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I can’t take credit for the catchy title. It came from one of the commentors at this blog: Heckuva Job, Nancy.

American Thinker says it’s because Obama Hates White People.

So, far, we have 42 dead and likely many more since they haven’t been able to reach some of the people since the storm.

And where’s Obama? In Washington, D.C., with not even a flyover, cranking up his thermostat hot enough to grow orchids while supporting legislation to limit energy usage by the proletariat. I supose it is more important to fund condoms and STD prevention than worry about the welfare of a red state. I mean, why should he care about them, since they bitterly cling to their guns and religion and some part of those states are also coal miners whose industry he wants to bankrupt? Meanwhile, Al Gore is on the Hill urging rapid response on global warming.

And FEMA? No where to be found according to one official in Kentucky, although it is said they’re sending 50-100 generators, one truckload of food, and two truckloads of water… or vice versa on the food and water. But they can’t get there, they say. It’s too icy and dangerous for them. Echoing the RedState title: Heckuva job, Nancy… and Obama who promised a more competent government while going on and on and on about Bush’s failed policies.

Oh, and this is the same Obama who couldn’t be bothered to respond to Hurricane Ike while the Republicans suspended their convention focusing all their energy toward the hurricane’s targeted areas until the worst of the crisis had passed. Could it have been because that, too, was a red state?

Perhaps this is all part of their plot to crush conservatism.

And where’s the media in all this? Fox? CNN? MSNBC? CBS? ABC? Not a peep out of them about Obama’s response, or lack of.

Obama dozed, people froze… and died.

4 Responses to Obama Dozed, People Froze

  • BB-Idaho says:

    That sounds like a terrible situation, what with no power, heat, water for days. I doubt Obama will do what the GOP did…blame it on the local politicians.
    IMO, no one (me included) realised the straits of some Kentucky areas until several days had gone by.
    (Our ice storms typically are gone after a day or two).
    Plot to crush conservatism? Oh, I doubt that…you guys keep us libs honest. 😉

  • StephC says:

    IMO, no one (me included) realised the straits of some Kentucky areas until several days had gone by.

    Of course you didn’t. Bush isn’t in office anymore.

    While Obama serves martinis and steak celebrating the nonstimulating stimulus, green jobs, a thermostat set high enough to grow orchids, and preparing for the mother of all Superbowl parties, Kentucky freezes on.

    They crucified Bush for having a piece of birthday cake with McCain. They crucified him again for doing a flyover of the affected area. They crucified him for Blanco refusing to let the National Guard, ARC, and other agencies in. They crucified him for Louisiana siphoning off money that was supposed to go for those levees into other pet projects.

    Kentucky gets… a phone call. Not even a flyover. Where’s the press on this? Silent. Where’s FEMA? Waiting for the danger to pass. KY called up its entire guard and the federal response is still … I suppose one kindly characterize it as snail paced.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    And now you ‘crucify’ a guy that has been on the job for almost a week. Fair enough, though. Perhaps FEMA is still all up here ? At least Kentucky has a National Guard to respond Foks suffering from natural disasters need help and have a right to complain…no matter who is in office….so I agree with you…my problems with the GOP had more to do with foreign and domestic policy; seems fair to complain about that too. Non-government wise, a lot of people and organizations up this way went (and are still going) to the Katrina area to help. Lets hope the country responds similarly with the Kentuckians…..

  • StephC says:

    the above got stuck in moderation because of the links. Sorry about that.

    In answer, I’d like to say that Obama isn’t being crucified over his response to the disaster in KY. Quite the opposite in fact. There’s barely a peep in the media about this while the death toll climbs.

    Regardless of how long he has been in office, this is on FEMA and FEMA’s response. The person in charge of FEMA is an Obama appointee.

    Nor is Obama’s response much to be desired since he doesn’t even mention what is going on in KY; no public show of concern. I find that rather sad that he along with every Democrat in the nation, crucified Bush over a flyoever without a stop in the affected areas after Katrina and all KY gets is: a phone call.

    The big problem with the whole scenario is the double standard. That “do as I say, not as I do” attitude. Leaders set the example along with the rules. His example leaves much to be desired.

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