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Some call it God’s hand, including me, but others, like Sharon Stone call it Karma. Still others call it something else but all meaning somewhat the same thing. Because God is something I believe in, we’ll stick with Him.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus warns us the Global Warming Scam has a darker side. Having lived behind the Iron Curtain, I’d opine that he has a unique perspective on it.

Having lived much of his life in a nation once ruled by communists, Klaus recognizes a tyrannical ideology where elites trample on individual freedoms for the greater good when he sees one.

Speaking Tuesday at the National Press Club to introduce the English version of his book, “Blue Planet, Green Shackles,” Klaus said that global warming is being used as a means to erode our freedoms.

Klaus called alarms about man-made climate change a “quasi-noble idea that transcends the individual in the name of something above him” and that it is being exploited by a new elite “certain they have the right to sacrifice man and his freedom to make their idea a reality.”

Like Marxism, it will tell us how we can live, what we can drive, what temperature we can set our thermostats. “In the past it was in the name of the masses (or of the proletariat), this time in the name of the planet,” said Klaus. “Structurally, it was very similar.”

To those who find his fears unfounded, we offer the words of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, who, campaigning in Oregon, said: “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times . . . and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK.”

Obama added: “That’s not leadership. That’s not going to happen.” {…}

We’re being sold this idea that we have to live our lives according to the dictates of a governing group who “knows best” and it’s being sold to us through an ideology with an ego so large that this environmental body puts itself above God (or Karma or whatever other term you care to use). All the while God is giving us lessons via the planet itself, trying to tell us what we are puny in comparison. How much carbon does a tornado cause to be released into the atmosphere? A volcano eruption? A forest fire? A house fire, even?

Climate science is a young science. What that means is it’s a science with a lot of theories that haven’t been time tested. Yet, we continually buy into the claptrap of climate catastrophes and believe we can prevent the natural evolution of the earth, when it is not ours to order is such a way. We also continually put decisions on these matters into hands that are uniquely unqualified to make them who also buy into the notion that they can order the earth to their liking.

The earth is bigger and more complex than we are. Even if you buy into Darwin’s evolutionary theories wholeheartedly and take God completely out of it, do we have the right to stop evolution, not only our own but of every other species on this earth? When we build or do something that affects the environment, that is us working toward our own evolution. It is up to the other species to adapt or go extinct. Long before man’s footprint on the earth this was the natural order of the planet. Why should it change to accommodate man’s ego? Will it change anything in the end?

The rest of the article:

On June 2, the Senate is going to take up the America’s Climate Security Act, a cleverly titled assault on both our freedoms and our economy offered up by Sens. Joe Lieberman and John Warner.

The bill essentially limits how much gasoline and other fossil fuels Americans can use, as Klaus puts it, “in the name of the planet.”

A study by Charles River Associates puts the cost (in terms of reduced household spending per year) of Senate Bill 2191 at $800 to $1,300 per household by 2015, rising to $1,500 to $2,500 by 2050. Electricity prices could jump by 36% to 65% by 2015 and 80% to 125% by 2050.

The Heritage Foundation says the bill would raise gasoline prices by $1.10 per gallon by 2030. More importantly, Heritage notes, the act “represents an extraordinary level of economic interference by the federal government” that “promises extraordinary perils for the American economy.”

Look at the harm to the American economy already done by the ever-increasing use of ethanol mandated by the global warming elitists in Congress.

Use of energy-deficient biofuels raises the cost of both food and fuel, without significantly cleaning the air.

But the biggest price to pay, Klaus insists, is the loss of freedom.

Writing in the Financial Times last June, he said: “As someone who lived under communism for most of his life, I feel obliged to say that I see the biggest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy and prosperity now in ambitious environmentalism, not communism.”

Tyrants, dictators and demagogues have traditionally invoked “foreign devils” to frighten, stifle and control their people and their countries. Now they invoke the threat of planetary doom spawned by unfettered capitalism.

Klaus warns: “This ideology wants to replace the free and spontaneous evolution of mankind by a sort of central (now global) planning.”

Klaus is right. Karl Marx would have signed Kyoto.

Chinese Proverb (from a fortune cookie): The eyes believe yourself, the ears believe other people.

H/T Michelle Malkin

I remember well the video the GOP ran on Harold Ford and I agree with you that it stunk. However, the big problem for Ford at the time was his family, which wasn’t getting nearly enough attention as it should have considering one had been indicted and another was being investigated for voter fraud. If anything, that silly video distracted from the real issue of whether Harold Ford, Jr. could be trusted.

To denounce the TNGOP video of Michelle Obama by equating it with the TN Senate Election is wrong. Mrs. Obama takes an extremely active role in Senator Obama’s campaign, much like another woman once took an active role in her husband’s campaign telling the electorate that we would get two for the price of one. In that view, Michelle Obama’s statements about not being proud of her country are fair game.

Whether the TNGOP made the ad or not, there are a great deal of concerned questions about Michelle Obama’s shame. The ad is not distasteful but it highlights the concern the rest of us have with this woman. Should Senator Obama win the presidential election, this woman is going to be first lady.

