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It’s one of the stupider comments coming from the media to congratulate Americans for now owning car companies. We don’t and won’t. The government owns them which is, and has been for awhile now, a totally separate entity from the people it’s supposed to be serving. If there is money made, which is doubtful, it goes to the government first. It won’t be coming back to us, except in the form of congratulating us for pandering to government greed. No, they’ll justify spending the money on anything and everything rather than return it. Have I mentioned lately how much the government is beginning to resemble medieval robber barons?

The Value Added Tax debate rears it’s ugly head again although the government says it’s unlikely. Now, when the government says it’s unlikely, I have a tendency to think that’s exactly what they’re going to do. Obama said he wasn’t intending to nationalize car companies, banks, or insurance companies but that’s exactly what he did.  We’re living in opposite land now, where everything that is said means the opposite of what it used to mean. I remember playing that game as a child but apparently the government has not outgrown such childish games. So, if the federal government adds a national sales tax to everything we buy, in addition to the income tax, fees for various services such as utilities, gasoline for your automobiles, internet service, phone service, and so on, how much is left over from your paycheck?

I must be a more moderate conservative than I thought because I’m not all up in arms over the Sotomayor nomination to the Supreme Court. Quite frankly, I can’t understand why anybody is. It’s not as if it is a surprise. Instead of agonizing over it, those same people doing the agonizing should have been busy planning how to block it before it happened. Too little, too late, as is usual for either side of the partisan divide.

Is anybody else tired of the phrase “gravely concerned”, yet? Every foreign incident nets the same response: “gravely concerned.”  It’s a meaningless phrase unless followed by meaningful action.  North Korea detonates an atomic bomb and fires missiles.  In addition the country declares that it is no longer subject to the 1953 accords(or armistace. I forget which). Japan and South Korea want to do something about it. Our government is “gravely concerned.” Iran is full steam ahead with their own nuclear program. Our government is “gravely concerned.” Israel is set to act on its own. Our government is “gravely concerned.”  The government seems to be a little light on the action side. 

Health care is not free nor will it ever be. I don’t understand why people don’t get that. Tax dollars will pay for a nationalized health care system, which is one of the reasons why the VAT is now being considered. The healthcare industry is a business just like any other business. Can anyone point to any time when the government has efficietnly run a business, including their own since they have become one of the largest employers in the nation?

Why do we keep taking their words at face value when we’ve been shown time and again that they mean the opposite of what they say?

We need someone who will challenge all the nonsensical politics with a simple question: Is what they’re doing Constitutional? Only in opposite land because what the Constitution says means the opposite. :???:

30 Responses to Opposite Land (Random Thoughts)

  • Joe says:

    The Constitution is rapidly becoming a Historic “Piece of Paper”, which means little to our Government, not to mention a great deal of the people. This notion that the Constitution is “Out-Dated” and no longer applies is absurd, yet is used effectively by some as a tool to eliminate the protection that it provides to the People. There can be no complete governmental control as long as the Constitution exists, therefore per the Ruling Class–it must be eliminated. The “Run-a way” train to Socialism is gaining speed, and will make no stops on it’s destination unless the People speak up!

  • StephC says:

    I disagree with only one thing you said and that’s about the “run-a-way” train to socialism. We’ve bypassed socialism and headed into something else entirely.

    When people are afraid of their government and we are rapidly becoming a majority who is afraid of it, we’re beyond socialism.

    I’m not sure there is a word, yet, to define what it is because it has elements of a whole lot of different governmental models.

  • Joe says:

    I see your point, However I believe that the number of people “Afraid” of this Admin. is less than one might think. I still believe the masses that voted for the Pied Piper are still Star-Struck, and blinded by speech instead of actions, for surely, if actions were at the forefront instead of promises–fear would be abundant!

  • StephC says:

    I don’t think it’s less than I think. The media love fest for Obama tries to give the impression that he won by a landslide but he didn’t. Some sources put his win at 52%. Others put it at 54%. Even giving him the higher percentage win, it’s hardly a landslide. There are people who have apologized for their votes. They were voting for change but I don’t think the change they thought they were voting for is what they got.

