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This is purely anecdoctal and theoretical in nature but something to think about.

On the way home from work yesterday my husband was telling me about how politics are dominating the conversations at work. Of course, being my hubby, he has some pretty strong ideas about what to think about things. The shocker came when some of the guys talking said they wouldn’t be voting for Obama. Stereotypes say construction workers are typically Democrats, right? Well, those guys are but they’re still not voting for Obama.

Of course, this made hubby sit up and take a more direct line and he asked why not to which the reply was that Obama had made it about race. Now, before you get all twisted over that, let me inform you of something that will twist it further. These are black construction workers.

And it’s not just this particular ones who feel this way. They talked about their church, members and leaders all think the same way. You see, as they explained to hubby, they have moved far away from the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, over the years. They consider themselves middle class and upper working class and they want the same things that others, white, black, purple, red, green, etc, want to be judged for themselves, not pigeonholed and expected to act and be a certain way because of skin color. They don’t want to be “black” and worry about the “black” experience. They just want to be men and worry about their families and providing the best they can for them. And they believe, because Obama has made this campaign about race, that it will change everything for them to the negative; that they will lose the gains they have made over the decades and are making in their own lives right now.

Well, that’s the short story of it but the dynamics were a lot more complex. Or perhaps they aren’t. Perhaps they are just complex in my mind because I am so much immersed in the day to day of politics, from a hillbilly perspective, of course.

These same fellows picked on my husband because he isn’t an Obama fan and when somebody tries to tell him he’s racist because of it, he always has a sarcastic answer to them. You see, these same fellows also hear these things flying back and forth at work and know they would be in for worse than that, being black.

I could go and find links and references but being well documented and easily found with a Google search, we know, or at least it’s being claimed that Obama has 95% of the black vote. At the same time, we’re being inundated with the idea that anyone who doesn’t vote for Obama, it’s because of racism. In a weird sort of way, they’re right, but it isn’t the racism of those voting against him. We also know what happens to blacks who don’t adher to the Democrat Party. They get called Oreos, Uncle Toms,traitors, or in the case of Condoleeza Rice, likened to a slave out of the book “Gone With the Wind.”

From here, it becomes theoretical. One can’t help but wonder if there is a level of fear among Democrat voters that have them declaring for Obama in polls and surveys simply because they want to avoid the labels that have been attached to others who have bucked the Democrat Party line. It also calls into question that 95% estimate of the black vote. Oh, I’m sure he’ll garner more than a lion’s share but perhaps not as much as he and others believe.

One could almost infer that from the conversation relayed to me. They singled hubby out because they wanted to talk about McCain and knew he’d know more than a great many others on the job site. They wanted to know more about McCain and his positions. My hubby obliged as I knew he would. In fact, he was beginning to feel rather put upon being surrounded by all the Obama Nationites.

They’ll never admit it publicly and I certainly can’t blame them but what goes on in the voting booth is just between them and the machines.

If my theory has any merit whatsoever, this would be a good time for conservatives to step up, brave the verbal abuse, and reach out to others of like mind in the communities they have long believed to be so solidly Democrat they haven’t put in much effort.

All things considered this is going to be an interesting election.

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The next time somebody from the left complains about FISA, I’m going to come unglued on them.

From Michelle Malkin’s site: Sarah Palin’s private e-mail hacked, family photos raided; cesspool blog gloats

Sometime early this morning, between approximately 3:00am – 4:00am, members of an infamous group of hackers broke into Gov. Sarah Palin’s private Yahoo e-mail account. The incriminating discussion threads included screenshots of Palin’s e-mail and private e-mail addresses of her contacts. The threads have since been deleted.

Hacking e-mail is a federal crime. A TV anchor who broke into his colleague’s e-mail account recently pleaded guilty and faces a maximum five years in prison.

The law will catch up to the hackers, but what about the lowlifes who are now gleefully splashing the alleged contents of Palin’s private e-mail account all over the Internet?

The Gawker smear machine – see here for all the background you need – has posted private family photos of Palin’s children that were apparently stolen from the e-mail account.

This is about as lowlife as you can get. I have screenshots of the Gawker’s site and the stuff he put up. What he has done along with the others who have posted all that information from site to site is incite harassment aimed not only at Governor Palin but anyone on her contact list which is illegal.

Nice friends Obama has, eh? And don’t tell me that Obama can’t help what they do. These are the kinds of people who support him from the media down to the smallest lowlife site and their actions are indicative of what we can look forward to under an Obama administration. He’s not doing anything to stop this kind of thuggery, is he? He hasn’t disowned Kos and a number of hateful sites so this is just par for the course. Yet, we’re supposed to believe he’s on the “high road.” He was a rabble rouser in Chicago,he’s still a rabble rouser, and will always be a rabble rouser until the rabble rousers are the ones with the power.

