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Considering I’ve been absent from the political scene for most of a couple of weeks, random thoughts are about all I have.

This morning in my email box I received a mailing, a newsletter that is considered conservative. I think they usually are but not always and that’s beside the point, anyway. In this newsletter there was one article about the health care bill and how it equals government funded euthanasia. Well, yes it does but the only people who care are those who already know this. The rest, who can’t be bothered to understand what it is they’re supporting will believe whatever they’re told.  And there are others who are going to say, “So what? When I die is never really up to me, anyway.”

I fall into the second crowd myself. However, there is a caveat. I don’t want the government deciding it, either. I believe my time is up when God decideds my time is up and not before. Government should not ever replace God’s will but it is trying awfully hard to do so. There are other reasons why I oppose what is now called Obamacare and most of them have to do with the experiences we’ve had here in good ole Tennessee. You see, TennCare went broke. It went broker than broke. All those people the government say this health care bill is for were the first people to be kicked off TennCare. From TennCare, Tennessee moved to a new program called CoverTennessee. What it does is allow small businesses, self-employed, and low income employees who don’t have insurance to buy into a state wide insurance program. It’s not doing so great, either.  On this program there are people who fall through the cracks as well. From what I’ve seen and heard, every program has cracks wide enough that a lot of people for whom such programs were created don’t get the care they sought in spite of government’s “best efforts.” Part of the reason for that is the individuality of situations. There is no “one size fits all” program that will ever be created.

For example, I have a friend who is on Synthroid; not just any Synthroid but the real deal. You see, the generic versions and the synthetically created ones have such adverse side effects on her system that they are worse than useless. They can ultimately be deadly. She cannot survive without the Synthroid. Without it, the doctors giver her, at most, six months. With the red tape, the forms in triplicate, and all the hoops she’ll have to jump through to get the extremely costly Synthroid, she’ll likely be dead before it’s approved… or with luck of the Irish the day she dies will be the day the approval comes through.

With bailouts, stimulus legislation specifying what money can be spent where, and the federal government dictating to private businesses such as banks and auto companies, why do we still need state governments? As more power is being sucked toward Washington, D.C. it seems to me there is really little need to hold state elections, have governors, Lt. governors, state legislatures and so on to fill positions that are increasingly dictated to by the federal government. One wonders how many of these elected officials will be able to turn themselves into bureaucrats rather than legislators in the new regime. I mean, seriously, why do we have to elect people who are going to follow directions, and little else, while getting paid six figure incomes to  follow directions? One often wonders if they even know they’re following directions that will lead them right out of a job. Why not just hire real bureaucrats who are practiced in the ways of managing bureaucracies. Why pay for someone to learn “on the job?”

I don’t really buy into the “Birther Conspiracy.” The Dems just aren’t that good at lying and would eventually get caught. Even if there was the remotest chance of it, we’d be stuck with Biden and Bill Clinton, anyway, and they want the same thing as Obama so what’s the difference? The officiality of it all? Every time a new contentious piece of legislation comes up, the birthers go nuts thinking this is the way to fight the next government takeover. They’d be better off not going nuts and just do whatever it is they’re trying to do in a quiet manner instead of attention gathering. While they’re busy gathering negative attention, the government marches on with its federal takeover of every individuals life. IOW, birthers you’re not helping. I’m not going to tell you what to believe or not believe but, for God’s sake, you need to go underground. The more public attention you get, the less likely you are to find out the truth because you will be blocked on all sides with lots and lots of money.

However, I do wonder why Obama has spent over a million dollars to block anyone from seeing his records.  With all the other distractions Obama can pull out of his or Emanuel’s hat I can’t imagine why anyone would waste that amount of money on a distraction especially when the person is not that rich. Perhaps someone should call for an investigation into whether he used campaign funds to block the records of his past. He says he is all for equality so why should he be treated any differently than Sarah Palin who had hordes going over everything in her past looking for needles with which to prick her?

