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Come Monday, I’ll turn them into I.C.E. but in the meantime:

Group Electric Company, LLC.

330 Woodycrest Ave
Nashville, TN 37210
(615) 259-3284?

This company hires illegal aliens, then lays off American workers for: lack of work. At one time, there were 22 workers, 12 illegal. Now, there are 26 workers, with 18 illegals.

Change is coming. Every day it will get easier and easier to count because there will be less of it. I suppose all the anti-religious people will be happy. It’s kind of hard to have Christmas with this kind of change. Thanksgiving, too, for that matter.

3 Responses to Illegal Immigration Watch

  • BB-Idaho says:

    Good for you. May as well report another fine company which replaces American workers
    (and has driven my two meds up 235% in the last three years). It is just one of the outrages which has
    ruined our economy.

  • John T. Doweson says:

    Theres a Dr here in Ocala florida that owns a contracting company. They hire illegals almost exclusively to do roofing, framing, concrete and block work. Now there is no work for these mexicans who are all illegal and cant speak english.
    maybe they go home but watch this new president give them citizenship

  • StephC says:

    Ya know, John, even though they came here illegally, and have done what they’ve done, if they wanted citizenship I’d give it to them as long as there was the expectation of being treated equal. What liberals mean by equal usually translates into just another victim class for them to milk for power, not real equality.

    Equality means you’re treated the same as I am and that the same expectations for me are the same for you.

    Dependent people make bad decisions when it comes to government, especially one in which they have no real stake in keeping honest. When you think of how Mexico and other countries syphoning off their own citizens to our country treat illegal immigrants in their respective countries, you know you’re being played for a sucker. That’s what these people think of the United States, that we’re just a country of stupid marks for them to con and milk dry.

    For every “right” an illegal demands, that illegal is saying we don’t have the right to choose our own form of government and we don’t have the right to exist in the way we choose to exist and we don’t have the right to enforce our own laws if those laws interfere with that the illegal wants…. and the liberals let them do this… including the RINOS.

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