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Daily Archives: April 23, 2009

I can’t think of any other way to describe this. I mean, I can see doting parents being thrilled by the first time their kid opens a door but I thought Obama was supposed to be a grown man? Am I wrong?

I can’t bring the images over because Time is so hurting for money, I’d likely get sued for copyright infringement so you’ll just have to follow the link. I didn’t get far into the collection before I was thinking of a nap. Sleeping while balancing a chair with his feet up on a desk, moving a chair, and that sort of thing is why married people with children usually run out of single friends shortly after the first year of the child’s life. Only other doting parents can understand the fixation on every little thing the child does.

Considering that this is the 13th time in 12 months that Obama has graced the cover of Time, perhaps they do look at him the same way doting parents look at their progeny. One wonders how close to rock bottom Time has to hit before they realize that not everyone in the U.S. doesn’t share their fascination.

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