Every time Obama gets back on the campaign trail, I remember the now infamous statement he made to a group of Republicans whom he invited to the White House for a bipartisan powwow: “I won.” If he believes he won, why is he still campaigning? He has majority party support for anything he wants, so why all the vitriole against Republicans who refuse to vote yes on his desired legislation? As one of my friends, who is a Democrat by the way, he’s better listened to on mute.

Why they do or don’t vote the way he wants them to is immaterial to answering the question of why the Democratic majority Congress and the President care. They are, essentially, unstoppable, so why don’t they just get on with it? No matter what the Republicans do, the Democrats are unstoppable. They can make excuse after excuse, point fingers, and whine all they want but it still comes down to the Republicans are not really needed for them to do whatever it is they want to do.

Crowley-Gates gate hasn’t gone over too well with a lot of people.  The great uniter really put his foot in his mouth with that one. There are calls for a “dialogue” on race once again. The problem is, there will never be a “dialogue” because the very difinition of the word means there has to be at least two sides heard and there never will be.

The Democrats won. I’m still waiting for them to act like winners instead of whiners.

I remember back in the 80s the griping about government waste, such as $2,000 for a toilet seat, $500 for a hammer, and so on. Obviously, since that was the Reagan era, the Democrats have resolved to do government waste better (via Drudge ):


I don’t believe there is much left to be said, is there?

Note: I’m still super busy probably for the rest of this week so enjoy the reading list.

This one is a little near and dear to my heart since it directly concerns the well-being of my husband and our financial future. When the construction industry died because of bad federal policies and the financial meltdown with the banks, hubby sat up all night one night and realized that he had to change careers. Given our circumstances, there was no way we could survive a 4 year degree’s time to achieve so he went into trucking.

Truck stops reduce idling to clear the air (emphasis mine)

Nashville and three neighboring counties have too much pollution in the air, and the state hopes to make it cleaner by getting truck drivers to turn off their diesel engines.

Davidson, Wilson, Sumner and Rutherford counties have failed initial tests to meet federal standards for ozone, a pollutant created when sunlight reacts with vehicle and industrial emissions. Diesel fuel from freight trucks, especially when they are idling, is a contributor to poor air quality.
The Tennessee Department of Transportation received a $2 million grant Monday to equip six to 10 truck stops with technology that reduces diesel fuel emissions from trucks by allowing drivers to turn off their engines but stay cool during rests.

Long-haul drivers, who are required by law to rest for 10 hours after each 11-hour shift, can pay to plug their trucks into a machine that offers air conditioning, heat, electricity, cable television, phone and Internet access. […]

An initial state report released in March showed that the Middle Tennessee counties did not meet new federal air quality standards set last year to reduce health risks, including heart attacks and asthma, problems that are associated with breathing smoggy air.

The EPA will finalize the state’s air monitoring results by March 2010.

So, they won’t finalize their results for almost another year but it’s important that we proceed with the rape of the economy and the trucking industry in the meantime.  Oh, did I mention the truckdrivers will have to pay for this new service? It sounds great and all that but 3 hours worth of electricity for $10. Are truck drivers made of  gold or something? For the record, hubby is averaging around $500/week being a new driver. He’s on his truck  24/7 except for the occasional times he gets to come home for a day.  Truckers are required to take a 10 hour break, so 10 hours  divided by 3 hours times $10 dollars is roughly 33 dollars per day to park at a truck stop in Tennessee… or half hubby’s paycheck.

I can imagine the lawsuits that are going to ensue when the first death occurs from exposure from extreme heat or cold because of an inability to pay for the “hook up.”

The article goes on to talk about what a great thing this is, including one lone truck driver from San Antonio, TX as a spokesperson. This truck driver has a 10 year old truck with 100,000 miles on it.  Hubby was assigned a truck that’s 1 year old with 180,000 miles on it. Do the math.

Yes, folks, this is our tax dollars at work. My new mantra is Jim Cooper has to got to go.  I’ve threatened a gibbon from the Nashville Zoo, even running myelf if I have to although like I never thought I’d be a political activist, being a politician is laughable. I will, however, do what it takes to get a sane government in place.

July 2009


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