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What if Fred had endorsed?

Romney   [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

I’ll shut up after this post, but Romney has been ON since Michigan. It may prove – it may have been proven tonight – to be too late. But this guy speaking right now, is hitting important issues, making you feel good about America, as you should. It’s a rallying speech. Maybe it’s the silly flip-flopping thing that has been too hard to shake. Maybe he took too long to rise above it.

What if Fred had endorsed? What if Jeb had? Ah well.

While NRO has generally been friendlier to Thompson than most other publications that had endorsed other candidates, they still don’t understand the nature of the man they passed over. They got it that he didn’t want to be president, alright, but they didn’t get why he ran in the first place: because there was no real conservative in the race.

Whom, exactly could he endorse under those circumstances? While he was more amenable to Romney, he saw the same thing the rest of us saw, someone so newly converted to conservatism that he wasn’t proven, yet. Now, Romney may continue building his conservative credentials after the election and may prove most trustworthy in that but you don’t elect a new convert to be the leader of the nation, especially when Republicans have lost the trust of the constituency.

I’d be inclined toward Romney myself if his conservative bonafides were up to par, in spite of some policy differences I have with him… but they aren’t.

It’s a sad day for Republicans when the frontrunner is carrying only 20-something percent of the party nationwide and every other candidate is even lower. Candidate by candidate, when 74% or better find a candidate unacceptable, you’d think the party would listen.

Cheer up. It’s almost as bad on the Democrat side.

Not only is Washington, D.C. out of touch with their constituency, so is the media.

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