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He laughed.

There is no point in being outraged, really there isn’t.

“Rush Limbaugh, ‘I hope the country fails’ — I hope his kidneys fail, how about that? … He needs a good waterboarding, that’s what he needs.”

Obama joined the crowd in laughing at the crack about Limbaugh’s “kidneys.”

Apparently, it’s funny to wish death on someone. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the least bit surprised.  I knew this would happen, has been happening for years now, which is why calling it an outrage is basically saying no one has the courage of their convictions to stand up to bullies. The biggest bully now sits in the White House and the lesser bullies are so afraid of him they can’t make a joke about him, which is the tradition for this yearly function.

I know many a conservative site that talks about the left  drinking Koolaid. I don’t believe it’s Koolaid at all but a whole different drink: Haterade. When cruelty is the only thing the left seems to find funny, perhaps they should abstain from the haterade for awhile but I believe they’re addicted now and can’t stop.

Time after time after time, the left has shown that it lives for and thrives on hate( You can google them because I will not give them a link to the vileness):

Carrie Prejean
Sarah Palin
Joe the Plumber
Rush Limbaugh
Anybody who stands in Obama’s way.

The vitriol aimed at these and others not named is not dislike for them. It’s not a disagreement with their views. It’s nothing but pure unadulterated hate.  Where are all the political correctness police now? Probably getting their fix in for their daily ration of haterade. I’m sure we’ll be hearing all about it when the hate juice kicks in so they can laugh about it a little longer.


40 Responses to And What Did Obama Do?

  • BB-Idaho says:

    Oh, I wouldn’t worry about Rush: he invented the genre.
    He has handed out his share….why heck, even a gentle soul such as I get apalled at Mr. L… 😉

  • StephC says:

    BB, I don’t find it funny. In fact, I find it so unfunny that anyone who excuses through moral relativism (i.e. “Rush said…”) that kind of hate or finds it the least bit funny is quite probably just as much a hater as those who spew it in front of the world.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    I agree, the prez should not be lowering himself to the level of a Limbaugh/Beck/Savage/Hannity….no human being should…

  • StephC says:

    You know what, BB? I take offense at that comment. But it’s exactly what I expect from a leftist drunk on haterade.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    Haterade? Like Gatorade? Well OK, I take offense that you took offense and raise ya. If it is offensive that I
    find these guys arrogant and personally offensive, so be it. I will take fellow soldier Colin Powell over the 4 fine radio talk heads (three of whom failed college and non of whom served in the military) every time. They are FAKE patriots, they are self-serving entertainers, and they are dragging conservativsm to unwarranted depths. No hate HB, just the facts…. and if I gotta kiss the feet of these neanderthals…I will not. If you worship that stuff, that is your right. If so, well it is an honor and privilege to be ‘a leftist drunk on haterade’

  • StephC says:

    BB, talk to the hand. I’m sick and tired of people telling me what conservatism is when they don’t have the slightest idea what it is and don’t care to find out.

    Keep on blaming other poeple for your actions.. That’s what libs are good at.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    “Keep on blaming other poeple for your actions.. That’s what libs are good at.” Huh? I gotta take responsibility for talk radio, too? Consider, the number of people that consider themselves ‘liberal’
    has doubled in the last 10 years. Now, if you wish to think they all got braindead suddenly, OK. IMO, it is because they are simply tired of ‘in your face’ ad hominum hyperbole. It makes you feel good, but think about it….Rush & Co. are marginalizing themselves.
    His diatribe on Parkinson’s converted many to stemcell research, he wants to kick Colin Powell out of the GOP. Gen. Powell is a decent person, why would any sane person attack him? Whether I know what conservatism is, I have been attempting to find out by visiting folks like you..and it IS consfusing: neocons,
    fiscal cons, social cons, paleocons, libertarians…lordy they can’t even get along with each other. In addition, I need add…I have no problem with conservatism, nor
    your candidates…my problem is with the crudity of
    your talk radio spokesmen. They are not elected; they do not make policy; they answer to no one; they are
    irresponsible. Thas all…..

  • StephC says:

    When you use someone as a justification for your own hate, then you’re blaming other people for your actions.

    How much plainer can it get than that? Have you ever listened to Rush, Hannity, Beck, et al? I believe you have said before that you haven’t but the media told you they’re hate filled didn’t they? From a hate filled media to your lips, or fingers in this case…

    Especially Beck. I haven’t been watching his Fox show long and not even everyday but I can’t imagine anything further from his commentary than hate speech.

    And it’s all their fault because you’re hatefilled. How childish. That sounds like my grandsons pointing fingers at each other when they’ve both done something wrong.

