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  Have a Happy Christmas. From now until the New Year, I’m not going to be posting anything new. If you want to continue discussing what’s already there, feel free. However, there’s so much anger and meanness in the world that for just this short time, I’d like to enjoy Peace.

It’s really hard to believe that, in spite of all the new evidence that has been compiled since Al Gore won the Nobel Prize, people are still trying to panic other people about global warming.

The Associated Press warns that the new administration won’t have much time to save the planet from a global warming apocalypse. Never mind that the “ticking time bomb” is a dud. […]

 Ticking time bomb, eh? What are they panicked about? It was a false premise in the beginning. The only thing running out of time is their chance to prove it’s true before too many people wake up to the fact that it was a bogus claim originating with an environmentalist blowhard who has nothing better to do with his time than try to sucker people into mad schemes. Not to mention that Pelosi, et al are losing millions from their investements in alternative energies before legislation can be enacted to turn the tide toward profitability. As usual, the cart was put before the horse… or donkey, in this case.

When there’s a cause around which the liberal brain can wrap itself around with “feeling,” they simply can’t let go, no matter the reasons or proofs of the opposite are presented. They jump to the conclusion (the premise) first, then try to prove it, or not, if they believe they can get away with it without having to put in that kind of work. We’ve seen it over and over, not only for the last eight years with Bush, but with anything that went against what liberals wanted to believe.

For instance, did you know that the Democratic Majority Senate had enough votes to pass the bailout but didn’t? According to Nancy Pelosi, Republicans are irresponsible.

Senate Republicans’ refusal to support the bipartisan legislation passed by the House and negotiated in good faith with the White House, the Senate and the automakers is irresponsible, especially at a time of economic hardship. The consequences of the Senate Republicans’ failure to act could be devastating to our economy, detrimental to workers, and destructive to the American automobile industry…

Guess who voted against it? How about the Senate Majority Leader, himself? Of course, Democrats aren’t irresponsible when they vote against the majority. That doesn’t fit the premise, does it? It doesn’t matter that the majority of the country is against the bailout. All that matters is Republicans are irresponsible for listening to their constituents rather than the Democratic majority.

This obsession with premises before having any indepth research to support them is killing the country. We hear them all the time, in the news, from politicians, from environmentalists, from the U.N., other countries, and so on. Yet, every time we question those premises, we get other premises to prop up the initial one rather than a reasoned argument backed by facts.

Not too long ago, I was called anti-American filth because of my attitude toward Obama and the pledge I made to treat him the same as Bush has been treated by him and everyone else. I thanked the person for it, considering he’s one of those rabid Bush haters with endless talking points (most of them provably false). I figure since he says the opposite of factual about everything else, he probably means the opposite of what he said about me, too. :lol:

Uttering such premises, ad infinitum, doesn’t make them true, unless you can nudge some into a self fulfilling prophesy such as this economic downturn, now recession, that we’re experiencing. Liberal politicians have been calling for such since at least 2004; probably longer, but I can only find evidence as far back as ’04. When it didn’t happen on cue, they simply moved the date. Since 2007, they’ve worked actively to bring it about, resisting changes to Fannie/Freddie, their refusal to rescind the oil drilling moratorium, the Iraq War funding shenanigans, the pork barrel spending while complaining about the national debt, and so on. They finally got their recession.

Now, they’ll do the same with global warming regardless of the facts on the ground (lots and lots of snow even in places that rarely see it). The only problem is: Mother Nature isn’t playing along with their games. And, of course, if it all fails and people die because of having to be so “green” via legislative encroachments on their private lives, it will always be the Republicans’ fault.

Senator Corker is coming under heavy fire for his opposition to the auto bailout. Why? Read the article. It’s full of class warfare ire and lots of accusations. Little to no facts. If the Big 3 don’t get bailed out, it will be all the Republicans’ fault if people lose jobs and the companies head to bankruptcy.  What’s being said is not even being well reasoned but it fits the premise, right?

Kinda reminds me of my grandsons, the older blaming the younger when they’re both caught doing mischief. The Democrats have a majority, darn near a supermajority. If you count McCain, Graham, and a few others they have that supermajority. But they’re still not going to accept responsibility. It’s not a disconnect between facts and perception, it’s the premise they operate under. I, for one, am getting sick of it.