Just what we need, a thug government to keep us in line while they rule the nation.


Update: Palin e-mail investigators contacted son of state rep

The son of state Rep. Mike Kernell has been contacted by authorities in connection with a probe into the hacking of the personal e-mail of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, Kernell confirmed on Thursday.

Kernell, a Memphis Democrat, said his 20-year-old son David had been contacted by authorities investigating the hacking of Palin’s personal email account.

The FBI and the Secret Service started a formal investigation on Wednesday into the hacking.

David Kernell is a student at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Mike Kernell said he spoke to his son on Thursday, as he does on a regular basis.

Kernell otherwise declined to comment, or discuss his son’s whereabouts and whether he was in custody.

Reports that Palin’s e-mail had been hacked bounced across blogs and into the news on Thursday.

Mike Kernell is a Democrat. Still claim it’s not politically motivated?

Given the previous post here I believe it’s rather apparent that money is tight. Being older, it’s supposed to be important for regular doctor visits and given that I have a few identified health issues, it’s certainly important for me. Not having health insurance because of being self-employed and not making enough money at it to afford individual healthcare (someone of my age and health will pay over $500/month at the least and you still have exhorbitant deductibles) I opted for a clinic that has a sliding scale. I pay the maximum fee at this clinic because of our combined income but it still beats the $200/minute price of other doctors plus they have in clinic urine and blood tests which always accompany my visits.

Now, before you curl your noses at my going to such a clinic, remember these clinics need money to operate, especially when they operate on sliding scales. I don’t mind in the least rubbing elbows with the folks who have no other option but to go there because it’s all they can afford. Realize this is what the Democrats have in mind when they talk about Universal Healthcare. Remember this paragraph when I’m done.

My doctor is always accompanied by a nurse practitioner because he’s pretty much blind now at his age. Mind is still sharp as a tack so that’s okay. They have been a decent team and I have no objection to them in this scenario. But that’s as pleasant as it gets.

I’ve been seeing this team somewhat regularly since I started going to this clinic at the first of the year. I say somewhat regularly because I’m supposed to have been there every month for the last nine months but wasn’t able to do so and only once was it my fault.

Every time I go, I make the followup appointment but within a week or two afterwards, I get a call saying there was a mistake made and could I reschedule. The reschedule is always more than a month later that the day they called to reschedule. Finally get to the next visit, repeat scenario. Then again. Then, I had to cancel one because of circumstances beyond my control, which is the only difference between that rescheduling and the previous ones, because the very same thing happened. A week later I got a phone call that there was a mistake and could I reschedule. It’s getting old now, right?  Don’t worry, that rescheduling resulted in yesterday’s visit so we’re done with that part now.

Yesterday, I showed up for the interminably rescheduled appointment. On top of this, I was fasting in anticipation of blood tests. Nothing to eat or drink after 6PM. The eating part I could handle alright but the drinking part is a little rough because I don’t function well without my morning cup of coffee. I wasn’t even allowed water let alone coffee. I suppose that comes from getting up before 4AM every morning. But the appointment is for 9:30AM.

In retrospect, I should have known from the get go something was terribly wrong. I walked up to do the sign-in ritual and watch the receptionist look at a computer screen with a blank stare. She asked me to spell my name and several other questions. Then printed out a piece of paper for the visit. About 9:20 a medical assistant calls me back for the vitals and I thought to myself I might get out of here a little early and grab that thermos of coffee in my car and get that “lack of coffee” headache nipped before it gets too bad.

Not so. The medical assistant did the vitals then took me back to an exam room; a 6 feet by 6 feet crowded with equipment room where I sat for 35 minutes. Having gotten tired of sitting there and no room to pace I open the door and look out. I stood in the doorway for a few minutes and the whole place was quiet with one lone medical assistant sitting at a desk doing paperwork. I just stood there but while standing there, I look at my chart on the side. They use computer printouts for visits and write the names of those you’re seeing on the back of these printouts. The names on the back were not who I was supposed to be seeing.

