douchebag. I’d laugh if you weren’t so obviously blinded by your hate and ignorance. Listen…I’m sorry your ideology has repeatedly shown to be corrupt and totally lacking ideas, and I’m sorry you’re so pathetic that you can’t stand not being in power…but, ya know what? That’s too friggin’ bad…you and the rest of the mongoloid teabaggers can pound sand. It’s hilarious hearing you assholes bray and bitch and moan, like you actually have some relevance…but you’re nothing but a zit on the body politic. Enjoy your obscurity.

  • StephC says:

    That’s too friggin’ bad…you and the rest of the mongoloid teabaggers can pound sand. It’s hilarious hearing you assholes bray and bitch and moan, like you actually have some relevance…but you’re nothing but a zit on the body politic. Enjoy your obscurity.

    Obscurity? Is that what you call it when you come here to whine about anything we think or believe? I mean, you’re here trying to tell us how obscure we are, how stupid we are, that we’re assholes and bitches. If we were all that, why are you here to tell us we are?

    Or perhaps we’re not as obscure as you want us to believe we are. If we believed that, we’d give up, right?

  • Susannah says:

    OK–Let me get this straight. You’re calling us “assholes”, “douchebags” and “mongoloid teabaggers” and yet you’re saying that we are “blinded by hate and ideology”? Man, that’s really rich coming from you. You don’t se e us trolling left-wing websites and acting like angry adolescents do you?

    By the way, I can’t believe that you actually called us “teabaggers”, because you completely reinforced the point in my diary that when liberals’ backs are up against the wall, you all won’t engage in honest debate, but instead will resort to calling us “Nazis”, “assholes”, “douchebags” or “teabaggers”. Hilarious. Oh, and “I’m sorry” if the truth offends you.

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