    Remember the old saying about friends jumping off the Brooklyn bridge? Go right ahead and jump with them if you want. Just don’t expect me to follow.

    But here you go. I’ll give you some hate speech of my own. I have a fantasy of seeing Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, et al. being lead out of their respective building in hand cuffs for being the crooks they are with their assets frozen and treated just like Bernie Madoff. They’re doing the same thing he did.

    Not likely to happen but a girl has to have dreams you know.

    The left will call that hate speech. I call it justice.

    No, I don’t want Obama to succeed. His success so far has caused job loss, money laundering, racketeering, and who knows what else. Blatant, in your face criminal activity. And what do we get for it? We get to be worse off than ever before. Unless somebody stops him and Congress, this is going to be worse than the Depression.

    He’s not Robin Hood and Congress is not his merry band of men. They’re robber barons. And anybody who points it out is now a target for hate, per the DHS report calling all of us right wing extremists for holding certain views.

  • Bruce says:


    There is an old hip-hop saying…….Don’t hate the playa….Hate the game………I will give you a little while to think about that one….I am sure Limbaugh wasn’t offended because he makes many a “joke” about people himself and says everyone is just too “sensitive”…..Me thinks you are being just a little sensitive on this one……but its nice to see the sensitive side of you……You know I’ve always had a crush on you and seeing this sensitive side of you makes the crush even deeper…..

    The revolution has been televised….Black in America Baby…..My president is Black……

    PS…..If Obama fails America fails……

  • StephC says:

    The revolution has been televised….Black in America Baby…..My president is Black……

    You’re wrong. The revolution is just beginning.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    I gotta admit, HB, you’re good. You fired me up.
    Consider what I usually get:
    “I removed your name as instructed, and am genuinely appreciative of your tone and civility about it.
    This conservative sees you as a liberal who makes the world a better place from a decency standpoint.
    God Bless always.” [conservative blog A]
    “I thought it was entertaining that you found it strange that Conservatives could come off as such nice people. I have always had the same
    confusion when I have met very solid liberals! HA! In your case, the distinct difference is that you speak and think so very well. I am very impressed that you always have constructive comment and are great about avoiding allowing the dialogue to become personally insulting. You do a much better job there than I do, but I am trying to learn something from
    your example.” [conservative blog B]
    “I make no apology for the conservative bias that permeate my posts; because I truly believe in conservativism. You and X help to temper my comment streams with your points and counterpoints. You both honor me with your civility and for that you earn my respect and appreciation, and most likely friendship were we to meet” [conservative blog C]
    “I have never felt as if you talk like a Liberal, BB. Especially when it comes to Finances and Taxes. I’m not sure why you keep qualifying yourself as one..”
    [conservative blog D]
    …..and finally I made the Big Time:
    “But it’s exactly what I expect from a leftist drunk on haterade.”[conservative blog E] 😆

  • StephC says:

    BB, when you throw out accusations of hate from Rush, Hannity, Beck, et al. of whom you have no knowledge because you don’t listen to them, yourself, to justify the virulent and destructive nature of the hate on the left, you get what you got.

    Let’s talk about some of it. How about that other comedienne (can’t remember her name but I’d remember her face) who said Sarah Palin should be gang raped if she goes to NYC? How about what was done to Palin’s family?

    Janeane Garafolo and her comments that we’re all racists.

    The DHS report that says we’re all right wing extremists unless we agree with Obama 100%.

    The terrorizing of AIG executives in spite of it later being found out that those employees who got the bonuses were working for $1/year just like the new CEO.

    Threatening to ruin Chrysler credit holders with public ruination unless they agree to the government’s terms.

    But it’s all the Republicans’ fault!!!!

    And now, because I refuse to accept such that excuse anymore, you deliver the above.

    Whatever, BB, whatever.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    Well, let’s just take, “The DHS report that says we’re all right wing extremists unless we agree with Obama 100%.” It doesn’t say that. It listed as concern those groups or individuals that MAY resort to violence…like that guy that killed the unitarian church people because he ‘thought’ that was what Glenn Beck would want. And I agree, it is not fair to lump Skin Heads,
    Neo Nazis, KKK and Aryan Nations as right wing hate groups…they are racist hate groups (they like Idaho for some reason). In fairness, the same DHS document
    warned of left-wing envirofreak groups, PETA etc as
    capable of resorting to violence. I never agreed with establishing DHS/Patriot Act, so am ambivalent, other than spending billions search old ladies at airports seems well, ludicrous. BTW, I HAVE watched/listened to your talking head guys, but I just can’t for long (shudder)..they smirk, gesticulate and
    ‘think’ they know it all. Nor do I care for Garafalo, Maher or M. Moore..just as obnoxious from the other side. As far as Chrysler, all I know is that the UAW
    offered to take cuts to the level of US Toyota, etc and absorb all legacy (retirement) costs. Certain Chrysler credit holders are hedge funds, rich investors that bought on a 75% put up 25 bucks for each
    $100 leveraged share…but want $125 back, screw
    Chrysler, screw the workers, screw the US economy.
    I have no sympathy for them, sorry…they started the whole mess. Whatever, HB, whatever….

