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Daily Archives: March 25, 2009

AIG did and now they reap the results. How many more will follow Mr. Jenkins lead, now that Congress has decided to play moral dictator over .1% of the bailout money going to people who it seems, for the most part had nothing to do with AIG’s meltdown? If enough of them do, I think the end result of such a movement within the company will be clear: complete government takeover.

Watching this travesty play out in the media and in Congressional hearings, makes Secretary of the Treasury Geithner’s move to gain authority to seize business that are “at risk” all the more chilling.

Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke pressed Congress yesterday to give the federal government unprecedented new power to seize financial firms beyond banks whose collapse could jeopardize the world financial system.

Nowhere is there a description that defines what they mean by “at risk.” Geithner just wants the power to do it and right now, he does not have it.

Last month I wrote a post about the herding toward communism. In that post I desribed it as a gentle herding. Not anymore. The federal government under the triad of Reid, Pelosi, and Obama are stepping up their movements, probably in hopes of accomplishing their agenda before the American people wake-up to the fact that we’re now a communist country.

To date, we have the insurance giant AIG, auto companies, banks, and now, there’s a move to resuce newspapers; all the while, they’ve been trying to gain control of energy, either through excessive taxation or regulation. In short, all the things that make the economy go. Control the economy and control the message to the people, you control the people at all levels of their daily lives.

What more is there to be said?

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