    There will always be some segment of any population that will willingly give up every freedom they have for promises of being absolved of responsibility for their own lives. There will always be some who will laud Obama’s every action because of their own wants and dreams and… laziness to take care of themselves. It’s inevitable.

    And there are still others who, like the first group, want those things but, when reality smacks them in the face, they realize that it’s a pipe dream, and will get to work climbing out of the hole they dug. That’s an American trait that you just can’t kill, no matter how hard the socialist/communist/fascist side… whatever you want to call it since I think it needs a new name now… tries to re-engineer society.

    Another thing people need to realize is we’ve been dealing with Obama only 5 1/2 months, give or take a day or two. His popularity isn’t better than a lot of other beginning presidents and a bit less than some at the same time frame within their own terms.

    The media can play it up and talk about it all they want. They can pretend it’s different and that Obama is amazing but reality doesn’t lie. The ears will lie to you but your eyes never do.

    Have you noticed how the media and his supporters have to twist into prezel shapes to “excuse” what Obama does?

    Words versus actions always tell the truth of things. They see what Obama has done with major companies, in spite of his protests that he doesn’t “intend” to nationalize them. They feel the results of those actions in their own pockets. They are afraid now, even if they don’t admit it.

  • Joe says:

    Numbers and statistics matter very little–true, the election was alot closer than portrayed to be, however the loudest voice is the one heard. The assault on the American People by Obama and company is best described as one yelling fire in a crowded theator. This administration, with the help of the Media has screamed the loudest and the message of upcoming disaster, coupled with the preaching of “I know how you feel” has crippled the logical thinking of many Americans. Being the Brilliant spokesman that Obama is, and the minds that are guiding him, he and his cronies have forecast “Doom” in the minds of many, and laid prey on the hopes of people wishing for a better life, with that I will leave you with this…

    Quotes from author Terry Goodkind:

    1) “Many people must be ruled to thrive. In their selfishness and greed, they see free people as their oppressors. They wish to have a leader who will cut the taller plants so the sun will reach them. They think no plant should be allowed to grow taller than the shortest, and in that way give light to all. They would rather be provided a guiding light, regardless of the fuel, than light a candle themselves.”


    2) “If you are unwilling to defend your right to your own lives, then you are merely like mice trying to argue with owls. You think their ways are wrong. They think you are dinner.”

    Those described in quote 1 elected Obama. The warning in quote 2 is for all of us now.

  • StephC says:

    Joe, I can’t really argue with that, especially when you quote Goodkind. However, I’ll still opt for a little bit more optimism. There may be some “eruptions” along the way but I think we’ll pull through this. The cacophany of those speaking now, will be tuned out much like you tune out any other noise pollution… or you can look at it like the story of “Peter and the Wolf.”

  • Joe says:

    StephC–without a doubt the will and strength of the American people will come through this, we are a determined people. History has proven time and time again that our people are willing to take on all odds–as far as Optimism–as a child (This May Sound Corney) but as a little boy from Tennessee, I was constantly told of great americans who went to Texas to fight a battle that wasn’t theirs, and perished. Once the people wake up, and realize the harm this Admin. is doing to this Nation, the “Don’t Tread On Me” attitude will flourish!

  • Joe says:

    Dang—Born in Nashville, grew up in Celina, northern Tenn. up on the big lake–Dale Hollow!! Join the Navy and to make a long story short–ended up in Ohio, still trying to make my way back home to “Gods Country” hahaha!!

  • StephC says:

    Wait until we run Bredesen out and then maybe things will brighten up around here. I’ve been wishing lately that we hadn’t bought a home here… although I may not have it much longer if the economy doesn’t pick up a bit, even just a little, 😆

    The state is pushing back a little against the Feds and that’s a good thing.

  • Joe says:

    Hang in there StepC, the pushing will sooner or later go nationwide, several states are having a real tough road–Ohio being one of them. I’v got several relatives that live in Nashville, and all over the state, so I hear about the problems–but believe me—pick up any Ohio newpaper, and you will understand why so many people from Ohio are headed south–I like your Blog–Keep up the good work–the fight has just began!!!

