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It’s easy to be manipulated, especially when you’re not looking for problems but are in solutions mode and are looking for gains rather than losses. Manipulators will look for the areas where you seek to gain the most and use them to hook in you in. They also sniff out your greatest fears of loss and use those to bring you into their schemes. They are so good at this you may not even be aware that it’s happening. They will play on your fear of loss and offer a way to avoid it.

Not only are you being manipulated, so is the electorate built of your constituents and theirs. They find the hot button issues, see who is most interested in them and go to work. They do this from both positions of authority or in the subordinate.

Manipulative tactics used by Democrats:

1.Charm: “we’re all in this together and though we may differ we all want what’s best,” promise of favors.

2.Silent treatment if you resist and refusal to do something that is wanted or deemed necessary until they get their way. Shutting Republicans out of committee meetings and discussions.

3.Coercion and threats to get you to do whatever it is they want done. Loading bills up with earmarks for pet projects because the initial bill is a crucial functioning of government but didn’t give them what they wanted and refusing to pass it without those earmarks; all the while complaining about the budget deficit and how much those necessary to government issues costs, i.e. the war in Iraq and other national security threats.

4.Reason: coming up with all kinds of reasons why it should be done and all the good things that will come of it and protestations they would be willing to do the same for you. Everything is almost always of noble purpose on the surface.

5.Regression. If you resist they pout, sulk, and throw tantrums.

6.Debasement: ridicule you using words that hurt such as: “you don’t care about .” We saw it with 9/11 when Bush was criticized and ridiculed for his initial response to being informed of it. Because it happened on “his watch” the fact that it was five years in the planning during Clinton’s watch was swept under the carpet. We saw it with Katrina and a host of other events. The manipulators are adept at sliding out from under responsibility for the events they set in motion or allow to happen without regard to real life consquences.

The Big Lie: Once the weaknesses are found and the hooks well and truly embedded, the process really begins, employing all the methods above. You are being conned and for a purpose. To get them what they want while you shoulder the responsibility.

Consider the financial crisis that resulted in the $700 billion dollar bailout that has done little to nothing to resolving the crisis that generated it. Nor will it because the goal was not to resolve the crisis except as a tandem result but to bring vital parts of our economy under government control. 60% of the electorate opposed the bailout, yet, it still went into effect.

The manipulation that went into play during this was first, Bernanke with the crisis and the need for immediate action. Then, Nancy Pelosi, all charm and poise, insisted that the Republicans must bring 100 hundred votes to it. It must be so in the interests of bipartisanship, of course. The grandstanding she did was the setup for absolving responsibility for the Democrats, who secretly wanted this bill. They had been making “nationalization” waves for months, such as when Maxine Waters inadvertently slipped into threat mode with the oil companies during the hearings about their profits. Pelosi didn’t get what she wanted on the first go likely because she overplayed her hand with the grandstanding. Enough Republicans realized how they were being manipulated before the damage was done although Pelosi’s & Co.’s excuse were the Republicans were insulted. Had I been one of them, I would have been, too, and rightly so.

The Senate then resurrected an old bill that had already passed and added the bailout as a rider, tacked on some other goodies to hook Republicans in, and then sent it back to the House. Speaker Pelosi, took a different tack on the second round while still not owning any of the responsibility for what was about to be done. It passed and the Democrats got what they wanted, nationalization of a huge chunk of the economy.

While they were celebrating their victory, Republicans were busy writing letters of explanation to their constituents trying to explain why they voted for it. Now, more than a month later, the bailout has done nothing to ease the crisis that supposedly generated it but government now plays a larger part in the economy doesn’t it, which has been their goal for decades and has been slowly accomplished over those same decades.

Guess who got the responsibility for this thing that 60% didn’t want in the first place? That’s right, the Republican Party, the minority in the House and the Senate. Not that it would matter much if they were in the majority because they are up against master manipulators. Those same manipulators had to have a message to hook their constituents to ever get where they are today and they employed the same methods against them as they have done against you.

With the loss of Republican seats in the House and Senate and the victory of Obama, a far left radical, for the presidency the future looks grim for Republicans, both moderates and conservatives. However, there is hope. First you must recognize that you are being manipulated by master manipulators who have perfected the art. Second, you must come to terms with some facts of life.

Dealing with the second item first, you must realize that government cannot be all things to all people. All you can do is allow freedom to flourish and that means the smallest government possible, not a collection of bureaucracies that don’t work together nor are they very efficient on their own. People must be allowed to fail or succeed on their own and the only way government can allow that is to get out of the way. The function of government must necessarily return to the function of governing, simply and with as little impact on the individual as possible. We call this Federalism, which the manipulators consider outdated and outmoded. Of course they do because they are of the opinion that power is best handled with a stranglehold on those being governed. That way lays tyranny. We see the tyranny of government in its ever increasing encroachment to our liberties and independence of thought, as individuals and communities. If you’re true conservatives, you know this to be true.