If people want to get this country back on the right track, it’s time to stop accepting talking about (aka premises) as truth without question. Question them, every one, every time. Demand facts and proof. If you don’t get it, assume it’s false rather than true and stand your ground.

Oh, one last thing, I heard on the news this morning that Dickson County TN is swiftly running out of salt to combat the icy roads. That was Channel 5 news for anybody in the middle Tennessee area, but, of course I can’t find it online, yet. It doesn’t fit the premise of global warming, does it? It’s all Mother Nature’s fault, you know. She just won’t let a good premise, that stands to make lots of money for lots of charlatan,go unchallenged. Yeah, that’s the culprit.

We could talk about Blagojevich and Obama but it’s being hashed rather thoroughly in the press. Really all I have to say about that is Obama is in it up to his eyeballs, knew about it and did nothing, or is the dumbest politician alive to be so clueless considering he came out of that swamp. None of those are very flattering descriptions of our president-elect.

We could talk about the auto bailout but it went DOA in the Senate last night. We could talk about a lot of things but the press is finally waking up to the fact that a great orator does not a good president make.

We could talk about all the “centrists” he seems to be appointing to cabinet positions but they’re not really centrists and will provide a lot of fodder for future articles on this and other blogs.

We could talk about how Republicans were defeated all over the country but I really don’t care that they were. Conservatives and conservatism weren’t and I believe you’re going to see a resurgence in conservatism not very long into Obama’s administration… that is, if he makes it that far into it. Considering the shadow politics he just can’t seem to shake, it might be interesting to speculate just how long he’ll be in office before he’s impeached.

We could talk about how Obama’s “infrastructure” jobs are going to be going to the illegals who have taken over the construction industry, which, in turn, will do nothing much for the economy since they like to send a good portion of their money home. Home isn’t the U.S. for them. Will anybody really care? Probably not until the full impact is felt.

We could talk about Powell’s statement against people listening to Rush Limbaugh but who cares? Rush is funny and makes me laugh. Libs take themselves entirely too seriously and the ranting and raving and parroting of talking points that say absolutely nothing get a little wearing after awhile. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend that the only time they seem to have a sense of humor is when terrible things happen to people they don’t like and yet, claim to be so compassionate and caring.

We could talk about having an economically poor Christmas here with all the homemade stuff rather than shopping til I drop but I’m having way too much fun. It might have been better if I’d started in June rather than November but it will still be a great Christmas. I think this will be a family tradition from now on. Yes, let’s talk about this for a bit.

The trick here, this year, is to use what I already have to make Christmas gifts for the entire family. It works because I have fabric galore… pieces and leftovers from other things made over the years… a lot of years, actually. I have pieces of fabric from clothes made for my children when they were young, from the uncountable prom dresses of my sisters when they were young, pieces from my mother’s clothes made over many many years, and so on. Even from several wedding dresses made over the last two decades. There is also yarn and paints and canvases from my hobby painting. I also have acrylics for ceramics and tole painting and 1950s California redwood stacked up in the garage. While there may not be any of the latest gadgets wrapped up under the tree, I believe I can fill it up under there just fine without them.

People have gotten soft, myself included. When adversity hit us personally, the first response was to whine and cry about it. I did my share but, now that the initial reaction is over, I’m really enjoying this. I know what we face and believe we can face it with our integrity intact. Some of our conservative officials in Washington seem to think so, too. In the 60s there was a “revolution” but most of those guys grew up and became conservatives. The only ones who didn’t were the academics because they were insulated from reality unlike the rest of the country who still had to deal with the real world. It’s only natural, given that our young people today, coming out of places where academia reigns supreme, would feel some of that angst from that era. They voted for change in Obama. They’re not going to get it. What they’re going to get is a resurgence of failed liberal policies ranging in time from FDR to Clinton. With the exception of the Clinton years, most of this will be unfamiliar to them so it will feel like change. It won’t be change they’ll appreciate in the long run, however, just like those radicals from the 60s, who had to face the real world eventually, became more conservative in their thinking and living.

