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Daily Archives: January 25, 2008

Maybe it wasn’t. Yesterday, I was told by several that it was, including Mr. Geraghty himself on his own blog.

Now, I’m a very small blog, hardly worth the attention of a lot of big sites with big names. Heck, I spend more time at RedState metaphorically being told to sit down and shut up, called inane, or just ignored.  But I still input when I feel the need and don’t lose track of threads where I was giving input. RedState’s fairly huge and I’m a relative newcomer so I haven’t learned all the ins and outs yet.

You see, for a lot of us, this angst we’re feeling started over a year ago and the media reflected that turmoil at the time with reports of the number of people who were unsatisfied with the choices we had for the conservative votes. And then, there were the rumors of a Thompson run who, while not perfect, was a fairly consistent across the board conservative.

First, the media built him up as the second coming of Reagan which set a lot of people’s backs up. Then they started tearing him down, as an actor, as a Senator, and as lazy. In spite of that, Thompson managed to garner some of the stauncher conservatives to his campaign while the other candidates appealed to the independents more than to their core base, with some exceptions for Romney.

The one thing no one allowed to happen was Thompson being himself; an across the board conservative. He either had to be the reincarnation of Reagan or nothing at all to satisfy the political voyeurs. While I can understand this from the perspective of the liberal media because they don’t want any Republican winning, it’s very hard to understand from what is considered stauchly conservative media outlets.

As he finally began to campaign the media portrayed him as “lackluster”, more lazy, “not wanting to be president”, “too little, too late”. Now, being a pragmatist, I’m of the mindset that we’re electing a president, not the next American Idol. I don’t care about “lackluster”, I care about principles. Lackluster or not, he would have stood his ground on federalism and the issues we’re facing. Unfortunately, I’m in the minority even among conservatives. Still, he brought something to the elections that was lacking which was true conservative dialogue, not only among the voters but among the candidates. I didn’t watch the debates last night but the reports I’ve read this morning tell me I missed nothing. Already, the quality of Thompson in the mix is fading away, which says a lot about the direction of the Republican party.

Every election we’re faced with settling for the lesser of two evils. Every election the lesser of two evils is at least a slightly greater lesser-evil than the one before if only by a degree or two. The question then becomes how many degrees left before there’s no difference between the lesser and the greater? It might be a slow creep but we are moving inexhorably toward that event.

The metaphorical stool of the conservative party is a three-legged stool. Every election w’re faced with would be presidents who sit on stools that are missing one or more legs or shaky at best. A good hard knock can make one of the shaky legs become a missing leg. Witness the Bush administration which has provided us with many examples of that. There are a lot of folks only too willing to do the knocking.

There are a lot of conservatives out there who are looking at the Republican party and thinking, “Too little, too late,” for it, too, and wondering what’s the point? The more we settle, the worse the deal we have to settle for becomes.

Now, when it comes to Romney, he’s a strong economic conservative, but the other legs of his stool are shaky at best. McCain is shaky on all three although he tries to portray himself as strong on defense. Huckabee is missing at least one, with one about to fall out, and the third is extremely shaky. Guiliani… well, who knows?

Those are our choices, ladies and gentlemen. According to Mr. Sowell, any one of them is better than the alternative, small comfort though it is. Anybody up for a game of “Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe?” How do we pick which one to prop up next?

Update: While I’m not sublimely happy about it, I guess my vote is going to Romney at the present time. Out of what’s left, he’s the most viable as far as conservative. Please don’t use that word electable. I believe it to be a meaningless media construct that adds no real value to any political discussion.

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