  • StephC says:

    Those managers agreed to $.60 on the dollar but that wasn’t good enough, BB. They were forced to a price lower than any other creditors and their legally binding contracts were voided. Whether they were right or wrong with what they were doing is really beside the point.

    Whether you agree with Garafolo, Mayer, et al. you still justified their actions by slamming others, essentially saying they’re not responsible for their own actions because someone else made them do it..

    We’ve already discussed the differences between those two reports. The left wing report cites only cyber terrorism. The right wing report is so vague that it can apply to just about anybody.

    That would be like claiming the left made me do it, if I start calling every one of you idiots, morons, pedophiles, whores, sluts, which is something I don’t do but could with a ready excuse if I used your reasoning. And yes, it’s childish. It’s what happens in the schoolyards and on playgrounds with children.

    That’s like my now ex-husband taking my tuition money and buying his girlfriend a ring and saying that it’s my fault that I don’t make enough money to give him to support him, his girlfriends, and pay my tuition.

    It’s always someone else’s fault.

    So, again, whatever.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    Well so be it. Do you have an opinion or reason about
    what makes a conservative? I worked with scientists and engineers for years and as you might expect, many were more interested in science than politics.
    But, (and I have run across this many times) those people that work with computers, information technology, software etc, are most often very conservative: almost the opposite of biologists, who tend to be very liberal. This is intriguing..are conservatives drawn to computer work? Does computer professionalism make one conservative?
    I dunno, perhaps you have run across a lib computer type, but I never have. Not sure if you can shed any light, but would be interested, since I have no theories…

  • StephC says:

    Conservatism, at its core is about freedom and a belief that our basic rights as individuals are inherent and not determined by any other outside force, i.e. government.

    Now, liberals think liberalism is about freedom because they tie freedom to not having to make decisions and suffer the consequences of bad ones. However, there’s always a trade-off with freedom tied to such tangible things and it never works.

    No matter how many ways it is phrased or how the government tries to arrange it, it inevitably leads to a powerful centralized elite body placing restrictions upon every one else that rob them of their basic human rights.

    No one is saying tomorrow we’ll wake up and it will be that way. I might even be dead by the time it happens but it will happen just as it always has in history.

    The biggest difference between conservatives and liberals boil down to whether the trade off is worth the ultimate price.

    The Constitution gave us checks and balances to prevent this happening here, leaving such to states’ rights. I don’t care how socialist California becomes… well, I do care because it’s a sad state of being they’re in but… it’s their right to be as they choose.

    However, I do resent the federal government telling other states that they must be the same or like France or any other state or country.

    I’ve said before that I’m of a live and let live philosophy. I’m quite willing to let others have their own beliefs and value systems as long as they let me have mine. Unfortunately, most of them are not inclined to allow that I should have that right to my own beliefs and values system.

    The catchphrase is equality but then that has to be qualified with “some are more equal than others.”

    Think about it.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    So, that is the general attraction; I was wondering why so many computer professionals are drawn to
    conservatism, (eg. in relation to their profession?)

  • StephC says:

    That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. Computer professionals are seeing a lot of the same things and coming to same conclusions as any other conservative.

    so-cons, fis-cons, etc… they’re typically one issueor several related issues conservatives. You can’t rely on them for much else. Be that as it may, they’re just as welcome to their views as anybody else… as long as they leave me to mine.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    You deserve better than a pest like me. Whatever happend to that ‘Hang Right; bunch…get em in here
    and rattle the cages. 😀

  • StephC says:

    Steve pops in once in awhile but he’s pretty busy right now. I never did write an announcement but he recently became engaged. I have a picture of the happy couple but he hasn’t given permission for me to share it so…

    Kathy is retired from political activism and can’t say I blame her. Sometimes I want to join her but I’m still in here trying.

    BigMoe moved on to other work that keeps him busy.

    Republican Pundit stopped for awhile because of his eyes but has recently started up a new blog to which I’ve linked in the blogroll.