Our founding fathers exhorted us to guard against having our liberties taken away from us. From time to time we forget that but reality has a way of reminding us that if we don’t guard against such things they will be taken away. There is ever a war, of sorts, between the forces of freedom for all men and the dictatorships of the world, not always fought on the battlefields with loss of life and limbs. Sometimes survival means simply doing the best you can with the resources available to you. We have more available than we realize until necessity points them out to us.

Funny how Shakespeare is still so relevant today. I suppose an alternative title could be: “The real significance of the birth certificate conspiracy.”

It’s not whether Obama is or isn’t a U.S. citizen, although in all probability he is. The real significance is his consistent refusal to provide proof as required by the Constitution.

My theory on the whole birth certificate issue is that Obama has used it as a distraction from other issues and for the attention getting factor, feeding media speculation with his refusal to “give in” and causing a lot of angst in the opposition to keep them occupied and focused on the superficial. Focusing on the superficial can still lead to dire consequences and Obama will have no one to blame but himself should those consequences become a reality.

You see, in his very refusal to comply with Constitutional law in providing proof, he is defacto declaring the Constitution null and void. If the Constitution is null and void, there is dissolution of the union that holds the states together at which point everything coming out of D.C. can be declared not applicable to any state that wishes not to comply simply because it was signed by an unConstitutional President.

Given the fact that his own campaign had a hand in starting the rumors way back when it first started, and feeding the media on the subject just solidifies that stance for any legal beagle who wants to take up the cause. The point of no return will be passed Monday. Will he comply before that point, which is Monday, or will he allow choas to reign in the aftermath?  

Just because it’s unthinkable to men and women of conscience doesn’t mean there aren’t others who won’t take advantage of the situation.  Sometimes, cynicism has its perks. It reminds you of the seamier sides of human nature.

I don’t know if you listen to Mark Levin or not but there’s a reason why he calls Obama “milhouse”. Nixon is the one who claimed the president was above the law… and was proven dead wrong. Obama has taken it further and declared presidential candidates above the law. Without the Rule of Law which is born from the Constitution holding the states together,  there is no United States.

All those “nifty” green laws that some think will be too onerous to bear? Simply declare them unconstitutional by virtue of Obama’s signature, an unconstitutional president. Gas tax? Same answer. Bailouts? Same answer. Drilling in ANWR, which the feds don’t want to allow? Same answer. There is no end to the ways this can be used to thwart federal mandates, for good or ill.

The very document by which Obama will try to claim authority to sign bills into laws will be used against him by his own action of thwarting its requirements when it comes to himself.

I could have waited on this and let the point of no return pass by without notice but I do have a conscience and the consequences of such things coming to pass are more terrible than having to put up with Obama for four years. He still has a chance to do the right thing. If he persists in this stupidity, then the consequences will be on his head alone. I had hoped the Supreme Court would put this to rest but they didn’t, quite probably thinking it more a political matter than a rule of law issue. I was disappointed in that so here it is laid out now. If you think there won’t be some lawyers and even whole states making legal and political hay out of this, you’re living in a fantasy world.

100% preventable. What a shame.

It’s been a strange weekend that culminated in some revelations; several as a matter of fact. With the world full of premises, often left unquestioned it’s very easy to find cynicism and anger taking over one’s life. That reached a crisis point, so to speak, over this weekend, as I found myself in danger of crossing that unseen line and allowing cynicism to take over my life.

Of all the mundane places for such a crisis to take place, this one happened in a grocery store. A woman in her mid to late forties came up to me and asked for some money to buy some food. I turned her away because I didn’t have any at the time because I rarely carry cash. But that’s not the real reason I turned her away. In my mind I was thinking she’s a boozer or some other form of addict and I wasn’t giving up my money to feed her habit. I went on about my business and finished my own grocery shopping and at the register, I punched in $20 over… which I didn’t really need the cash myself but thought it might come in handy for hubby to have a little cash on hand, perhaps to eat lunch at a fast food joint or something with the cold weather, perhaps buy a lottery ticket which I don’t do as often as hubby likes.