  • StephC says:

    I’m doing my best, Joe, along with a great number of other Americans. If it falls apart, well, we just have to pick up and start over again. I’d prefer not to but sometimes you do what you have to do whether you like it or not.

  • Bruce says:

    Joe, Steph,,,,,,,

    Reality check……This country is well over 200 yrs old we have had what….43 presidents before Obama…..and you go along with continued fear mongering with statements like…”The Constitution is rapidly becoming a Historic “Piece of Paper”……and “We’ve bypassed socialism and headed into something else entirely”….and to quote Rush….”If Bin Laden wants to destroy America he’d better hurry up becase Obama is going to beat him to it”……..The man has only been in office a mere 5 month….the economy was already in the tank…we were in 2 wars….Iran was already developing is nuclear power ( I could continue but I hope you get my point)……..before this president came to office…He already inherited an America that is closer to destruction than its ever been……cut your fear mongering out and write your congressman with ideas to help…..then maybe you won’t think of yourself as dinner…….It’s going to take more than one president to bring down this nation…..It will take a nation full of fear mongerers……

    The revolution has been televised……My president is Black

  • StephC says:

    Of course, Bruce. It’s always somebody else’s fault. That will protect your Messiah from now until he rips the Constitution up in one of the government shredders and beyond.

    Nobody said it was all Obama but Obama is hell bent on destroying faster than anybody ever thought he would be or anybody before him thought to do. Everything he says is the opposite of what he does; virtually everything.

    In the meantime he calls us a Muslim nation, bows down to the Saudi king, and panders to our enemies. Of course, they’ll do as he says because HE said it, right? Never mind that both Bushes, Reagan, and, yes ,even Carter and Clinton have all said and tried the same things.

    But, of course, they weren’t TheOne, were they? And yet, all you can see is the color of his skin and think him perfect.

    What if he weren’t the right color to suit you? What if he were blonde haired, blue eyed, pasty white? What then? I’d still fill the same about what’s happening but somehow I doubt you would.

  • Joe says:

    Bruce, thank you for the compliments–yes you are correct, StephC and I, are not members of the “Walking Liberal Robots” that will follow this Pied Piper blindly into Socialism. You however are incorrect in your assumption that it is fear mongering, a simple glance (That would be with your eyes open) at policies etc will yield you many examples of why people question Obama and this Administrations policies regarding the betterment of the people. Also, and I hate to correct people, but a simple search on any search engine will inform you that “Our President” is not only Black, but White also.

  • Bruce says:


    I never said anything about fault…..I merely stated the fact that these problems were here and in full force before Obama came into office…..As long as there is continued fear mongering and fault finding then we will not get anywhere……As I have said before if you really believe one man is going to bring this nation to ruin then you aren’t giving the founding fathers of this nation very much credit for the system they put into place……..Everybody makes such a big deal and says that Obama is apologizing the the Muslims and showing them too much respect….He kinda reminds me of my father…..My father would apologize and explain and talk kindly to me before he beat my butt for doing something wrong….Obama has not pulled the troops out of Iraq and has upped the anty in Afganastan to the dismay of many on the left but you never seem to mention that…….He is not weak as many like to say..I think the phrase is “walk softly and carry a big stick”….


    Nice to meet you……me and Steph go a long way back (In fact I have a secret crush on Steph) It’s a you say tomato` I say toma`to type relationship…….as for your comment ….”“Our President” is not only Black, but White also.”…….Unless you are first or second generation African that’s recently come to this country then you are mixed with some other race…..It started during slavery in America (that’s why there are so many black people with President’s last names like Jefferson, Washington and Jackson)…….So whether the mixing happened during slavery or with your mother and father that is what it is to be Black in America…..Your mixed with something….

    The revolution has been televised…….Black in America Baby

  • StephC says:

    Bruce, you used the word “inherited” which recently has become synonymous with “fault.”

