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For your holiday cheer via an email I received:

You know what would really irk the Democrats…

  Bush should resign now.

  Then Dick Cheney becomes President

  Then he appoints Condoleeza Rice as VP.

  Then Cheney resigns two weeks later and Condoleeza Rice, A Republican,

  Becomes the first BLACK – WOMAN President!!!


11 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving

  • xsd4tex says:

    If Bush resigned now that would be cause for all the American people to celebrate, not just the Democrats.

    As for Condoleezza Rice becoming president, that would be far better than seeing the shallow, self-centered Sarah Palin occupy any position of authority in our government let alone the presidency.

    John McCain and The Base gambled with Palin and lost the election beause of her.

  • Gary says:

    “…John McCain and The Base gambled with Palin and lost the election because of her…”

    The RNC gambled with John McCain and almost won (well closer than expected) with Palin.

    The point Liberals continue to miss is Republicans are doing poorly because they have abandoned their conservative values; both economically and socially. Sarah Palin is a shift back toward conservatism i.e. smaller government, lower taxes, and a government for the people by the people.

    Happy thanksgiving Steph, I am much richer knowing you.

  • I love it! Great idea! Then just to really get all the libs going, she can issue a blanket pardon to Bush and Cheney. Happy Thanksgiving to all conservatives! To all libs, don’t choke on the wishbone!

  • xsd4tex says:

    “Sarah Palin is a shift back toward conservatism i.e. smaller government, lower taxes, and a government for the people by the people.” That’s a hoot!

    In truth, Palin is a shift backward, but not toward true conservative values. Palin while governor taxed oil companies on windfall profits and then redistributed those revenues, approximately $1,200, to every Alaskan to help cope with gas prices, which are among the highest in the country.

    So, Palin taxed the oil companies and became the Redistributor governor in a state that gets more federal taxpayer dollars per capita than any other state in the country.

    Some might even call that welfare or socialism. Nah, that’s too transparent!

    Palin, not the RNC, lost the White House for the GOP. John McCain simply got rolled by the Right Wing Base who convinced him he’d get all those PUMA, disgruntled Hillary Clinton female votes. Palin was an insult to all intelligent women and her inclusion on the GOP ticket backfired — big time.

    Like turkeys, the GOP also got stuffed in the Senate and the HR, losing seats in both houses of Congress. They’ll have another shot at turning those numbers around in 2010, but not with a Palin-like conservatism.

  • Gary says:

    Just what we need is a liberal schooling conservatives one what we actually think. Your arrogance and hubris is astounding. Perhaps you are a college professor???

    Sarah gave McCain a fighting Chance. Simply put, the conservatives who crossed over for Obama simply didn’t trust McCain. But a God hating liberal would not understand the underlying frustration conservatives felt with a candidate without a message.

    Sarah will be a dominate factor in future politics, and I for one will support any run she makes.

  • StephC says:

    xsd, I know you have a “thing” for McCain but the truth is McCain killed his own campaign. When he wasn’t defacto endorsing Obama, he was refusing to attack him on policy positions, his questionable judgment, or anything else important to the people.

    I can understand why you can’t deal with that, pulling for him as you did from day one of his announcement to run for president but, right now, we have to deal with now and the future. Everything else is in the past. Learn from it and try to avoid the same mistakes going forward.

  • Rich says:

    Not so irksome to Democrats. If a vice president is appointed by the president, then the appointment only takes effect upon a majority approval vote by both houses of Congress. I doubt the Dems would give that majority approval so close to Obama’s inauguration. But hey, if Republicans want to play games with presidential succession, go ahead. After Cheney resigns, we will have the first female president by the name of Pelosi. Condi better get her options open with the NFL.

  • StephC says:

    Did anybody notice the tags on this post? It’s a joke. Get it? It’s not meant for serious discussion as most jokes are impracticle, even if they contain a grain of truth.

    No sense of humor… 🙄

  • xsd4tex says:

    StephC, “Everything else is in the past. Learn from it and try to avoid the same mistakes going forward.” Amen to that!

    Yes, I supported John McCain from Day One and I thank you for that acknowledgement.

    I’m not sure what “new blood” will arise out of the ashes left behind after November 4 but as I’ve said repeatedly on the now defunct Hang Right Politics forum, the GOP cannot recapture the White House or Congress with The Base, which has become synonymous with the uncompromising, rigid mind-set espoused by the religious right.

    Notice in this past election how attention was diverted away from several issues of concern to Americans, i.e., illegal immigration and the explosive federal budget deficit which is projected to exceed $1 trillion. We are swimming in red ink at a time when Democrats and Obama want to pile on another several trillion in spending programs with no realistic way to pay for any of it.

    Until the GOP can begin embracing and engaging a broader spectrum of our society they will be facing an uphill battle for years to come. Words like pluralism, diversity, inclusiveness, progressive are anathema to the tolerance-for-none religious right. Unfortunately, this self-righteous, pious ideology has hijacked the entire Republican Party.

    I think this is an important point to remember. I’m sure others have read enough of the Federalist Papers where Alexander Hamilton warned of the dangers of a government where “measures are too often decided, not according to the rules of justice and the rights of the minor party, but by the superior force of an interested and overbearing majority.”

    The GOP will succeed only if they convince the American public that they can govern for all the people.

    In my opinion, G. W. Bush for 8 years has acted as if he had an absolute mandate to do whatever and whenever he wished. It has been his “arrogance and hubris” that has been “astounding” and it is that attitude that has exiled the Republican Party to the role of bystanders today.

    Now, more than ever, we need to recognize that the system of checks and balances must be a viable force and not just an insignificant formality. Otherwise, the “overbearing majority” will cause even more distrust and more cynicism for our government and our leaders.

  • StephC says:

    xsd, I believe you’re wrong but only time will tell. It seems to me that the GOP lost when it embraced the left. While Obama may have won the election by a small margin(a mere 4%), it was nowhere the near the mandate the left is claiming. Except for the presidential election, everywhere “liberalism” was on the ballot, it failed, such as Prop 8 in CA.

    Obama is our first black president and that is a historical event in and of itself. When there is little real difference between two candidates despite party affiliations, which would you vote for? I didn’t but I can understand why a lot of people did.

    As for the “tolerant of none” religious right, I don’t believe they’re such a huge part of the base. I’m a religious person but I’m a lot more tolerant than I’m given credit for being. What you call intolerance is really just not being politically correct. I’m far from that. It’s a stupid way to live a life and it certainly doesn’t allow freedom of speech.

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