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Not a thing if you do it for the right reasons. It’s not about Thompson anymore. It’s about using our vote to voice what we want: a real conservative, not a cardboard caricature of one. If enough of us write in, it keeps the RINOS from winning the nomination. That’s what this is about at this point.

For your reading pleasure heading into Super Duper Tuesday:

Those are some good arguments for writing in Fred. Now, here are a couple of other considerations for you of what to expect without a conservative at the helm.

Now, the reason I say Fred instead of maybe Hunter or Tancredo is because those two candidates have endorsed, one for Romney, one for Huckabee, and then there’s Guiliani who endorsed McCain.

Fred hasn’t endorsed anyone and has no plans on endorsing anyone. So a vote for Fred is a vote for “none of the above” with specifications of why “none of the above”. If you vote undecided, then the “party” can decide for you and that’s not what you want. We have to let them know, we want a conservative who sits on a three-legged stool that is sound and strong, not one with broken and shaky legs.

3 Responses to What’s wrong with Writing-In Fred Thompson?

  • hillbilly says:

    Yes, he will… eventually… but that’s not the point of writing him in. And as far as the NYT article, well, Thinkfirst, think about the fact that it comes from the New York Times which is as liberal as they come. Ir’s a paper that publishes leaked state secrets without regard to the damage that might be caused, a paper that would just as soon lie as tell the truth if a lie forwards their agenda better, and a paper hardly anybody believes anymore.

    Do you really think McCain is the most electable? These are the primaries. When the Clinton machine gets going in the general, all the stuff that McCain would rather keep hidden or forgotten about will come to the fore. He will be torn to pieces and we’ll watch as Clinton marches into the White House for a third term. Everything will be amplified several times over in the efforts to destroy his candidacy at that point and the MSM will help her.

  • Brad V. says:

    Fred doesn’t have to do anything with his delegates, even if it goes to a brokered convention. The problem is the GOP doesn’t realize a RINO has no chance against the Dems. That leaves conservatives three choices – stay home which doesn’t help other conservatives on the ballot – or – hold their nose and vote for the RINO and the broken playbook – or – write-in Fred.

    As Hillbilly says it goes beyond Fred at this point. It’s about telling the GOP that as conservatives we’ve had enough. And unlike a 3rd party vote or not voting a write-in for Fred can’t be spun or ignored.

    Remember the Giants were given no chance yesterday and pulled off a miracle.

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