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Not necessarily. Yes, there are shortages in some economically poorer countries but the shortages may be due more to the price of buying rather than an actual shortage of available food. A lot of factors have caused a dramatic increase in food prices: drought, gasoline prices, and the use of some produce for producing biofuels to name a few.

Some bigger chains are starting to limit the amount of some commodities, such as rice, that people can buy per visit. Why? Because people have gone into hoard mode. You see, it’s cheaper to buy in bulk and dry goods last forever. Buying in bulk those staples that one uses regularly reduces the number of trips to the grocery store as well. Just makes sense to me.

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  • BB-Idaho says:

    Apologies for being way off topic…but was looking at some photos and… you see a startling resemblence between Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Bob Barr? Same funny mustache, receding white hair, granny glasses……. 🙂

  • hillbilly says:

    You could be right, BB. I just don’t pay attention to those things much, 😆

    It’s been a busy two weeks and looks to continue. Unfortunately, I have to work for a living at something other than blogging. I’m envious of those who can blog and get paid enough they don’t have to do anything else.

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