    Now, Obama is not ruining the country alone. He has a willing Congress to help him, a crooked Secretary of the Treasury, and a whole host of crooks in his Cabinet. Nor, is the ruin of this country going to be all his fault, although he’ll take the brunt of it because he’s pushing it further than anyone else ever before.

    This country has been primed and conditioned over decades to accept federal mandates that are freedom sapping and quite unConstitutional. Obama hates the Constitution and wants rid of it. He said so, not once but several times in interviews with various “journalists.”

    In addition, I very rarely hear anything out of Obama that is positive about this nation, unless he’s trying to cajole people into sacrificing for his aggrandizement. He does not love this country or its people because all he can find is fault. The people’s fault, conservatives’ fault, Bush’s fault, Limbaugh’s fault… and so on. Always someone else’s fault.

    You avoided as usual the statement I made about his skin color and how you would react to these self same things if it was a white person.

    You say he reminds you of your father. He reminds me of my ex-husband. It didn’t help that he’s sporting a ridiculous mustache now, either, but it’s not skin color that makes the resemblance because my ex is white. It’s the arrogance and narcissism that demands the adulation so many of you are willing to lavish upon him. I see it; in the tilt of his chin, his acceptance of obeisance, his expectation that others sacrifice for his sake, his denial that anything is his fault but something he “inherited.” In addition, he’s a mimick, because he has little empathy beyond his own wants and desires, which necessitates that he use pretty words to make promises in an effort to cajole and convince people of his sincerity while doing the opposite because to fulfill those promises won’t be to his own benefit.

    I, too, pointed out that he’s been president only 5 1/2 months but if we take that as a guage of where we’ll be in 11 months or a year from now, what will the country look like? He says we’re out of money but he still spends like crazy along with his complicit Congress. By the time Obama is done, we’ll all be equal certainly. Equally poor, equally miserable, and have equal opportunity which is to say no opportunity, while the rich will still be rich and bolstered by a Congress and president and treasury secretary who will need those riches to keep themselves in power.

    For 8 years, Bush was an illegal president according to the left. He was villified by the left at every turn and he remained silent. He has been out of office for 5 1/2 months and he’s still the villain. As more and more comes out about ACORN and their shady, illegal actions, how many are soon going to be thinking of Obama as an illegal president?

    There will come a time when you will not be able to silence critics with claims of racism.

    You’re wrong about that being the only definition of Black. I have an old friend who was married for 13 years to a black man. When they divorced because her husband cheated on her, their son was disowned by the husband’s family. He was not recognized as Black because his mother is white. That young man went through a lot of years of hell because of it, his mother being his only family on her side considering she was an orphan adopted by an older couple who had died before he was born. Family is important to people whether they realize it or not and to be completely cut off from it is a terrible thing.

    The irony is that it is a regular occurence when it comes to “mixed” marriages. I helped do the research on that. So, don’t give me that mixed marriage crap makes Obama black by American blacks’ definition of it.

    You may want to sweep under the rug all the opinions in the beginning about him not being black enough but I remember them and so will a lot of other people.

    People are human, no matter what color their skin is. At some point, no matter how much Obama continues to claim he “inherited” this mess, he will have to take responsibility. I won’t hold my breath on that considering he comes from the same cloth as Pelosi, Reid, et al. They’ll go to their graves claiming that it was someone else’s fault, much like Carter who still doesn’t accept responsibility for the mess Reagan “inherited.” Having read a great deal of Reagan’s diaries, I didn’t see a whole lot of time spent dwelling on what was Carter’s fault. I certainly don’t remember any public speeches declaring such.

  • Joe says:

    Bruce–it is nice meeting you also. This reference to “Black” or “White” or “Green” is meaningless to any discussion regarding the Political impact of policies implemented by any President. I have little concern about any form of argument based on color, when dealing with the effects of the Obama Administration on the people. I do not care what color the man ( Or Woman) is provided they have the peoples best interest at hand. Therefore, the only argument or disccusion should be centered around the actions of such President and/or Administration.. That being said–I find a heavy dash of salt on a freshly cut tomato, sliced rather thick to be Heaven, of course a dash of pepper helps when it’s one of those “Beefsteak” Maters!!! By the way–as far as your secret crush–a couple Paw-Paws (Google It) HINT= “Grows in the Hollers of Tenn.” goes a long way!!

