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That’s what we are according to McCain when we worry about his immigration policies and having a hard time trusting what he says on the subject.

Let me tell you a story. Yes, it’s a true story. One day at work, my husband was sitting around at break with a group of other workers. There were three Mexicans in the group. Now, my husband is kind of gutsy talking about politics in such a group and spouted off something about Democrats that got the rest’s attention. Then he said something about illegal immigration. And that’s when two of the Mexicans went off, yelling and talking about it. My hubby thought to himself, “Uh oh,” as he prepared to move away quickly. However it wasn’t what he at first thought. They were mad because they worked hard to get their citizenship and they don’t call themselves Mexicans. They are AMERICANS and it really ticks them off that they have to jump through hoops all the time to prove it. 

In addition, they described how hard it was doing it the right way, that it took them 5 years and they had to learn English and do all those different paperworks and had to go back for six months and renew their visas to come back to the states and on and on throughout the whole process. They said they were so proud coming out of the courtroom with their cards and naturalization papers because they were AMERICANS.

Now, the third one in that group is illegal. In defense of himself, he said, “I pay taxes.” So my husband asked, ” How much do you pay? How many dependents do you claim?” to which the fellow answered he doesn’t pay any in  and claims 8 dependents.

So my husband then asks, “How many people live with you?” The fellow replied, “Three.” Asked if he filed tax returns every year, the answer was no.

Every member of Congress and the White House should spend a year where I live before they say it’s foolishness. Now, this illegal alien is a nice enough fellow, according to my husband, but he’s riding the system while we pay out the yingyang. How long do you think we, as Americans, could get away with claiming 8 dependents?

My hubby also asked the fellow, what happens if you get deported? The fellow said he’d just come back and shrugged it off.

 Foolishness, I tell you. It’s all foolishness. :roll:

It’s not the first time John McCain has stepped on us “little people.” Every time he supports illegal aliens in such a manner he belittles those who came here legally and did the hard work to become AMERICANS. And apparently there are a lot of foolish people who believe he’s going to change his stance on immigration since they are so willing to give him the pen to sign whatever immigration bills come up the pike, including the twice failed shamnesty bill. 

Laurie in Monroe, Michigan says it well on Rush’s program. Read the rest of that transcript. It’s worth it.

Do we really want a President who is going to call us names all the time when we don’t agree with him? Didn’t we fight a war because a King decided we were going to do what he said no matter what because we were too insignificant to consider in decisions that affected us directly? You know, that one that gave us our independence from England?

My faith in Americans has fallen to a new low as many have declared this man the likely Republican nominee.

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