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China ‘using cyberwarfare to challenge US power’

China is using cyberwarfare to challenge American power and distorting economic policy to exert political influence over other countries, according to a hostile congressional report. [Read the rest.]

Somehow, I knew China was going to be a big problem. I’ve blogged about China before but mostly about the free trade stuff. China got a whole lot of technology given to it (From Salon, even, a leftwing mag-rag). That’s one of the problems with niavete in the Oval Office. Clinton has a lot to answer for now that China is using its muscles to overwhelm other countries, not only economically but militarily, well, it’s kind of rough to imagine they have friendly intentions toward the country that enabled their technological advancement.

Now, China is handing off that same technology to countries that wish us harm, not just ill. And we sit here virtually helpless against them. Bush isn’t going to do anything. If he was, he would have already done it. Obama? Fat chance.

About the only hope we have is in national security developing counter-measures. It should know what the Chinese have. If it were me, I’d assume they have everything we’ve got and start from there. Unfortunately, it, too, is under the thumb of the president. :cry:

2 Responses to What To Do About China

  • BB-Idaho says:

    China’s money is green and Clinton had lots of help It seems a free trade thing and our leadership thinks China is developing a private economy (they are, sort of). But, you are right..they are the next big superpower…heck in a year or two they will be making GM, Ford & Chrysler there. 🙁

  • Gary says:

    I agree, BB.

    I too have posted on China. They have the largest military in the world, at 2.8 million. Russia is next at 1.56 million followed by the US at 1.36 million.

    Clinton reduced us by 25% during his administration; in part because of your technology. I posted a couple of months ago on Barack Obama’s intention toward the development of new weapons systems and our strategic deterrents (nukes), and am mortified of his plans.

    Our economy is till the largest in the world by far, but China is gaining on us and within 10 years will surpass us. Our weak-kneed leaders have one primary task; to insure national security. The only president to be decisive since Reagan is ‘W’, perhaps because his hand was forced.

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