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You know, when you have a lot of worries because of various events over the course of this neverending campaign cycle and the government can’t fix anything nor can they just butt out, that it’s time to take a break. I’ve got personal concerns which need to be addressed. Some minor health and other issues are occupying me more than politics right now as well as worry about the immediate future.

I apologize for the lack of posting and discussion on this blog for these many weeks now. In the meantime, while I take care of matters here at home, please feel free to browse and comment on old posts and don’t forget the links in my blogroll. They’ll be carrying the ball forward while I’m dealing with other things.

Why? Because it’s being practiced daily by idiots who think it really gets them somewhere besides stupidville.

Watchdog group files complaint against congresswoman

WASHINGTON – The Federal Election Commission should conduct a thorough investigation of Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s troubled campaign finances, according to a complaint filed Wednesday with the FEC by a watchdog group.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and Germantown, Tenn., resident Barbara Kaye Ginsberg filed the complaint against the committee and the committee’s treasurer, Tea Hoffman

The Brentwood Republican’s campaign announced in April that it had conducted an audit of all of Blackburn’s campaign finances going back to when she first ran for the House in 2002 and found more than $440,000 in unreported or incorrectly reported donations and expenditures.

The complaint alleges the past failure to report those contributions and expenditures violated campaign finance laws.

Through the years, the FEC has sent numerous letters to Blackburn’s campaign committee pointing out errors in her reports.

“Given the Blackburn campaign committee’s longstanding pattern of filing inaccurate FEC reports and the large amounts of money involved, the FEC should step in, investigate the committee and sanction it appropriately,” said Melanie Sloan, executive director of the CREW.

Look closely. In April Blackburn’s office conducted its own audit and reported the inaccuracies on its own. What’s the purpose of this filing from Crew?  Media attention. It’s a pathetic attempt to grab attention and possibly push out a Republican at the same time. Yes, I know they’ll say that they are nonpartisan but if you really look at their site, you’ll see that only the most agregious and obviously corrupt Democrats are listed as having charges filed against them, such as Congresswoman Laura Richardson.

I wonder if anybody has looked at CREW’s finances. Like I said, this is patheticism at its best.

We have Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum for presidential candidates. Nothing we can do about it, so now what?

Well, I must say I’m looking forward to an Obama presidency. He’ll begin immediately dismantling everything capitalist in the nation and start the quick march toward socialization. We’ve been on a slow march until now.

Now, you might wonder why such a thing excites me. Well, it mostly won’t affect me. I’m older than the Obama voters and I could sit back and collect what all the youngsters are going to be working for but think they’re going to get free. Think of that, all these youngsters taking care of the old folks just like kids used to do for their parents in the olden days before Social Security and the New Deal. Only they pay the government to do it for them. Nice of them, huh?

When gas prices soar higher and higher, I’ll be sitting at home, hardly ever go anywhere anyways now so it won’t affect me all that much. Heck, I’ll be living better than the kids who’ll be paying my way, won’t I? Isn’t that just swell?

Yep, I’ll get free healthcare and a monthly handout for being old and decrepit, sitting here watching the news about how bad the youngsters have it, trying to work long enough to pay the tax bills for all the free stuff. Maybe I’ll shed a tear or two for them on the way to the bank to cash my checks… that is, if I don’t get direct deposit for them so I don’t waste the gas money going there. I guess I’ll have to remember to shed a few on that day of the month, instead. Must be GREEN, you know? I suppose I could walk the miles to the bank but that might cause my disabilities to act up and send me to the hospital. Since I wouldn’t have to pay the bills for it, I guess that wouldn’t be too terrible would it?

Nope, I think it’s going to be a fine thing having Obama for president.

You’d think I was going to talk about yet another casualty of the War in Iraq but as it happens, this one isn’t. It’s located right here in the good ole U.S. of A.

Home From Iraq, Wary Marine Fatally Wounded

 CLEVELAND, Ohio –  On leave from the violence he had survived in the war in Iraq, a young Marine was so wary of crime on the streets of his own home town that he carried only $8 to avoid becoming a robbery target.

Despite his caution, Lance Cpl. Robert Crutchfield, 21, was shot point-black in the neck during a robbery at a bus stop. Feeding and breathing tubes kept him alive 4 1/2 months, until he died of an infection on May 18.

Two men have been charged in the attack, and Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason said Friday the case was under review to decide whether to seek the death penalty.

“It is an awful story,” said Alberta Holt, the young Marine’s aunt and his legal guardian when he was a teenager determined to flee a troubled Cleveland school for safer surroundings in the suburbs.

Crutchfield was attacked on Jan. 5 while he and his girlfriend were waiting for a bus. He had heeded the warnings of commanders that a Marine on leave might be seen as a prime robbery target with a pocketful of money, so he only carried $8, his military ID card and a bank card.

“They took it, turned his pockets inside out, took what he had and told him since he was a Marine and didn’t have any money he didn’t deserve to live. They put the gun to his neck and shot him,” Holt told The Associated Press.

The two men charged in the attack were identified as Ean Farrow, 19, and Thomas Ray III, 20, both of Cleveland. Their attorneys did not respond to The Associated Press’ requests for comment.

Crutchfield knew he was returning to Iraq for another tour of duty, but had hesitated to tell his family until he was nearing the end of his 30-day leave.

He apparently had a troubled family. Holt wouldn’t discuss it except to say “his mom and dad didn’t raise him, just his grandmother and me.” He didn’t smoke or drink, she said.

He had attended Cleveland’s inner-city East High School, but asked that he be allowed to live with his aunt and grandmother and attend suburban Bedford High School for his final two years.

“He saw his school was in turmoil and asked to get out,” Holt said.

Bedford High teachers recalled Crutchfield’s smile, his pride in his appearance, his determination to join the Marine Corps after graduation in 2005 and his aspiration to become an architect.

“He was friendly and kind and willing to help out in any way that he could,” counselor Yvonne Sims said in an e-mail.

Connie LaNasa, who works in the school office, said Crutchfield was a well-behaved student and went about his school work with little notice.

“He lived out what he wanted to do and that is to be a Marine,” LaNasa said.

Faculty members remembered Crutchfield as a top student in the computer design program, an office assistant and participant in the prom fashion show.

After his long hospitalization, an infection broke out a week before he died. “He said it felt like he was getting hit by lightning,” Holt said.

When Crutchfield’s body was laid out Tuesday in the Sacrificial Missionary Baptist Church, his white military dress hat was tugged down close to his eyes to conceal the skull flap that had been kept open to relieve swelling in his brain.

Marines provided an honor guard at his funeral service and carried the casket to his grave at the Western Reserve National Cemetery near Akron.

He was buried there on the same day as a Vietnam veteran, two veterans from World War II and three from Korea.

Over $8.

June 2008


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