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Daily Archives: August 22, 2008

At about 2:48 into this video, ostensibly about the new movie Religulous, Bill Maher makes a statement: “… Americans are too dumb to be governed.” He further states, in summation, that all you have to do is package it just right and people will buy anything. Unfortunately, he’s right.

My initial response was he was wrong because it offended me and I try hard to have faith in the American people. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized he’s right. The majority of Americans will buy anything as long as it’s packaged just right. What the left is selling is the same old tired failed marxist policies they’ve been selling for decades upon decades. They just packaged it differently and called it new and improved in the form of Obama. Here’s a guy who talks well while the only things he’s really saying that should matter, you don’t even hear because of the way he’s talked it up.

How many times have you gone to a grocery store and bought a product because it has this new packaging and said new and improved only to find the only thing new about it was the packaging? How about Microsoft Windows? What’s so great about Vista that XP can’t handle and actually does some things worse? The price and the packaging. But you gotta have it because it’s new and improved, right? This is marketing 101.

By the way, the big wig of Microsoft, Bill Gates, is also an avid leftist.

Take away all Obama’s trappings that have hyped him into rock star/cult  status and what do you have? The same old tired failed marxist policies the left has been trying to sell for decades upon decades. There is nothing there but that. Everything Obama promises to do has been done before with disastrous effects, so what makes it different this time? The packaging.

Unfortunately, there’s a huge swath of America that really is that dumb.  As for the fact that Bill Maher, an avid leftist made the remark. Well, the left won’t care. I doubt it even registered with them because they are that dumb. Yeah, I said it, so there.

If I’m wrong, prove it.  Prove to me that his policies aren’t the same old tired failed marxist policies of the past. Prove to me he’s not just an empty suit trying to force feed us marxism in a pretty package. Not by telling me I’m stupid or calling me a bunch of infantile names but by actually proving that Obama’s somebody worth voting for outside the love affair with the MSM; that you’re not that dumb.

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