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This is so sad to me. Michelle Malkin writes about The eHarmony Shakedown in which a gay plantiff has successfully sued to force the, largely faith-based, website “to offer same-sex dating services on a new site, but also to offer six-month subscriptions for free to 10,000 gay users” and several other disturbing concessions. This is something the site was never designed to do. Please read the whole story. You won’t believe it.

We live in perilous times my friends. God help us.

8 Responses to The Fall of eHarmony

  • hillbilly says:

    You know why things like this bug me most? It’s because it’s forced acceptance of something that is against Christian belief on a site that is Christian based.

    And, yet, “they” call conservatives fascists. I sometimes wonder if they really understand what the word means.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    The case doesn’t seem to have merit, IMO. Most of us think of ‘dating’ as a heterosexual activity. As far as Christian, reminds me of local hearthrob ads in the Tribune Male, fifty something, chews and drinks, enjoys cougar hunting with his dogs, will be released from jail soon, Christian. Seeks intelligent young woman with similar interests. 😉

  • hillbilly says:

    BB, eHarmony was never meant to be the kind of site that it has been sued to become. There are literally thousands of sites on the internet that will cater to exactly what homosexuals want, whether it’s short term, one night stands, or long term. There was no reason for this other than “getting their way” forcing a condoning of their behavior by people who don’t believe in condoning that behavior.

    At the same time, they want their own exclusiveness. I doubt they’d look kindly on heterosexuals invading their homosexual sites using the same reasoning they used to push their law suit.

    This reminds me of a gay employee I had one time. Actually I had several although I’m not quite sure why they gravitated to that particular line of work but this one was a bad case.

    He was not only gay, he forced the rest of us to put up with nutty behavior, including “coming on” to customers and throwing tantrums… tantrums is not the right word for what he did because it wasn’t an anger thing… and just completely disruptive behavior. We had to put up with this behavior on a constant basis because he always threatened us with discrimination if we tried to get rid of him and the owners were scared of that threat and the attendant costs of such a lawsuit… nevermind that we had several others who were quite calm… private about their preferences. This guy did this stuff partially because he knew he could get away with it.

    I don’t agree with homosexuality and can’t condone it. But it’s not for me to judge their whole lives by their sexual preferences. That’s God’s place. But that employee was just too much to take. I wound up quitting rather than put up with it. I think he cost the owners more in the long run than a lawsuit would have since they went out of business… and he was still there when it happened.

  • Falcon says:

    Maybe this is too simplistic a view but I don’t think eHarmony should have caved. If necesssary, they should have been willing to take this all the way to the Supreme Court.

    As a private company they have the right to model their business in a specific format. That Christian-based format may not be for everyone and that’s okay. Like Steph said, there are other businesses that could accomodate them.

    eHarmony seems to have given up a lot more than they needed to by capitulating…including its soul.

  • dj spellchecka says:

    i’m hetro…but i boycott eharmony because of their discriminatory practices…..

    someone wrote: “And, yet, “they” call conservatives fascists. I sometimes wonder if they really understand what the word means>>” about being unclear on the concept…fascists don’t fight for equal rights…they throw people into ovens…..

  • StephC says: about being unclear on the concept…fascists don’t fight for equal rights…they throw people into ovens…..

    Yeah? But’s it’s okay to spew hate when you don’t get your way? Like what they’re doing at the Mormon Churches and so on? LIke it’s okay to storm a church in Minnesota and do things in there that no church would approve of?

    It sounds, at first, like you understand the concept of fascism but then you turn a blind eye when it happens from a group of whom you approve.

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