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Daily Archives: January 28, 2008

I don’t have a lot to say today because there is a lot going on. Sometimes you just have to be quiet and figure things out. So today, here’s a reading list:

1. The entire issue of Monday’s Patriot Post. Pay particular attention to the front page but there’s more on the second.

2. Woman charged with selling veggies by pound Socialism at its best…well, the best example I found for today.

3. ‘Boycott Chuck Norris,’ says Thompson staffer Another WND article but, oh well. It’s just a reading list.

4. Famed McCain temper is tamed But is it really? Wasn’t it just a few short months ago that he, along with Lindsay Graham, was telling us to sit down and shut up over the immigration bill and the he knew more what was in the blankedy blank bill than anyone?

5. Well, I had another one but apparently Real Clear Politics has seen fit to take down the polls they had up for states heading into Super Tuesday. There was one up for Democrats in Tennessee but a similar poll (if one existed) for Republicans was not.

That’s all for today, folks, sorry. I need some quiet time.

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