So, I take down the papers and walk over to the medical assistant doing her paperwork and ask do I need to reschedule. I showed her the names on the back and said these are not the people I’m supposed to be seeing. At which point, to put it bluntly, all hell breaks loose. Another medical assistant comes up and breezily informs me that they all see each other’s patients to which I responded what’s the point of making appointments, if that’s the case? I told her, fine, I’ll reschedule but I was out of refills for meds that I have to take daily. Instead of dealing with that, she tries to cover by going to get one of the team I was supposed to be seeing and I was informed that they could see me but didn’t know when. By this time it’s 10:30AM, I’m still fasting, and that coffee headache is ready to take over for the rest of the day.  I blew my top at that point and said, no, just see if you can get me those prescriptions and I’ll reschedule. Instead, they go get the nurse practitioner who proceeds to get angry with me because they are supposed to see me every month but haven’t seen me since the beginning of June. I was told then, I have a urinary tract infection and that since I’ve fasted I should at least go ahead and get the blood test done while she promised to make sure I got an appointment as soon as possible with her and the doctor. I said okay because I’m really tired of this now.

They put me in the chair at the lab where I waited five minutes only to find out the lab technician wasn’t there because he was interpreting somewhere else and he would there in a minute. Another five minutes and I was in tears. Unfortunately, when I get angry I tear up first and they mistook my anger for something else. But I told them point blank that I’m just plain “pissed off.” Needless to say, I didn’t get the blood test, either. I do have an appointment for two weeks from now with the right people because the nurse practitioner set it up herself. Whether I get to keep it is another question. Who wants to bet they don’t call me within a week to reschedule it?

I wouldn’t bet it.

Welcome to the future, ladies and gentlemen. This is universal healthcare in the making. And to think, for every dollar you pay in, you’ll get something like $.04 worth of healthcare. Is it going to be worth it?

A better question would be: When did we stop being better off?

I can point to a personal timeline when things started going South into the “not better off” category. In 2000, there was a lot of griping over the presidential election but that’s not when things started going bad. Although there was the contested election and all the bad press and everything, less than a year later, almost everybody in the country was glad there was a Republican in the White House to answer the assault to our nation and our sovereignty. Even with the economic situation on the stock market things weren’t all that terrible and once we geared up for an aggressive answer to our attackers things started getting better there, too. In spite of the ups and downs on the stock market, we weren’t any worse off than we were before 9/11 and in many ways were better off than when Clinton was in office. Lower taxes for one thing. Instead of paying out several thousand at tax time (on top of what was already paid in) we paid less than two thousand.

Eveyrthing was pretty even keeled until the 2004 elections although people were getting tired of the long war. Bush didn’t lie about that. He said it would be a long war. Unfortunately, the American people think long is like: next week instead of now.  

In October of 2004, just a month before the elections, here came the meme, “Bush Lied, People Died.” If he did, so did Clinton and every member of Congress who stood for the war in Iraq but we’re not supposed to remember that. Kerry was getting stomped during the campaigning in spite of women drooling over him. They had to do something and this something was the precursor to the nation not being better off.

With yet another contested election to face, the Democrats also said they don’t recognize Bush as president. They continued the mantra of “Bush Lied, People Died” yet in spite of all the calls to impeach both Bush and Cheney, that’s all the Democrats had because they were the minority in Congress. In 2005, they ramped up the rhetoric against Bush and threw Cheney in as well and along came Katrina which created the perfect storm against Bush and Cheney.  I have a personal story here so I’m going to sidetrack for a paragraph or so.

My mother-in-law was affected by Katrina. Her roof was badly damaged. She was at the time walking with the aid of a walker. She spents hours every day for many days trying to get aid to fix her house because she is on a very low fixed income. In fact, my husband and I, every Christmas, instead of getting her a present we paid her property taxes as our gift to her and her husband. After many days of this being told she wasn’t needy enough (not being from New Orleans) she gave up. I wrote the governor of her state and got no response. I wrote both the Senators in the state and got no response. (All of the previous were Democrats.) I wrote Vice President Cheney and within a week she had the help she desperately needed… in her hands. But the lie was” “Republicans don’t care” and the Democrats got a lot of mileage out of it straight into 2006. My father-in-law’s house in MS still isn’t fixed except what he has done out of his own pocket, but New Orleans is still the problem child isn’t it? It’s been a disaster waiting to happen since 1929 when the Mississippi was rerouted so people could build homes on a riverbed but, of course, it’s Bush’s fault, isn’t it?

We all took an economic hit from Katrina. Gas prices soared because of the damage to wells in the Gulf, which had the domino effect of prices for everything going up. Money was tighter and we were still in the long war so the “Bush Lied, People Died” mantra worked in this gloomy scenario aided by the disaster that was Katrina. This couldn’t be helped and by the time prices were at pre-Katrina levels, it was too late.