    I don’t think you’re a pest, actually. Nor do I think Bruce is even when he puts on his Obama personnae.

    Bush grew government. Garafolo said she will not apologize for her race hustling rant about how all the tea party attendees are racist rednecks and asked where we were for the last 8 years. I have an answer for that.

    We did protest. We wrote letters, we blogged about the spending, and in came 2006 and a great many were voted out. The Democratic Congress and complicit Republicans spent more than even the previous 6 years and now, we have an ever bigger majority of spenders and Obama more than doubling the national debt in a just a few months in office and blames it on Bush.

    So, we took to the streets as a group rather than try more letter writing and blogging only to still be ignored by the D.C. power and the old media except for the virulent hate filled attacks on us by the likes of Garafolo and others. Apparently we shook them up a bit since they’re all talking about listening tours and the like with their new National Council for a New America. Just the name gives me the willies.

    We don’t need a new America, we need a renewed America based on the Constitution instead of making up laws as they go to pander to some interest group or another.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    Interesting; that bunch certainly seemed active and involved. Is it because it was so time-consuming?
    I kind of miss them….

  • StephC says:

    Well, I like to think they’re just on a sabbatical. I expect Steve will be back and he does pop in once in awhile now and has an account to blog here.

    RP is going at it on his own, but he, too is welcome to blog here anytime. Kathy is doing what Kathy needs to do for herself. And BigMo is doing what he loves best, even more than talking about current politics. I miss them, too, but I stil hear from them once in awhile via email.

  • Amy Proctor says:

    The left always has a racing hostility boiling just beneath the surface. The cover it with so-called humor, but Steph, I feel sorry for them. They win sometimes, usually underhandedly, but the judgement that awaits those people is pretty scary.

  • StephC says:

    Amy, it’s nothing new. It has always been like this in politics. I took a break from the computer last night and curled up with Reagan’s Diaries. You can see the same thing going on in his perceptions of what was happening during his administration. They’re just louder now, I think.

    Everybody keeps saying forget Reagan, like we set him up as some kind of God or something but they’re missing the point. Reagan wasn’t perfect. Far from it in some ways but underneath his imperfections he had a love for this country and its people that I believe is unmatched by any other in the 20th century and certainly none in the 21st.

    We can only hope for another leader such as him.

  • Kathy says:

    Must have been my ears burning, but I had to break my lurker’s status for Steph’s sake. Steph is one of the very few political blogs I still read, but never comment as a kindness to my gut.

    However, BB, in this case, with such a gaping hole in your logic:

    Who pays the salary of Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh? The radio/tv.

    Who pays Obama’s salary? WE THE PEOPLE. We have a right to hold him to a higher standard however perpetually disappointing it may be.

    “He hit me first” is a stupid response, BB, and quite beneath you.

    I’ve known a great many biologists in my profession and they are conservatives with only one exception, and I suspect that exception had retarded development due to overuse of nonprescription narcotics.

    Matter of fact a great many chemists are also conservative, BB, because the meager salaries we get are deserved, and we don’t consider ourselves greedy for wanting to keep our own money. You’d be the exception to that rule, too.

    This day and age the difference between conservatives and progressives lies in who owns a person’s earnings, the worker or the state.

    I’ve disappeared from politics because of the type of myopic view that can sneer at common sense for the sake of personal gratification. You may want to give someone the shirt off my back but I don’t have to entertain you during the process.

    As always, I remain, your friend with hopes for a dawn. Hope your kidneys are fine.

    Unless Obama fails, America WILL fail. They cannot both succeed.

  • xsd4tex says:

    Of course Sykes’s humor wasn’t any funnier than G. W. Bush’s joking around looking for WMD behind the White House Oval Office curtains or under his desk. Hardee, har, har, while U.S. military were dying in Iraq, a broken country that had absolutely nothing to do with America’s security or interests.

    They are still dying in Iraq and Afghanistan today but to hear the howling from the Republican Base you’d believe the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the collapsed economy and growing unemployment numbers are all the fault of Barack Obama and G. W. Bush had nothing to do with it.

    There is little difference between Limbaugh and Sykes since both get their laughs out of ridiculing others. There is one major difference though: The current Republican Base takes their marching orders directly from Lord Limbaugh. Criticism of Limbaugh in any way is considered heresy and blasphemy on the same level as criticizing the Pope or God Himself.

  • xsd4tex says:

    Re Kathy’s statement, “Who pays Obama’s salary? WE THE PEOPLE. We have a right to hold him to a higher standard however perpetually disappointing it may be,” I agree.

