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Oh for the love of…!

You gotta love this headline: Sanford admits affair, apologizes to family

This is so incredibly sad.  I was looking forward to Gov. Sanford to be a part of the GOP presidential race in 2012.   Our bench isn’t that deep these days.

I’d love to hear what you all think.

4 Responses to Are You Kidding Me???

  • StephC says:

    My gut reaction was to not care. I feel for the family and I hate the secrecy he employed but otherwise, I’m not all that concerned.

    As conservative as Sanford seems, I didn’t believe he would be the answer to conservatives’ dirth of leaders. I listened to Boenher on Fox today. I listened to Demint… or was it Coburn… or both before him… no it was Coburn. All of them are talking about big government solutions to health care and I’m thinking that if Sanford is their ideal of a conservative then he really wasn’t what this country needs.

    Now, Boenher did mention something worthy in what he said when he talked about lawsuit reform but still there were a lot of big government solutions involved in large parts.

    Health insurance gives savings on group policies. Some small businesses that can’t really get any savings on group policies because they’re simply too small on their own have entered into co-ops to make it viable for their employees. The only way insurance companies are going to stay viable in competition with the government is to do group coverage for individuals voluntarily… yes, I know it sounds like an oxymoron but bear with me. Individual health insurance is practically extortion, which is why a lot of people don’t have and can’t afford it on their own.

    If the companies set up options to enter into group policies with other individuals no matter where those others are located in the country, it reduces costs for everybody in the same manner that group policies do through companies. If that can be done along with changing the way states do business (there are worthy insurances at lower costs that aren’t even accepted here in TN) then the market can handle the whole thing without government interference.

    As for Sanford, only time will tell what happens from today. Probably nothing and he’ll melt into obscurity. The timing, however, seems to be interesting. Just as Congress is really gearing up for a couple of legislative fights, we now have yet another mini-scandal to distract us….

    If they can’t keep it in their pants completely, can’t they at least have some restraint?

  • Steve says:

    Your idea sounds really interesting, Steph. I like it. That along with allowing individuals to buy insurance across state lines and tort reform (all we really need for that is a Loser Pays option) and we could really see health insurance rates fall.

    One other thing you may not like though. I think it should be mandatory starting at middle income levels. Why should we subsidize the healthcare of those who can afford to have it but won’t pay for it?

  • StephC says:

    Why should we subsidize the healthcare of those who can afford to have it but won’t pay for it?

    We shouldn’t. Heck, I don’t have and can’t afford health insurance and I don’t want anybody subsidizing me. If I can’t pay for it myself, I don’t want it. I could probably afford it if it weren’t for the fact that they gouge me with individual rates. With what I’d pay in premiums, I wouldn’t need health insurance at all, if I had that kind of money even if I were in the hospital.

  • StephC says:

    More thoughts on Sanford.

    I will never defend what he did because it was totally wrong. However, some things are bugging me about the whole thing.

    How did the press get the emails in the first place?

    If the press had the emails since December, why now? One wonders if it has anything to do with the furious opposition to upcoming legislation. I doubt it will have the intended effect of adequately distracting many but…

    I find the backstory much more fascinating than Sanford’s infidelity. It happens all the time, to politicians and ordinary humans alike, wrong as it is. No, I don’t mean to be hard hearted because I know all too well what happens to a marriage where infidelity has a role. But the facts of how it was exposed needs a whole lot more light shed on it than there probably ever will be.

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