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Yeah, that’s right, Governor. The criticism of you and President Obama is because you’re Black. That’s much easier to accept than the truth: it’s because you’re incompetent.

Gov. Paterson says people ‘nervous’ over minorities in office; White House: Obama doesn’t agree

Gov. Paterson is still blaming race for his his troubles.

After complaining on a Friday radio show that he is the victim of an “orchestrated” campaign to push him out of office, Paterson told a blogger that some people are uncomfortable with too many black pols in power.

“Part of what I feel is that one very successful minority is permissible, but when you see too many success stories, then some people get nervous,” Paterson told political blogger Gerson Borrero over the weekend.

See? This is the mind of a true, blue liberal. Nothing’s ever their fault. There’s always some nefarious reason why people are against them.

But the Obama White House won’t publicly back this drivel.

Obama spokesman Bill Burton said Monday morning that the President does not share Paterson’s view that criticism of him or any other politician is racially motivated.

“In terms of media coverage of the President, he thinks that there are a lot of people who agree with him in the media, there are a lot people who disagree with him in the media, and there are a lot of folks who play it straight,” Burton told reporters in Martha’s Vineyard, where Obama is vacationing, Monday morning.

emphasis added.

If Burton had just stopped at the first part of his sentence he wouldn’t have had to make up that other stuff. Of course Obama “thinks that there are a lot of people who agree with him in the media” because they are blatant about their man-crush for him.

As for incompetent NY Gov. Patterson…not so much. They like Patterson but Obama will always be the media’s first true love.

6 Responses to The Race Card Never Gets Old For Libs

  • StephC says:

    Awwww, Steve,

    Don’t you know it’s only us right-wingers who are afraid of minorities in office? Of course it has nothing to do with incompetence.

    I heard what Patterson said and if he and Obama had a lick of sense they’d be apologizing until election time. I felt he was dissing minorities more than excusing himself. I’m afraid I know way too many minorities who run rings around morons like Patterson, for me to believe him.

  • Bruce says:

    I thought he blamed his troubles on the fact he is legally blind….I guess maybe he just threw in the Black thing cause the blind thing didn’t work….As far as the medias man crush on Obama….There is the 2.2 million viewers of Glenn Beck…the 20 million “ditto” heads….Bill O’Rielly claims to have the number one show of all of the cable news networks…… I don’t see any man crush there….They have big numbers but don’t consider themselves part of the MSM…hmmmmm…..I don’t see where Obama is getting a free ride in the media….But that’s just me and as you know I am a simple man….

    The revolution has been televised…….Black in America Baby…….My president is Black….(Are you uncomfortable with that)

  • StephC says:

    CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, and then, there’s Fox. But that’s okay, Bruce. You can continue to not see because all of those other stations combined probably don’t equal the viewership of Fox.

    I guess that would make it about 50-50, wouldn’t it, 😆

    Here’s something I’d like you to read but I doubt you will:

    I once asked you why it was okay for other people/races or cultures to think the way their heart and minds tell them to think in politics but it’s not okay for blacks. You ignored the question. But that’s okay, if you want to continue being a sheeple. Nobody can change an unwilling mind and yours is certainly that.

  • Bruce says:


    I’m not feelin the love here…..You know I have a crush on you but telling me things like I have my head up Obama’s butt and calling me a sheepie…why you are hurting my heart a little bit….but i still love you……..You kinda made my point conservative talkshows and networks have a large following doesn’t that make them kinda “mainstream” or are you telling me they are just the fringe…I promise you I will take the time to read your article…I just got back from the gym and dinner is calling…..As far as the question I do think the way heart and mind tells me (and yes I even read too) I guess I am a little confused…help me out on this one cause as you know I am a simple man…

    The revolution has been televised…..Black in America Baby…..

  • StephC says:

    I suppose that would work if we start calling the other stations: Mired Sludge Media.

    CNN used to be one of the top cable news stations for me until I caught them lying and even when they were caught lying they didn’t admit to it but kept repeating the lies. The first time I saw Chris Matthews on MSNBC I knew he was a moron so I figured the rest of the station followed.

    Somebody else, incidentally a Democrat, turned me on to Fox.

    As far as crushes… puhlease… the only person you are crushing on is Obama.

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