Now, I don’t know if you’re a religious man or not but think about these: Samson and Delilah, King Herod and Herodias, and the power of the woman to whom a man looks.

No Senator Corker, on this you are wrong. Considering McCain’s stance on another ad that he had denounced then later had to apologize for, I have to ask: Have you even seen the ad, sir?

It must be something in their genetic makeup. From this conservative’s view they should be enjoying a view of their perfect world.  You’d think they’d be happy with this electoral situation since it gives them the best of all possible outcomes. If Obama, the messiah, doesn’t win the election, they still have a fall back in McCain. He’s reaching out to the liberals and moving ever further away from the conservative base. Given the heavy Republican losses coming up, you’d think the liberals would be happier. The Democrats can institute their failed policies (failed in other countries long ago) with only token resistance from the Republican president. When those policies fail as spectacularly as they have in other countries, they’ll have a Republican president to blame for the failures.

So what are they complaining about?

Travel anywhere to any blog or conservative news site on the internet and you hear the same thing over and over: “We must vote for John McCain for party unity. He is the Republican nominee.”

Johm McCain is a man, who has for the last 4-6 years stuck sticks in the eyes of conservatives and repudiated conservative principles, yet, he expects us to “hold our noses” and vote for him… because we have no choice. He is unashamedly projecting this attitude as he “walks off the reservation” constantly with some of his policy choices. He is not a conservative, in spite of being the Republican Party nominee. Indeed, given the Republican Party leaders’ tendencies of late, the Republican Party isn’t conservative anymore.

The party has gone so far as to blame Operation Chaos for their recent losses of House seats. Yet, we conservatives are still expected to vote for McCain. McCain is on the Al Gore Global Warming train and is willing to enact legislation that will put an undue burden on this nation’s citizens as well as handing parts of our sovereignty over to a world government body rife with intrigue and scandals upon scandals… as if our own nation doesn’t have enough of those without adding more.  Perhaps no one gave him the memo that indications are for a cooling period. This is the same person who condemned the North Carolina anti-Obama ad before he ever saw it, claiming they were “out of touch with reality.” On top of that, he’s back to his open borders talk and nobody is really calling him on it.

You know, Operation Chaos comes straight out of the Democratic playbook? It wasn’t something new Ruch Limbaugh cooked up. The Democrats have been using these tactics for years. The tables get turned and everybody cries foul. These tactics forced McCain on conservatives because we’ve bit our tongues for too long and accepted these kinds of assaults to conservative principles. Conservatives are tired this time around and we’re not taking it without a fight. Blame Republican losses on Operation Chaos if it makes you feel better but you’re the one who has to look into your eyes in the mirror.

The primary campaigns have been going on for more than two years. In that time, we’ve had three Senators, Obama, McCain, and Clinton who have not been doing the job they are being paid to do right now. They’re too busy campaigning is the excuse. Two of those are junior senators. One has been in his post only 3 years and has spent two of them campaigning. Ah, Chicago politics at its finest. Take an empty suit, teach him how to talk the talk, put him in as a figurehead while the government is run from the shadows of the special interests who put him there. But to say so, is to become a racist, I suppose.  Don’t let the facts get in your way if it makes you feel better.

Who brought race into the election? The liberal media and the race-baiters. Long before the explosion of Jeremiah Wright, there were pundits wondering if Obama was white enough or black enough. They set up the perfect storm. If Obama loses, it’s because of his race, not his politics. If he wins, it’s because of race, not his politics. 90% of the black voters vote for Obama but that’s not racist. 60% of white voters vote for Clinton and that’s racist. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Conservatives are the perfect scapegoats, you know. If we vote for McCain and his presidency is the disaster I expect it to be, conservatives will get the blame for the disaster. If we don’t vote for McCain and he loses the election, it will be us conservatives who are blamed for that and the disaster of an Obama or Clinton presidency. I know the media is calling Clinton’s campaign over but we’re talking about Democrats here. It’s not over until the convention really. for the Democrats.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party rushes to McCain’s side and continues to lose House seats and will continue to lose seats and the reasoning for it is simple. The Republican Party has turned away from conservative principles and forsaken their base. Conservative reasoning goes something like this: It was our party but it isn’t anymore. If we are forced to live by liberal principles, then why put the Republican party in charge? Why support them for abusing us?

I can live without being identified with a political party. I have done so for years now. I’m an American first and a conservative. I live a conservative life to the extent that an increasingly intrusive government allows me to.

I will not be voting for McCain in November. Neither will I vote for Obama or Clinton, whichever finally gets the nod. I will be voting, even if my only option is write-in none of the above. There are other candidates for other offices that must be chosen among on those tickets so sitting it out is not an option.

Some say that if you don’t vote for the lesser of evils then you have no right to complain, so, okay I won’t complain. I will and can, however, point out whatever disasters befall us in the near future and remind others who effected them how they are a result of moving away from conservative principles. And if it makes you feel better you can blame conservatives. It won’t make a hill of beans difference in the outcomes.

