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Human Events tells us that McCain is now blaming his loss on Rush Limbaugh… and Conservatism. Nice of him to finally admit he’s not a conservative, which is tantamount to admitting he’s not a Reaganite, either. Of course, he lost because of Conservatism but whose fault is that? The Conservatives’ or McCain’s?

When there is little difference between the presidential candidates and there is a historic opportunity, which do you choose? The same same, or the opportunity? No, I’m not caving to Obama’s agenda, but there’s a part of me that knew it was a crapshoot with McCain as to whether he would or not. The thing that bothered me most was how many people voted for Obama because of the color of his skin, not his policies. All things considered, I suppose it doesn’t matter very much with the candidate we had on the so-called right.

What bothers me most right now, as far as conservatives and conservatism, is how many of us are contemplating or have contemplated leaving the Republican party. Larrey Anderson at American Thinker has the best answer upon which to base your decision.

[…]I will make my position clear from the outset. A divorce by conservatives from the GOP would be a disaster for all of the parties involved. Just like most marriages, the grass may look greener on the other side of the fence — but it almost always isn’t. This is true for the GOP and for conservatives.
The “big tent” speeches may be staple rhetoric of the GOP hierarchy; but, if conservatives pack up and leave, the GOP will be a big empty tent. (This mass migration would include the growing number of black and Hispanic conservatives in the GOP. These good hard working people are in the GOP because they understand and live by conservative principles — not because they are part of some equal opportunity RNC scheme.)

Intelligent people do not choose a party affiliation because of the color of their skin. They choose it because it reflects their ideals. The GOP needs to understand, and it needs to understand this soon, that there is no Republican Party without conservatives — and conservatives need to start acting on this fact. […]

 I, for one, am tired of being a doormat whether it’s to the forces of “Big Tent” Republicanism or the demands of liberals that we all “come together” now that they’re in charge… in spite of the fact that every dissent we have against their agenda is still bashed, and bashed, and bashed. There’s no discussion, just a continual assault on our persons and dignity.

Like many other conservatives, I hope Obama fails. For this, it’s been brought up the Golden Rule and a whole chapter of Matthew… from people who don’t even believe in the Bible so busy are they worshipping at the shrine of Obama. What they don’t realize is that they’re ordering us to go against the very teachings with which they try to corral us. I used to try to explain that but they never listened so I gave up trying and just contiue with my dissent… which is another thing they use to beat us with. For 8 years we heard that dissent is the highest form of patriotism but now, it’s just… mean and nasty and hypocritical.

Even if McCain had won, conservatives would not be quietly submissive yes-people. We’d fight just as hard against his wrong headed ideas as we will Obama’s. The left doesn’t get that because, for them, we must conform to celebrate diversity.

So, no, I will not sit quietly and cheer Obama and his agenda on simply because he’s a historic president. No, I will not give in to the Republicans’ “Big Tent” ideology. No, I will not forsake conservatism for an easy fix that never fixes anything, only delays the inevitable.

For my own reminiscing of the Bush presidency, one of the most humorous insults hurled at him was “cowboy.” For him, me, and quite probably some others, it’s a compliment. How many can you apply to our new president?

11 Responses to What Next?

  • BB-Idaho says:

    Actually, if you leave the GrandOldParty, there is always the readymade JBS As far as I know they are very, very
    conservative. They are pretty small and could use some new blood. 🙂

  • StephC says:

    Even with that article from American Thinker, I still haven’t made up my mind. If the Republican party wants to keep doing what they’re doing now, however, they can count me out, for donations, for activism, for anything and everything that they then use to minimize conservatives.

  • Joe Hunley says:

    McCain’s major flaw in his campaign was that He actually attempted to run an “Honorable” campaign. How many times did he condemn attacks on Obama, as the Media and Obama’s crew drug Palin through the Mud. Elections are nothing more than destroying your opponent to increase your popularity, and the Dem’s have stuck by this method with great effect. As far as Republicans–I will stick by my principles and beliefs until some “True Republicans” are placed in office–so many Republicans seem to be ‘Afraid” of voicing their opinions in fear of upseting the Media and the Media Darling–as proven by the lack of screaming about the nomination of a “Tax Dodger”, not to mention I have heard no argument against the reversal of the “Mexico City Policy”-The Republican Party is truly showing signs that they believe they are “A Defeated Party”

  • StephC says:

    Joe, the problem I have with that “Honorable Campaign” description is that his honor never seem to extend far into the party he claimed as his unless it was to other Rs just like him.

    The Republicans can be a defeated party if they want to be. Republican is not synonymous with conservatism… at least not like it used to be. Conservatism can’t die because people, regardless of party affiliation trend toward conservatism over time, in spite of the rhetoric or the politics of a centralized government.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    Uber conservatives can loose too, even out this way in the reddest state . We dumped him for a dem.
    I think it was because he was so conservative he was viewed as a nut. 😆

  • BB-Idaho says:

    Uber (ultra) conservative…you know, the conservative that thinks Eisenhower was a commie, that all breast cancers come from abortion, the 2nd amendment protects artilary, flame throwers & grenades, that social security is pure socialism, that anyone not American must be an enemy and that only the poor should be taxed. 😉 I bet you can think of some attributes that would make an Uber liberal, right? 😆

  • StephC says:

    well… yeah…I suppose an uber liberal is someone who can’t answer a why question without going off on 20 different tangents just to keep from having to answer it… in other words someone who is so disconnected from his or her brain the only things they can say is what they’re told to say… you know, like Hollywood celebrities.

  • StephC says:

    I find it ironic that at a time when Michael Steele seems to be mopping the floor with his Democratic counterparts, the WaPo comes out with an op-ed about a blue wall.

    While there may indeed be a blue wall it’s not nearly as strong as the author of the op-ed believes.

    The more I hear him talk the more I love the fact that he’s RNC chairman, too. 😆 I’m so glad I kept leaning towards him when others were trying their best to get me to switch to another one or two in the running for the job.

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