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Republicans can engage in it, too. I suppose it’s part of the grieving process. Town Hall has an article up about McCain’s fending off making picks for the Vice President slot. True to the McCain we know and “love” here’s what he has to say about it:

[…]he sees no requirement to pick someone from a different region.

He further expounded by saying that(emphases mine):

Nevertheless, the Arizona senator did offer his view that regionally balanced tickets may be a thing of the past. Since McCain’s chief rival Mitt Romney suspended his campaign Thursday, some party figures and commentators have suggested McCain might select Mike Huckabee as a vice presidential nominee to benefit from the Arkansas governor’s proven appeal in the South, where McCain has less support.

From a practical standpoint, I think former President Clinton and Vice President Gore showed us you don’t have to be regionally different,” McCain said. “I think America is such that, quote, regional differences don’t play the role that maybe they did in earlier times.” Clinton, who was Arkansas governor, and Sen. Al Gore of Tennessee made the first national ticket entirely from the South.

He fails to point out that though that did happen that way, it didn’t parlay into a presidency for Gore.

The comments to the article indicate a hopefulness for a more conservative running mate, most of whom indicate they could better support a McCain Romney ticket. But, while latching on that statement about regional differences, they missed the true indicator of how McCain will pick his running mate:

“The fundamental principle behind any selection of a running mate would be whether that person is fully prepared to take over and shares your values, your principles, your philosophy and your priorities,” McCain said.

This just the day after he became the likely nominee for the Republican Party after which he stuck to military issues. McCain is not going to choose a VP to mollify conservatives. In fact, I wouldn’t be suprised if the first name on his list is Joe Lieberman. What a ticket that would make, eh?

7 Responses to Self-Delusion Isn’t the Purview of the Left.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    I’ve never bought into the vp candidate bringing much to a ticket in terms of an election. It can be critical
    (eg Truman after FDR, or LBJ after Kennedy) after an election. And McCain is quite elderly, actually. His entire problem and challenge is how to keep moderate support while gaining conservative support.
    These two branches of the GOP don’t seem fond of one another.

  • hoppersean says:

    I think probably the scariest thing about McCain is that neither moderates or conservative Republicans really know what they’re going to get if he wins. I do NOT see him picking a VP to supplement any of his weaknesses such as the economy. I too would not be stunned to see Joe mentioned, but I gotta believe the party as whole would prevent. Hang on tight, things are going to get interesting.

  • hillbilly says:

    I keep hoping against hope that we go to a brokered convention. Even if we do, there’s still the likelihood of McCain getting the nomination but perhaps, at the very least, our concerns can be heard withouth all the name calling.

  • Goat says:

    He won’t choose Lieberman, Joe is a decent guy but McCain knows he needs to unite the party to win or he would not have gone to CPAC. We need the build the House and Senate regardless of who is at the top of the ticket or on the Dem side.

  • hillbilly says:


    I still wouldn’t be surprised if he showed up on a list of possibles whether he’d be chosen or not. That’s how McCain is. He’d do it just for the oppportunity of “poking conservatives in the eye.”

  • BB-Idaho says:

    “That’s how McCain is. He’d do it just for the oppportunity of “poking conservatives in the eye.”
    …well, in that case, he’ll probably pick Dennis Kucinich!

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