Another by-product of Katrina was a greater amount of illegal immigration as they saw an opportunity to make loads of money and came in droves to fill up labor and construction jobs on the Gulf. Illegal immigration has always been something of a problem, even more so after 9/11, but Katrina was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. We couldn’t absorb them into other jobs and the economic hit from having to deal with them on top of everything else just added to the Democrats’ gleeful meme of doom and gloom, although at the time the illegal aliens weren’t identified publicly as a big problem.  I know this because my husband, being in construction was discussing with his boss whether they would be sending anyone to the Gulf to help with clean up when suddenly they were all told, they weren’t needed because crews were coming from Mexico. They came to make some quick money, but then, they stayed.

As Congressional campaigns got rolling in 2006, while we’re still recovering from Katrina, the Democrats promised a more open Congress and taking care of the people while villifying the Republicans as the tax and spend crowd… of which the Republicans happened to be guilty and not just because of the war in Iraq. Earmarks were out of control and so was the country, although the stock market was rebounding and gaining beyond the pre-9/11 levels. We were still in pretty good shape in our personal finances, too, once everything started settling back to pre-Katrina levels, but the doom and gloom from the Democrats was starting to wear on people. On the day to day, nobody worried about gas prices, the cost of a gallon of milk, or whatever they needed from local deparmtent stores and so on, except for the very poor who have always worried about those things regardless of who is president at the time.

The Democrats win Congress with their memes and that’s the turning point towards South. In the early months we didn’t see a lot of difference except for the fight against wholesale amnesty for untold numbers of illegal aliens. But then, Al Gore won an Oscar for his Global Warming scam which has profited him and anyone in it the scam with him but no one else. States raised taxes and the only real legislation that Congress has done in the last almost two full years, now, is mandates for ethanol and a host of other environmental indignities that have done nothing but take money out of our pockets because the price of basic foods went through the roof at an enormous pace. In addition, global demand for oil has risen as China has entered the global economy as a major player. So, gas prices go up as ever slave to the law of supply and demand. While global warming mandates had already brought about a price increase in basic foodstuffs, also tied to the law of supply and demand, the increase in fuel prices made a bad situation worse. By the way, they still haven’t impeached Bush and Cheney and there’s a good reason why. It might make a good campaign slogan but there’s not much meat in it and that’s all they have. Impeachment hearings would bring out the fact that they all saw the same intelligence that Bush had and also the fact that 4 of the 5 components which Saddam was accused of possessing were found. Instead of wondering where the 5th component went to, it was more politically expedient to say Bush lied.

Oh, and gasoline isn’t the only thing that comes from a barrel of oil. Nor diesel. Something we take for granted every day comes from those barrels of oil: plastics. Everything we use on a daily basis has some plastic parts attached to it: home and cell phones, household appliances, computers, the knobs on your kitchen stove, and more. Some fabrics are made with nylon, a byproduct of oil as well. Vaseline is called petroleum jelly in its generic name… key word: petroleum. Some cosmetics are made using petroleum jelly as the base. And more. In short, there is no such creature as oil independence. There’s nothing to replace it in all its forms.

And Congress’ more open government? Well, since the Democratic majority, Congress has attempted to slip through all sorts of legislation without informing the public about what they’re doing and have subjected the other side of the aisle to indignities of all kinds, yet, complain about partisanship. Earmarks that were considered out of control before are now the norm. Between entitlements and earmarks we’re bankrupting the country and that’s a fact. And the Democrats promise more of the same. I read somewhere or heard somewhere that for every dollar put in for subsidized health care only 4 cents of it is actually spent on the health care. That’s something for you proponents of government universal healthcare to think about. It may be expensive now but the government is going to give you only 4% of what you pay in. You may well find entire paychecks swallowed into universal healthcare at which point many will wonder why they work at all.

So, our government has thrown us into the global warming scam which has trapped us financially and ramped up earmarks, besides. They have passed legislation to bail out banks and mortgage companies who made bad business decisions. Case in point, Bank of America, which decided sometime early last year they were going to extend credit to illegal aliens. Those illegal aliens don’t have the same obligations that ordinary citizens do and just walked away from those obligations and left the rest of us to foot the bill. But Congress has the answer!!! Bail them out and let one of the bailees write the legislation. Wh pays for that? We do along with every other insanity.

On top of that, my state has raised taxes. People think we pay only 8.25% sales tax and they’re wrong. That’s what we pay for food. Everything else is 9.25% and I mean everything. In addition to sales tax, we’ve had an increase in gas taxes, utility rates (including water service), and property tax went up 1% as well. Oh, I forgot, we also got hit with a wheel tax which by itself isn’t that bad but when added to the rest it becomes a financial nightmare. Part of those unemployment figures are government workers being laid off or let go because of budget crunches while the Governor spends $700,000,000 on an underground bunker/banquet hall.