  • StephC says:

    Paw-paws, Joe? I grew up with a tree in the front yard. They don’t grow just in the hollers of TN. I’m a hillbilly but TN isn’t the only hillbilly state in these here parts, 😆

    You may as well get used to Bruce. Race always becomes part of the argument somehow. If nobody else says anything about it, he inevitably does.

  • Joe says:

    Well true—as a little boy, I did run up the hollers in kentuckey to find a Paw-Paw tree, so I stand corrected. Maybe it’s just because the ones in Tenn. just seemed sweeter–HaHaHa–you should have known that was coming!!! However–I am impressed–very few people that I have met, be they from TN. or KY. know what a Paw-Paw is–well–I have to go answer all the “Hate Mail” I have recieved on my Blog, so you have a good one, and we’ll check back with you later, so–Good Night, and Good Night to you to Bruce!!!

  • Bruce says:


    So help me out here, as you know I am a simple man and obviously my choice of words is not definative enough….what word should I use to say that the things I mentioned (ie the economy, the wars, the nuclear proliferation) were already the situation when Obama took office without placing blame or fault….please help me out with that word……

    You come across as this was a perfect country while the republicans were in power and now this man comes along that hates everything about this country and wants to literally destroy it….he hates the constitution….he does not love this country or its people….Steph do you really believe that…Just because a father on one family spanks his children for discipline and another gives his child a time-out for discipline it does not mean that either one of them loves his child any less than the other and it certainly doesn’t one of them, take your pick, hates his child…Just because Obama’s methodology is not what you agree with does not mean that he hates this country or its people….this talk about hate is the very fear mongering that I have been talking about….

    And to your comment about his race….you said….

    “What if he weren’t the right color to suit you? What if he were blonde haired, blue eyed, pasty white? What then? I’d still fill the same about what’s happening but somehow I doubt you would.”

    Steph, I am 56 years old this in not the first election that I have voted in and not the first president I supported (I even voted republican a couple of times) and if am not mistaken they were all white….correct me if I am wrong……! Get my point on that one…..

    And yes Steph I do talk about race a lot and I talk about religion……I still say that Romney was the best conservative candidate out there he knows business he even ran the Olympics and made a profit his knowledge in this economy would have worked well but he didn’t win because he couldn’t win a southern know the bible belt because he was Morman…..and If you think I am bad you should hear my mother….every time I talk with her she says “what do you think about that Obama” “I never thought I would live to see the day a Black man would be president” and she goes on….there is just a sense of pride about it and I am sorry you don’t understand…..

    And those comments about him not being black enough were not about his skin color at all it was about his “experience”…..I’ve said before my youngest daughter is adopted….Her biological mother is white and bio father is black…they were barely teenagers the mom was 12 and the dad 14….my daughter “looks” white but is the blackest kid in my family…by the way I caught a lot of grief from people because they thought I was adopting a white child and a black family adopting a white child that shouldn’t happen in this country… day there was a fight on my daughters school bus…the driver made all of the black kids get off the bus….my daughter got off too..the driver asked her why she said I’m black too…..It wasn’t here skin coplor that made her black….Obama was raided by his white mother from kansas and his white grandparents in Hawaii…the concern was his experience not his skin color…well I rambling……

    The revolution has been televised……Black in America Baby…..My president is Black

  • Bruce says:


    I didn’t check my spelling on my last comment please excuse some of my errors and try to read tthrough them

  • Joe says:

    Bruce–if you do not mind me stepping in on your comment directed towards Steph, I would like to say that you have made a good point regarding what you call “Black”. However, I, being from the (So-Called Prejudice South) at a time lived hand in hand with numerous “Poor Folk” Black and White that felt the ire of those more fortunate. The “High Class” were colorblind, and their attacks, and attitude showed no preference to color. Me and my “Black” friends stood together–we had something in common–POOR. Maybe that is why I have a hard time when color is brought into any discussion–I shared the same scrutiny as my friends (Other than color), and were looked down upon by those that would judge by position in life, or the Color of your skin. When MLK was shot I lived in S.C. the impact from this act spewed into many communities, however, there was no “Fear” in my family or others, why, because those of different color “Black” knew that we were socially “one”–The tension between Black and White live only is the Hearts of those that would keep that fire burning. By the way–My President is neither Black nor White (Totally)–but you are right–A Revolution is Coming!

