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Funny how Shakespeare is still so relevant today. I suppose an alternative title could be: “The real significance of the birth certificate conspiracy.”

It’s not whether Obama is or isn’t a U.S. citizen, although in all probability he is. The real significance is his consistent refusal to provide proof as required by the Constitution.

My theory on the whole birth certificate issue is that Obama has used it as a distraction from other issues and for the attention getting factor, feeding media speculation with his refusal to “give in” and causing a lot of angst in the opposition to keep them occupied and focused on the superficial. Focusing on the superficial can still lead to dire consequences and Obama will have no one to blame but himself should those consequences become a reality.

You see, in his very refusal to comply with Constitutional law in providing proof, he is defacto declaring the Constitution null and void. If the Constitution is null and void, there is dissolution of the union that holds the states together at which point everything coming out of D.C. can be declared not applicable to any state that wishes not to comply simply because it was signed by an unConstitutional President.

Given the fact that his own campaign had a hand in starting the rumors way back when it first started, and feeding the media on the subject just solidifies that stance for any legal beagle who wants to take up the cause. The point of no return will be passed Monday. Will he comply before that point, which is Monday, or will he allow choas to reign in the aftermath?  

Just because it’s unthinkable to men and women of conscience doesn’t mean there aren’t others who won’t take advantage of the situation.  Sometimes, cynicism has its perks. It reminds you of the seamier sides of human nature.

I don’t know if you listen to Mark Levin or not but there’s a reason why he calls Obama “milhouse”. Nixon is the one who claimed the president was above the law… and was proven dead wrong. Obama has taken it further and declared presidential candidates above the law. Without the Rule of Law which is born from the Constitution holding the states together,  there is no United States.

All those “nifty” green laws that some think will be too onerous to bear? Simply declare them unconstitutional by virtue of Obama’s signature, an unconstitutional president. Gas tax? Same answer. Bailouts? Same answer. Drilling in ANWR, which the feds don’t want to allow? Same answer. There is no end to the ways this can be used to thwart federal mandates, for good or ill.

The very document by which Obama will try to claim authority to sign bills into laws will be used against him by his own action of thwarting its requirements when it comes to himself.

I could have waited on this and let the point of no return pass by without notice but I do have a conscience and the consequences of such things coming to pass are more terrible than having to put up with Obama for four years. He still has a chance to do the right thing. If he persists in this stupidity, then the consequences will be on his head alone. I had hoped the Supreme Court would put this to rest but they didn’t, quite probably thinking it more a political matter than a rule of law issue. I was disappointed in that so here it is laid out now. If you think there won’t be some lawyers and even whole states making legal and political hay out of this, you’re living in a fantasy world.

100% preventable. What a shame.

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