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People are probably tired of hearing about “Joe the Plumber” by now, however, there are greater lessons beneath the surface that is largely being ignored:

I’ve stated on other blogs that I frequently visit that this is the worst case of killing the messenger as I’ve ever seen. Obama made a huge mistake. He was honest in an unguarded moment. For that mistake, Joe the Plumber and anybody else who does the same thing… ask a simple but challenging question… should fear the same sort of backlash.

Stealing votes, stifling dissent, and spreading hate. Are you really prepared for this? Or this? How about this one?

I’m not… yet… but if I seem preoccupied, it’s because I am getting prepared for this eventuality, even while I work to prevent it.

How about one more.

Sorry, they just keep coming.

53 Responses to The Saddest Day in American Politics

  • BB-Idaho says:

    Gosh, what an awful health insurance plan…what admistration was in office then? I take Norvasc, which works well for me…for a complete listing of HBP drugs, by pharmacologial type, see ..and let me know which one(s) to avoid!

  • hillbilly says:

    I hadn’t heard that, Amy. After we found out it was faked, I kinda dropped the ball on it. This whole election is about the craziest I’ve seen yet.

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