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Daily Archives: November 18, 2008

Only in MA.

ATTLEBORO – A 74-year-old blind woman has been told a lien will be put on her South Attleboro home if she doesn’t come up with a penny she owes on an outstanding utility bill.

Eileen Wilbur, of Glenn Street, said she discovered the notice of the potential lien after her daughter, Rose Brederson, came over to read her mail.

“It’s so upsetting,” Wilbur said. “It sent my blood pressure up so high.”

The city sent Wilbur a letter dated Nov. 10 stating that if the 1 cent balance is not paid by Dec. 10, the city will assess a lien of up to $48 on Wilbur’s next property tax bill.

By any other name, it’s still quotas.

Police officers in Metro Detroit are often ordered to write a certain number of moving violations — but chiefs issuing those edicts are careful not to use the “Q” word.

“Nobody likes to call them quotas, but that’s exactly what they are,” Trenton Police Sgt. Richard Lyons said. “When you’re being told how many tickets you need to write, to me that’s a quota.”

State lawmakers banned ticket quotas in 1979, but in 1988 an exception was written into the Motor Vehicle Code that allows the number of tickets written to be used in evaluations of traffic enforcement officers, as long as ticket writing is weighed equally among other job criteria.

What are they feedings these guys?

TORONTO — An obese inmate who goes by the nickname “Big Mike” has been granted early parole because a Canadian prison could not accommodate his 430-pound frame.

Michel Lapointe, 37, was released from prison earlier this week after serving 25 months in Montreal’s Bordeaux Jail for conspiracy, drug trafficking and gangsterism.

Envious. That would durn near pay my mortgage.

One way to beat the economy blues.

Gabrielle Mancuso adores shopping. American Eagle, TJ Maxx, H&M, those are her haunts. But with bad economic news bombarding her daily, there’s something that brings the stylish Mancuso more pleasure than buying jeans and tops: returning those jeans and tops – unworn.

“I get cash back,” Mancuso, a 19-year-old nursing student from Franklin, Mass., explained as she browsed at the Prudential Center recently. “It’s instant gratification.”

They didn’t long for the sound of music, at least not birdsong.


Aren’t you glad they’re not about Obama?

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