Now factor in depressed wages also a byproduct of the cheap labor from illegal immigration and all the indignities the government imposes upon us, although it swears to care about us, here we are: not better off.

Remember, I did say this is my personal perception. Others may have similar thoughts on this while some will have a different take. So take it at face value that this is my experience, not yours. I’m sure I’ve left out several items that could be added to this dialogue but I thought it was getting too long. Feel free to have at it, for or against.

Update: One other thing I’d like to add that has added to economic woes. This Congress enacted a hike in minimum wage. While laudible on its face, it has caused no end of problems for job seekers as operation costs for small businesses just went up on all fronts. The only costs that are within their control are labor costs. That wouldn’t have anything to do with the unemployment rate right about now, would it?

Follow Your Heart

by J.C. Phillips

I received a rather rude email from a local minister who took umbrage with my failure to support Barack Obama for president. I was disappointed that rather than do what Jesus would have done and offer a reasoned and well-thought out rebuttal to my column, this man of the cloth simply called me a bunch of ugly names. I am certain this was just one of those moments a good man failed to put his best foot forward. Although something tells me he is even now wishing he had talked about my mamma. There is, I am sure, a great sermon somewhere in this episode just waiting to bust out one Sunday morning to thunderous applause. Maybe I’ll get an invitation. 

The note did, however, bring to my mind a few questions I would like to ask my Christian readers. If you are not a Christian, please feel free to continue reading and if you are so moved to share your thoughts as well. 

Note to all: If you wish to call me names afterwards, please limit your notes to 25 words or less and please use spell check.

Americans are blessed to live in a society where we have the freedom to choose our political leaders. We have the freedom to debate, to question and to disagree, even to change our government because ultimately our leaders are beholden to “we the people.” This incredible blessing is more than America’s experiment with democracy; it is God’s gift to the world. As such we have a responsibility to be both politically involved as well as religiously faithful.

Politics, of course, demands compromise. However, as Christians, we are taught to be uncompromising. In all things we have, as a friend of mine put it, “an obligation to surrender our will to the will of Christ in our lives. One’s spiritual/religious beliefs should direct every decision that is made. There is no decision too small to surrender to God.” To help discern God’s will, we have help in the spirit that speaks to us through prayer, and scriptural study. 

How then do we as Christians reconcile our religious beliefs with our support of political candidates that engage in immoral behavior? What of candidates that endorse policy that is in direct contradiction with our Christian teachings?

The Bible, of course, is full of great leaders that were guilty of huge moral failings. In many ways, the Bible is a commentary on man’s transgressive nature and the willingness of God to forgive us in spite of our failings. Christians learn early on that none of us is without blemish, that we are redeemed by faith and the grace of God. Judging a candidate based on his or her falling short seems, well, unchristian. The sins of a man’s past ought not disqualify him from leadership or public service.

More problematic is when a candidate continues a pattern of immoral behavior. Such a leader has betrayed both the public and our Christian trust and should be voted out of office. 

Of more concern are candidates that express political beliefs and propose policy that is counter to tenets of Christian faith.

The political world calls them wedge issues, the most obvious examples being abortion and homosexual marriage. But for Christians, aren’t these more than distractions? Are not the sanctity of life, the origin, purpose and nature of marriage and the requirement for believers to defend our families from those who would destroy them the essential fruits which our saving faith produces? 

All of us – regardless of our political affiliation – attend Bible study during the week and sit in church on Sunday praising God and his word. We then go to the voting booth to pull the lever for candidates that promise to work against those things we claim to believe. We feel a responsibility to vote and writing in a candidate with no chance of winning seems a waste of that responsibility. We shrug our shoulders and say it was the lesser of two evils, but it was evil nonetheless. We console ourselves that we simply followed our hearts knowing the heart is a notorious liar, which is why we are instructed in all things to follow Christ.

Will we look back and wonder that perhaps it was our Christian voices that did the devil’s own work? 

No doubt my inbox will be full of responses. Maybe my minister friend will be one of them.

He’s a good man, who writes excellent articles although I believe this is the first I’ve actually passed on.

It sure doesn’t look good for TheOne.

TOP OBAMA BUNDLER Attempts to Storm Stage During Palin Speech!!!

Nigeria seizes money ‘for Obama’

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Resigns in Plea Deal

Judgment seems to be something that Obama lacks quite often. What is he going to do if he does get a 3AM call? Go ask Biden? Or maybe he’ll ask Palin who doesn’t seem to have a problem making executive decisions.  :razz:

September 2008


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