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Daily Archives: May 10, 2009

Bumped for updates below. Please don’t overlook Susannah’s post as it is the newest of the two.

We have a Sims government.

I sincerely think our government is playing either Sims2 or Sims Societies to figure out what to do in their jobs.  In real life, the solutions they’re putting forth don’t work and will never work. Sims characters are made up of set variables programmed into the game. Real live human beings are much more diverse than a computer character will ever be; and their lives are a whole lot messier than even the least successful Sim.

For some background, we have a wildly popular president… at least according to the polls… and Congress’ approval ratings have risen a bit from their all time low. The highest government office in Sims2 is the Mayor but to acheive it, the Sims character has to excel in certain skills and be: wildly popular. So popular, that even when they make bad decisions, those decisions don’t seem to affect their careers all that much. It would take a very terrible mistake to get a Sim Mayor impeached.

For Sims Societies, you are the Mayor, or the government. To beat the odds of failing your city, you have to do a number of things and inevitably have to have such orgs as a Propaganda Ministry, Public Television, and a number of other government run entities. The balance between capitalism and government control is so far to the left that you have to build things that keep the people happy in their misery. Work is not something Sims like in either game. In the Sims Societies, you build things, called venues to keep the people happy. In the Sims2 game, you have to buy things and provide more fun time than anything else.

So we have this spendthrift government made of the same people who criticized Bush’s and the Republicans’ sprendthrift ways for the first 6 years of Bush’s tenure. And still they continue to buy even knowing that tomorrow, things can change and they could be bankrupt and things can be repossessed for nonpayment. But what the heck, it seems to keep the people happy.

Unless you take the Tea Parties into account, but that’s so unpatriotic now, isn’t it?  Things have changed in just a couple of short years.  Tea Party attendees are merely right wing extremists backed by the right wing Fox News Network.

One wonders if the government forgot to turn off free will in their games.  That would make sense in the light of their confusion about what the people want, outside those who still get their talking points from the mainstream media, that is. Fox News, like any other capitalist pig run business merely took advantage of a situation, where the entrenched MSM (Obama’s Propaganda Ministry) ignored it.


Or as Glen Beck said in yesterday’s program on Fox: We could be in the Matrix and need to choose between the blue or the red pill.


Update 2: It appears I was wrong and just goes to show how long it has been since I played the game. There is a download for Sims2 President Career. In addition, there are now character mods for our 44th president. Yes, indeedy, the more things change the more they stay the same.

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