  • Bruce says:


    Never feel that you are stepping on my comments…I like to hear from everyone…I wish more of the old gang from “Hangright” would show up more often…..Steph is right about me I do talk about color a lot and I make my proclamations at the end of my comments…I guess I just can’t help myself….I believe the conversation about race is one that we need to have….it is sometimes an uncomfortable conversation but still one we need to have because if we don’t then it will be like the old south that you knew ….”you didn’t talk about it, that was just the way it was”….You see where that got us….

    The revolution has been televised…..Black in America Baby….

  • StephC says:

    Bruce, it’s not the conversation about Blacks that bothers me. It’s the attitude that Blacks are the only one to experience negative stereotypes; the only ones to have experienced discrimination.

    Even to this day, my IQ drops 20 points because I’m southern with southern roots. It drops another 20 when it’s discovered that I’m a hillbilly on top of the other.

    I grew up poor as dirt. I didn’t really get the experience of indoor plumbing until I was an adult. We farmed patches of land you could spit across and survived on it. Where I come from there was no difference between a poor black and a poor white. We did for each other the same as anybody else.

    You talk about the “black experience” as if it is something unique but it isn’t as unique as you seem to think. What afflicts the black population is prevalent among all the poor, no matter their skin color.

    You think whites don’t get told the same things blacks get told when it comes to “spreading the wealth” , expect it ain’t called black privilege to them, it’s called you’re white and privileged. You think a poor white person wants to hear something like that when the government has made them so dependent they can no longer do for themselves? I can listen to stories that are told about this or that in the black community and identify those same stories with what happens in the hills where I come from and there aren’t that many black people in the hills there.

    There is no such thing as white privilege. It’s a made up concept to keep people down, angry, and dependent.

    And now, both whites and blacks are racist against Latinas. The only problem is, most of us aren’t at all racist, simply against illegal immigration because illegals are outside the law that the rest of us have to follow; treated as “more equal” than people who were born here and have to jump through all the governmental hoops that they seem to be able to get around.

    When you can’t, or refuse to, step out of your own experiences, your own little world, regardless of color, you’ll never see that. Life is what you make of it. That goes for any color, any culture. Everything else is just an excuse.

    I agree we need to have a conversation about race. The problem is one side doesn’t want to listen to the other.

  • StephC says:

    Actually, Joe, iirc, Obama is only about 1/4 black… or of African descent, whichever you prefer. IIRC, his grandfather on his father’s side was Arab, Arabs aren’t black, they’re caucasians.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    “Even to this day, my IQ drops 20 points because I’m southern with southern roots. It drops another 20 when it’s discovered that I’m a hillbilly on top of the other.” ..if ya lived in the potato state it would drop about 60!

  • StephC says:

    Gee… nice to know Idaho has even tougher standards on people from the south or the hills. Remind me never to move there, 😆

  • BB-Idaho says:

    Well, Idaho is a bit odd, sort of a newer state, lot of immigrants. Actually we have a lot of southerners and their descendents, dating back to the mining days..then the Idaho-California connection and a very strong Idaho-Alaska connection (re: Sarah Palin, etc).
    We have our hillbillys as well: I got run off some property when I was looking for a camp site, young lady with three hounds and a single-shot 22 pointed at my nose! I can’t speak for the Volunteer state, my only
    clue being the Montgomery Clift movie ‘Wild River’..and
    getting turned around in the interchange on the Mississip bridge out of Memphis..crossed it three times before I could finally get out of state. I am sure
    Tennessee hill folk meet our standards…heck they took me from the northwoods by Lake Superior…but they still think I talk with an ‘accent’…after 31 years, still a newcomer.

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