    Had the standards been even a little higher during the Bush reign the voters would have put John McCain in the White House on November 4, 2008.

    As to “I hope Obama fails” Limbaugh rant it wouldn’t change one bit even if Obama turned the economy around and began creating jobs once again in America.

    Limbaugh and the Base simply need to hate Obama even if he succeeds. Hate Barack Obama is implanted in the DNA sequence of the Base.

  • StephC says:

    So, you’d rather Obama succeed, xsd4tex? Just because you can’t stand Bush it’s okay to give the country over to marxists?

    Bush did (fill in the blank) so it’s okay if Obama does (fill in the blank). That’s what you’re saying. Sorry, but at some point we have to dig in our heels and say, “No more.”

    We mobilized against some of what Bush did, too, but we’ll never get credit for it. We stopped shamnesty and worked very hard to stop TARP.

    There’s a difference between hating a person and hating what the person does. Can you tell the difference or are they one and the same to you?

  • Kathy says:

    xs. I stopped reading your comments over at HRP because you didn’t make any sense. Your BDS blinds you to everything so it is pointless.

    The conversation is about Obama laughing at a joke about the death of a political opponent, an American citizen whom he has sworn to protect. Guess we know how seriously he takes that vow. Too bad he can’t provide the same level of civility for his political opponents as he has for sworn enemies of America.

    The only one talking about GWB is YOU. Bush is so yesterday, XS, try to keep up.

    PS, XS, the likelihood that Obama can do anything you suggest is ZERO. And I told you last year your man McCain was and is a freaking political disaster. Thanks so much for supporting him over anybody else who could have won. Please, go work for the democrats.

    It’s heartening to see you working for them – lend them some of that profound political wisdom and in 2010 it will be a clean republican sweep.

    Steph, I’m so proud of you for trying to hold the fort and sort out the tragic state of affairs in which we find our nation. God bless you.

  • Kathy says:

    BTW, I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh. Sometimes two people can come to the same conclusion at the same time without correspondence. That happens frequently with the truth.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    Glad to hear from Kathy! I was at a grandchild’s first birthday over the weekend. On the return trip ran across a microbrewery in a tiny microtown on the
    Touchet River. So, ‘Hope your kidneys are fine.’ me too, cuz they got a workout. I see where the number of people calling themselves ‘liberal’ has doubled in the last 10 years….so I’m hoping for yoooz guys. 😉

  • Bruce says:


    Well its good to see you back……I hope you get off your duff and stay around and continue to comment…I do miss you…….now enough of the niceties…

    You said….”Unless Obama fails, America WILL fail. They cannot both succeed.”……..

    You said you don’t listen to Rush but you sound a lot like him…..While I may have disagreed with Bush…..I’ve never said that I wanted him to fail…I never had that thought…..and In fact this is the first time in my lifetime that I can remember anyone saying they wanted a president to “fail”…Its one thing to say that a president will fail because of his policies or ideas but wanting him to fail is a totally different thing…..And I think you are so wrong with your statement ……I thought you had a “kinder gentler” heart that that……

    The revolution has been televised……Black in America Baby…..

  • StephC says:

    and In fact this is the first time in my lifetime that I can remember anyone saying they wanted a president to “fail”…

    The reason no one said it before was because we didn’t have a similar president with which to compare the present one. We have an example of what Obama’s policies are going to do: Jimmy Carter. Carter failed utterly on numerous levels.

    So why not be honest about it? We can only hope that Obama is similarly placed. Otherwise we’re looking at the theft of our personal freedoms on a scale unseen before in this country, although it’s been done in several others. The U.S.S.R. and China come to mind.

    If you don’t like the words “hope he fails”, you could always hope he gets a clue before it’s too late, but that’s a pipe dream considering what he has already done in his first three months.

  • Bruce says:


    You seemed to have missed my point let me repeat it…..

    “Its one thing to say that a president will fail because of his policies or ideas but “wanting” him to fail is a totally different thing…”

    And if you don’t understand the difference….well what can I say…………

    The revolution has been televised……Black in America….

    PS …..Mr Steele was pretty good the other night….I welcome his debate…..he said the republican party should not be afraid to go after Obama….But I don’t remember him saying anything about “wanting” Obama to fail………You should take note…..

  • StephC says:

    No, Bruce, I didn’t miss your point. I don’t equate the failure of a president with failure of the country.

    Indeed, in this particular circumstance, Obama’s success would mean the country’s failure. .

  • Ultra says:

    Redacted. It’s okay not to like the site. It’s okay to disagree with opinions.

    But’s not okay to use foul language!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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