Some have gone so far as to say we don’t have the luxury of principles. Without principles what guides us in the right way? Compromising those principles is to become something other than ourselves. Since politics has become nothing but a blame game and the incessant search for somebody else to blame for your faults, that’s okay with me. My good friend, Kathy, puts it this way:”Conservatism begins and ends with personal responsibility.” If I could find the comment where she said that, I would link it, but I couldn’t with all the dialogue over there. I refuse to be party to the problem as any choice this election is going to cause harm. My conscience will be clear regardless of what others say.


When members of the Kennedy dynasty endorsed Obama, I could see why they claimed he reminded them of JFK. Obama, himself, invoked Reagan a time or two drawing upon similarities. I found nothing wrong with that, in my, perhaps peculiar, worldview. However, the similarities turned out to be spun fantasies.

When you hear Obama giving speeches, you feel good. You feel good about yourself and the people around you. In the cold harsh light of day away from the speeches, you had to struggle to pinpoint anything of substance. This is why Obama couldn’t wrap up the nomination. The longer he took doing so, the more likely something would come along and derail his campaign, which is exactly what happened. His mentor, by Obama’s own admission, was found to be an America hater. Oh, they talk about the racism, the racist comments, and try to make it all about race, but the underlying sore was the hate America sentiment. America became everything bad once again and reduced Obama’s oratory to the same commonplace level as every other candidate in the race. That along with unguarded comments made to an elite group in San Francisco is making of Obama’s campaign the inevitable trainwreck.

Obama made people feel good. Mrs. Obama made people feel angry because she was angry. Obama has great oratory skill, which is something he has in common with both of the aforementioned presidents. I believe one of the reasons why Mrs. Obama was sent into a sort of exile was because she didn’t make people feel good. Given what has now been made public about the good Reverend, one can perhaps understand why. She and the reverend share the same worldview of America which has undone the feel good politics that husband and protege, respectively, tried to neutralize. While he can repudiate his erstwhile pastor, he can’t so easily repudiate his wife of many years.

While most won’t have the words to explain it,  there are likely many of his supporters who feel betrayed right now, without really understanding why or how. He was their savior, although they couldn’t say from what, just as JFK and Reagan were saviors during their respective tenures. What they were being saved from was their own self-hate.

It wasn’t JFK’s policies, nor Reagan’s. It wasn’t their accomplishments nor their mistakes. They certainly weren’t infallible. However, both possessed in common, a deep abiding love for this country and its people. These things exuded from them every time they addressed the nation. It wasn’t just their oratory but the fact that their feelings for this country shone through the words. They told us we had reason to be proud of who we are and what we stand for and gave us more reasons, in case the ones we had weren’t enough. They celebrated the great things about this country while working on rectifying the bad.

That’s what we miss when we say we miss Reagan. We miss the celebration of America, with all its warts and blemishes, as well as its beauty marks. I feel badly for those who missed the Reagan years… and the Kennedy years. They don’t know what they missed and won’t understand it until they experience it for themselves.

I’m not going to revel in the opposition’s disappointment. Instead, I’m going to commiserate. We conservatives were looking for the same thing in a president and what we got was: John McCain.

It’s not about the long war. It’s not about the illegal immigration issues. It’s not about taxes and the federal deficit. Yet, at the same time it’s all of those things and more. If this country is to be turned around in the right direction, we need another Reagan, or JFK if you prefer, someone who’s deep and abiding love for this country and its people outweighs everything else.

Obama promised change and hope; the change and hope that most don’t have the words to express. He promised a greater America because he made the people feel good. Obama almost had it in his grasp, but the people found out that their savior has feet of lead, instead.

Vietnam Vet Arrested After Allegedly Making Hand Gun Gestures, Wearing Threatening Shirt to Town Meeting

Vietnam vet Greg Kachka had the chance to turn himself in but refused to do so because he did not believe he had done anything wrong, police said.

Kachka said he went to the village board meeting to ask questions regarding how the board spends taxpayers’ money. He told that when he didn’t get any answers he decided to stay.

“This is America,” Kachka told “I didn’t fight for this country to be treated like this.”

Two of the board members said they felt threatened by Kachka, who was wearing a T-shirt picturing a Marine Corps sniper that read “Don’t Move. If You Run, You’ll Only Die Tired.”

Trustee Debbie Herrmann and Village Clerk Christy Kaczmarek filed a complaint, saying Kachka began pointing at them with his index finger and thumb positioned as though his hand were a gun, the Daily Herald reported.

Kachka claims he pointed at Herrmann after she made faces at him, but did not mean the gesture in a threatening way.

“I look up and there’s Debbie Herrmann making all kinds of goofy faces at me,” Kachka told “I didn’t do anything intentional. I talk with my hands a lot.”

Kachka is scheduled for court in June.


No humor, not to mention the assault on free speech. Okay, if they want to say they’re offended by it, sure, but to feel threatened? By a t-shirt? I’m sorry, I’m too busy laughing to comment further.   :lol:

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