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Daily Archives: June 11, 2008

Why? Because it’s being practiced daily by idiots who think it really gets them somewhere besides stupidville.

Watchdog group files complaint against congresswoman

WASHINGTON – The Federal Election Commission should conduct a thorough investigation of Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s troubled campaign finances, according to a complaint filed Wednesday with the FEC by a watchdog group.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and Germantown, Tenn., resident Barbara Kaye Ginsberg filed the complaint against the committee and the committee’s treasurer, Tea Hoffman

The Brentwood Republican’s campaign announced in April that it had conducted an audit of all of Blackburn’s campaign finances going back to when she first ran for the House in 2002 and found more than $440,000 in unreported or incorrectly reported donations and expenditures.

The complaint alleges the past failure to report those contributions and expenditures violated campaign finance laws.

Through the years, the FEC has sent numerous letters to Blackburn’s campaign committee pointing out errors in her reports.

“Given the Blackburn campaign committee’s longstanding pattern of filing inaccurate FEC reports and the large amounts of money involved, the FEC should step in, investigate the committee and sanction it appropriately,” said Melanie Sloan, executive director of the CREW.

Look closely. In April Blackburn’s office conducted its own audit and reported the inaccuracies on its own. What’s the purpose of this filing from Crew?  Media attention. It’s a pathetic attempt to grab attention and possibly push out a Republican at the same time. Yes, I know they’ll say that they are nonpartisan but if you really look at their site, you’ll see that only the most agregious and obviously corrupt Democrats are listed as having charges filed against them, such as Congresswoman Laura Richardson.

I wonder if anybody has looked at CREW’s finances. Like I said, this is patheticism at its best.

We have Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum for presidential candidates. Nothing we can do about it, so now what?

Well, I must say I’m looking forward to an Obama presidency. He’ll begin immediately dismantling everything capitalist in the nation and start the quick march toward socialization. We’ve been on a slow march until now.

Now, you might wonder why such a thing excites me. Well, it mostly won’t affect me. I’m older than the Obama voters and I could sit back and collect what all the youngsters are going to be working for but think they’re going to get free. Think of that, all these youngsters taking care of the old folks just like kids used to do for their parents in the olden days before Social Security and the New Deal. Only they pay the government to do it for them. Nice of them, huh?

When gas prices soar higher and higher, I’ll be sitting at home, hardly ever go anywhere anyways now so it won’t affect me all that much. Heck, I’ll be living better than the kids who’ll be paying my way, won’t I? Isn’t that just swell?

Yep, I’ll get free healthcare and a monthly handout for being old and decrepit, sitting here watching the news about how bad the youngsters have it, trying to work long enough to pay the tax bills for all the free stuff. Maybe I’ll shed a tear or two for them on the way to the bank to cash my checks… that is, if I don’t get direct deposit for them so I don’t waste the gas money going there. I guess I’ll have to remember to shed a few on that day of the month, instead. Must be GREEN, you know? I suppose I could walk the miles to the bank but that might cause my disabilities to act up and send me to the hospital. Since I wouldn’t have to pay the bills for it, I guess that wouldn’t be too terrible would it?

Nope, I think it’s going to be a fine thing having Obama for president.

June 2008


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