You’ve sensed the imbalance of power and control. You’ve experienced it firsthand. It’s an ongoing battle that seems to play out every cycle in “one upmanship” regardless of who is in the majority in Washington.

It’s time to break the cycle. While easy to state, it’s not so easy to put into effect.

Do no harm. Decisions made in haste, as often happens when in crisis, have far reaching effects and the potential for future abuse is practically limitless because the necessary checks and balances are not included. We’ve seen this with the financial bailout package which has naturally led to ever more government encroachment into areas where no government should be asserting itself if it wants to remain a democratic republic.

Crises don’t just happen without warning. Indeed, the example used in this article was years in the making. Although there were attempts to restrain those events which aided in creating the crisis, the master manipulators stalled any and all of them. When the inevitable crisis struck, the master manipulators created a sense of urgency and decisions were made in haste. The manipulators got what they wanted but the claimed solution to the crisis has now become a part of the problem.

The first step would be to question the urgency and the premise for the crisis. If solving the cause of the crisis is not part of the solution offered, refuse it. You’ve seen the steps to how you are manipulated but you can protect yourselves. Refuse to be a party to the continuing rape of the nation as a whole. In other words, if they break, they own it.

Every time they get you to sign on to their legislation, they are forcing you to take ownership. Only if it’s a success do they take credit for any part in it. They manipulate the electorate in much the same way as we’ve seen with the current election. Many promises have been made that will never come to fruition in the way the people expect. In fact, many of the things the people expect are inferred promises from someone is very adept at saying nothing in such a way the people can interpret it to fit their desires.

We are witnessing the subjugation of a nation of free people to a ruling class, something our founding fathers fought with their every breath. Yet, the people are being manipulated to accept this willingly, even demand it.

It seems a neverending stuggle between one party and the other no matter who is “in charge”. It seems the Republicans in Washington think if they can’t beat the Democrats it must be better to join them and that’s just wrong.

That’s what has been going on slowly but surely for decades. It’s not good for the country and it’s certainly not good for the future as the Democrats are slowly winning their war of turning this country into a simulacrum of the socialist nations they so admire without regard to the real world effects that are being imposed.

This is a time of choosing. Do we stand fast for the principles upon which this nation was founded and just say no to the excesses of Washington’s infinitely growing government. Do we refuse to be a party to it and let those who will own the folly of their own making or do we give in to the manipulators because it’s easier to retreat than fight for the freedom that is a basic right for every person on this planet?

Our conservative leaders need to stand fast and not be a party to any of the liberal excesses that are in planning, not even if they think they can minimize the damage. They never do because the law of unintended consequences always wins out and then have to shoulder the blame because they were party to it and the Democrats never accept responsibility for anything they cause.

Republicans, conservative or not, need to just say no to any and all new legislation no matter what “carrots” the Democrats use as bribes, no matter how much they’re shut out, no matter how much they are ridiculed, no matter how much they’re threatened with repercussions. Not all fights take place on a traditional battlefield and this fight is for the soul of the nation; whether it will be a democratic republic government for the people by the people or just another socialist nation with an elite ruling class handing out dictates.

I appeal to our Republican leaders to simply refuse to be a party to the wholesale rape of the nation. Let the Democrats own fully what they want to impose. We must stop being the scapegoats for everything wrong with the nation. Our leaders operate on the mistaken notion they must “do” something when all they’re doing is saving the Democratic party from itself and extending the ideological war.

“We the people” must also to do our part. We need to sacrifice something of our own, whether it’s wealth, security, or whatever you hold most dear, and have faith in God that we can come out of this for the better, not just for ourselves but future generations. Conservatives can survive any hardship and be better for it if we just stand strong and refuse to accept the status quo.

No more of pointing fingers and excusing one side by allowing them to point fingers at the other side, saying “everybody is doing it.” Let them own what they break.

We can’t stop this by going on in the same way we’ve been going. If it’s clear to them they will own every piece of what they do, they won’t do half of it. It’s really the only way to stop what is happening. However, it takes a lot of political courage to take such a stand and I haven’t seen our leaders as all that courageous. Witness the bailout. If conservatives had stood their ground the thing would never have passed without the Democrats owning it fully. Since they are at the heart of the mess, they should own it fully. However, instead, they get away with blaming the Republicans once again, although there it took more Democrats to pass it because some brave souls still said, “no.”

The Democrats idea of bipartisanship is to have enough Republicans to sign on to make the vote look even, then when it all turns to crap, look who gets the blame. That’s not bipartisanship. That’s abuse. Unfortunately, it’s not just abuse of our conservative leaders. It trickles down to the electorate in hundreds of ways, none of them good.

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