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My, how time flies when you’re not having fun. As I’ve said before I used to be one of the silent majority and I find some things about elections and election cycles distinctly unpleasant. I feel guilty that I haven’t blogged anything here in so long so here are some random thoughts from the last two weeks.

If the polls aren’t being skewed why do they all oversample Democrats and Independents over Republicans? In most cases the sampling data shows a 3-6% larger sample of Democrats versus Republicans. I suppose most people don’t bother to look at the sampling data or bother to look at individual polls for that matter.

The Palin/Troopergate story. I haven’t read the enormous 236 page document yet but reports are that Palin did nothing wrong except not tell her husband not to do something about it. If the trooper in question weren’t related by marriage would this issue have even come up? We all have family members we’d just as soon we didn’t have but isn’t it ironic that Palin is being villified while a bad trooper still has his job in spite of the bad things he has done? There’s no question he tasered his stepson. There’s no question he was drinking in his patrol car. There’s no question he shot a moose out of season. And apparently no question he abused his wife. The fact that his wife and stepson are directly related to the governor of the state carries more weight than getting a bad cop off the force. Gotta love politics sometimes.

If Obama is the TheOne we’ve been waiting for, why do his supporters feel the need to do this? Secret Service visits Lufkin woman after ‘death threat’ allegation from an Obama campaign volunteer. Or this:
Pair arrested after large McCain sign torched in Sellwood yard. Not to mention the rampant voter fraud being committed by ACORN on Obama’s behalf. Perhaps, they’re doing these things because they’ve been promised a seat at the table. Or is it because Obama is the one we’ve been waiting for? Yet, the fellow remains an unknown, in substance and deed.

McCain has a problem. It’s plain to see. On the one hand, he doesn’t want to sully his own honor. On the other, he risks losing an election that is country changing in radically extreme ways. He wants us to respect Obama but there’s a problem with that for a majority of Americans. We see Obama’s strong-arm tactics and his connections to people who hate this country (see above paragraph) and find no respect in our hearts. Nor does Obama give respect but mocks and threatens anyone who opposes him. The mocking of McCain’s age, war injuries, and other attributes is about as low as it can get. In some ways it’s tantamount to mocking the physically challenged who are often among the poorest of us on the socioeconomic ladder. But then, there’s the thought that Obama is not so computer literate, either. All in all this election is a crap shoot.

And to think, I haven’t even begun to cover what I think of the economy and the subsequent nationalization of it. Isn’t it ironic that it didn’t help a thing? But the good news is, once done it will never be undone. Or is that the bad news? I suppose it depends on which side you’re on. Myself, I can’t imagine a worse group in charge of the nation’s wealth.

The reason for such long breaks between postings here is I get caught up in the dialogues and lose track of time. My sincere apologies.

6 Responses to Two Weeks

  • BB-Idaho says:

    I’ve never agreed much with Cavuto..but he is better than Kudrow. Kevin Phillips observes..”the GOP concept of laissez faire captialism is the privatization of profits and the socialization of risk.” You know, I was thinking about the McCain/Obama arguments and pondering what we’d all be arguing if it had turned out to be Thompson-Hillary…like who would they have picked as vp, and how they would approach the current economic situation…..oh well, maybe next
    election cycle. 🙂

  • hillbilly says:

    Since Bush and big government spending are the face of the GOP right now, I can actually agree with that assessment, BB. Imagine that!!!

    I have no idea how a Thompson-Hillary election would have turned out. It sure would be an interesting one, wouldn’t it?

    Well, you can take heart, BB. McCain is like half Thompson/half Clinton which is better than none of either. I think I could have survived with a modicum of contentment under Hillary, although not wildly happy over the prospect.

    Obama is rather a “pig in a poke” you know. What do we really know about him?

  • BB-Idaho says:

    McCain’s problem-and he has had it from day one, is that part of him is attractive to moderates. His base,
    IMHO is secure (unhappy, but secure). So, he can appear to be generous to his opponent and moderate on fiscal issues….gaining moderate support. Note that the recent tirades by his supporters caused his
    independent poll numbers to decline by about 5 points. As far as ‘pig in a poke’, sometimes the
    unknown in a politician is more attractive than the
    known commodity…Lincoln vs Breckenridge, for example. Have I missed it…no Thompson, Guilliani, Romney out hitting the hustings for McCain? Actually, I have seen Huckabee on the screen quite a bit….

  • hillbilly says:

    Yeah, the last unknown with the kind of policies Obama has was Jimmy Carter and even he was more known than this guy is. He might seem attractive but after the disaster of Carter do you want to trust the nation in its current state to him?

    Nah, those guys are out stumping just not much in the media because they’re the also rans. Huckabee is getting TV face time because he has a show now on Fox. Haven’t seen it myself. Comes on too late at night considering the time I have to get up in the mornings.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    Diaster of Carter…disaster of Bush….dunno, you think
    these guys have any control over economic cycles?

  • hillbilly says:

    Honestly? Not much but think about having a majority in both the executive and legislative branches… with the current Congress writing the checks.

    At this point it’s not even about the War in Iraq since it is winding down to a satisfactory solution but with the priorities of Reid and Co. national security would be at the bottom of that list. I don’t believe we can afford for that to happen. With McCain he will at least rein in some of the crazier spending that’s coming out of Congress these days.

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