Outside the store, my path crossed that of the woman’s again. She asked again for food money. Again I turned her away with the same excuse. But then, in a split second argument with myself, I pulled out the $20 I had gotten at the register and handed it to her. She looked at it in total shock because all she was asking for was a couple of dollars. She looked dumbfounded and I suppose my own expression was pretty much the same. She stammered a thank you and turned away.

I came home and put away my groceries and went back to work on Christmas presents. I’ll scrape up a few dollars to buy some cheap toys for the grandsons (they’re easily pleased so anything of their interests will do). Last year, I made the boys housecoats. I made them a little big for growing room and they wear them every day since and they still have about another year of room in them so I went a different route this year for them. They treasure those coats because mammaw made them. One day, I suppose, like my children did before adulthood, they’ll just have to have the latest gadgets and fashions and so on but for now, it’s special when it’s made from the heart. Christmas this year will be almost totally homemade.

Given the other crises this family has experienced over the last 6 months or so, especially of the financial kind, it has become increasingly easy to become so cynical that one is unable to function the way God intended. I was in danger of this happening to me. Perhaps the money was to buy alcohol or drugs, although I doubt it. I believe the person was in real need. The story here isn’t the amount of money but taking on faith that this was a person who was in need and I chose to help when even a week ago my cynicism would have gotten the better of me. When you’re experiencing financial hardships yourself, it’s also easier to become so self-absorbed you don’t focus on anything else. I had to remember: No matter how hard things become or rough the path to something better, there are times when we need to stop and lift up somebody else to keep them going, too. Sure, I could have used the money myself in a dozen different ways but I will never be so hard up that I can’t find anything in me to give to someone else whether it’s money or simply a helping hand to lift someone up after a fall.

As a nation, we’ve become more cynical and less caring or trusting. We continually look to government to be our conscience because we just can’t take the time out of our busy busy busy lives to tend to it ourselves. Giving that $20 to the government would not have affected that woman’s life in any way except perhaps indirectly and even that unlikely. Some things demand the direct approach and it’s up to us, as individuals, to choose to act. Such things are individual actions.

Did I also tell you that the woman had an accent although she spoke English well? That should have been a big red flag, right? It wasn’t so all you libs can get your knickers out of wads now.

Mexico, among other Latin American countries, has some really archaic laws still on the books. I can see why some people are desperate enough to cross the border illegally due to those laws. However, along with those who are desperate, there are a huge number who are taking advantage of the laxity and committing heinous crimes… everything from murder to identity theft… with little fear of suffering the consquences. Commit a crime, you get deported and able to return via the same route as before, making criminal activity rather profitable if you’re not a citizen of the country in which you committed the crime.

Government is too concerned with giving away to worry about that. The big deal with immigration is also a fine line between actually helping and inviting anarchy. I have little trust that the government, as it exists at the present time, can tell the difference since it seems to be most concerned with amassing power. Just because I’m letting go some of my cynicism doesn’t mean I plan on being an “easy mark” for every bleeding heart cause somebody dreams up. Conversely, too much cynicism and distrust leads to an inability to find solutions, one way or the other.

I believe there’s an answer in compromise; helping people without “giving away the store” at the same time. Perhaps if there were stricter punishments put on the lawbreakers who commit the heinous crimes no matter how hard the country of origin protests. Perhaps if we put more pressure on the originating countries to make their own laws more equitable to their citizens. There are any number of ways this issue can be solved but it’s going to take a lot of work to bring it about in a way that is acceptable to everyone, or at least the majority. There is no pleasing everyone as some will not be happy without it being all their way.

Brush off some of the cynicism heavy on your own shoulders and perhaps we can find a way. Have more faith in the power of the people to find the way forward rather than government; that there is still good in the world and that it is up to us, again as individuals, to show it.

Someone, whose blog I read quite often has in his signature: “One man with courage can become a majority.” I believe that works as well for women. Faith will bolster courage far better than cynicism or distrust.

It’s a sad day when you discover one of your closest allies is now looking to
Go It Alone.”

Israel is drawing up plans to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities and is prepared to launch a strike without backing from the US, it has been reported.

Officials in the Israeli Defence Ministry told the Jerusalem Post that while they prefer to act in consultation with the US, they were preparing plans that would allow them to act in isolation.

“It is always better to coordinate,” a senior Defence Ministry official told the newspaper. “But we are also preparing options that do not include coordination.”

 But the world loves us again! We’re going to be just like Europe now! Chicken livered, yellow bellied, narcissistic idiots enthralled to a United Nations that has a most abysmal human rights record while purporting to judege everyone else on the same. Give up your sovereignty, your rights to exist how you see fit, and you are slaves, nothing but slaves to powers that have no good interest at heart except their own.

Cowardly, cowardly, cowardly we go.

I don’t know best to explain this but if Israel falls we all fall; every country. This is not meant as a religious statement. This is meant in the sense of the struggle for existence, the right to exist, when all those around you say you do not have that right. While the rest of the world appeases through diplomatic channels, Israel struggles on. Do they always decide the right course? They’re human just like the rest of us but their struggle is ages old; centuries old.

Anyone with the same thought of the right to exist in the way they see fit should look upon this possibility of their having to go it alone as an abomination or have the same directed toward them. And they will have because you have opened the door to having your lives ordered in much the same way. Like Carter before him, Obama and his cohorts will turn a blind eye to the struggle because they, like the U.N., believe there’s only one way to exist: their way.

The founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves if they could learn of this. This nation was founded on the precepts of basic human rights which its citizens have now repudiated.

Looking back on the election, I have to admit to a certain amount of relief that John McCain lost. I know the media is saying that conservatism lost and is now dead, but they fail to note, perhaps even realize, that McCain is not conservatism. He just happens to have an R beside his name for party affiliation and the R party used to represent conservatives.

Now, you might be wondering why I feel a sense of relief and that’s really straightforward. Electing McCain would have simply delayed the inevitable. Given that McCain is not really representative of conservativism it would simply have been a continuation of policies that have grown the federal government well beyond the scope of what it should be doing as a government.

No, I’m not saying I voted for Obama. No matter how much relief I feel at the moment, nothing could have made me do that, in spite of the feeling that I believe this is necessary to conservatism finding its way back to where it should be rather than adjunct to the Republican party.

It’s necessary because we have taken too much for granted and instead of fighting we complain, myself included. Into life rain must fall. Without it there is no growth of the right kind. How much rain depends on how much growth is needed to be able to progress forward. Sometimes it’s a deluge. Obama and the Democratic majority in Congress is our deluge. We can deal with this just as we’ve dealt with other crises in the past.

Since the 60s we’ve grown into habits that have had bad consequences. For a brief time, it looked like the mistakes made then were going to be corrected. Unfortunately, our habits got the best of us. In our quest to shield our children and ourselves, we’ve also prevented them and ourselves from experiencing the consequences of their and our own actions. Without mistakes, people don’t learn and they don’t grow.

This is not a time to roll over and play dead, certainly. But neither is it a time to despair. It is a time to shine the light of real conservatism so that others can learn not only from our mistakes but their own. Let them make mistakes and suffer the consequences. They need this if ever they’re going to put things right. We need this, too, to remind ourselves what it’s like. In addition, because we’ve been through this before, we can take steps to minimize the damage to ourselves and still be stronger for it.

This is not a time to hunker down but a time to stand resolute. It’s not a time for shouting and mob rules but a time for calm and reason in the face of madness. It’s not a time to stand in the corner and be silent but in full view with full voice.

That’s where the relief comes from. For too long conservatives have been in a state of tension, knowing there is a battle to be waged between those of us who want a smaller more effective federal government and those who would look to the federal government for everything. While we have accepted this state of high tension in an effort to forestall a real engagement between the two sides, that’s all we’ve been doing: stalling the inevitable. It’s a relief to finally engage, the sooner to get it over with. The battle is not going to be any prettier than the state of tension has been. At times it will be uglier, but…

Let’s get to it.

Hey all. I’m working on another site to launch in conjuction with this one and in tandem to it, so I thought I would call for an open thread and give a possible starting point.

It’s a little blah! in the political world right now. I’m really tired of listening to the talking points that say nothing of value. Anything worth talking about is being ignored in favor of the idiotic.

So, without further ado: What ever happened to the furor over warrantless wiretapping? It was a big thing all the way to the election, what with the war on terror and all, but now? Crickets chirping.

December 2008


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