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Jim Geraghty is reporting that Thompson would have won the Louisiana Caucus had he not withdrawn hours before. Yes, it is a supreme irony. But the part that bugs me the most is the ridicule of the concluding paragraph:

[…}I almost hesitate to post this, as I realize that for Fredheads lamenting the end of his campaign, the thought of him getting out right before a potential win is like rubbing salt in the wound…

I suppose the chance to gloat was just too much. Thompson may not have had majority support in the presidential campaign, thus far, but one thing many of those ridiculing us don’t seem to realize is: we are a sizable minority. We are a sizable enough minority that Thompson came in third in every primary and caucus to date. We are a minority that is large enough to affect the outcome of not only the primary elections but the general as well.

Keep on ridiculing us, Mr. Geraghty and others like you. There is a backlash to alienating a sizable minority, especially those of us who might turn to Romney as a second choice, whom I believe is who your paper endorses?

Since Thompson’s withdrawal, the media outlets, both the conservative and liberal, have acted like a bunch of scavengers picking over the remains looking for the juiciest morsels of his bid for the candidacy.  My advice is: get over yourselves or you might find Democrats waltzing into a November win and consequently the White House without much effort at all.

What happens to a political party that loses a sizable minority of its base?

It loses elections.

11 Responses to But he did it anyway, didn’t he?

  • bob says:

    right on.

    We need to cometogether now.
    As a former fredhead who now is supporting Romney since I believe he is the only conservative candidate left we need to come together and not be I told you sos.

  • Kathy says:

    Smallness comes out in victory just like it does in defeat. Gloating is unbecoming and I believe premature.

    I actually had a nightmare about FDT withdrawing. Woke up and it was still true.

  • Beej says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the gist of your post.

    I didn’t read that particular post as gloating though.

    But I have surely seen it all over. I’m so tired of it I want to abandon the whole stinkin’ internet for a while.

  • Bruce G says:

    Gloating? Ridiculing? I saw Geraghty’s original post and I never thought he was doing either. I think most real conservatives watching the contests had and still have a genuine respect for Fred as a politician and as a man. I’m sad to see him go and can’t wait to see what he does next. Now we just need to keep the real conservative message out there through the rest of the contests and the rest of the year.

  • hillbilly says:

    Bruce, his last statements on that post is where he gloated… he reveled in “rubbing the salt in the wound”

    It was like being slapped. If I had stopped reading before that, I would have been a little sad, feeling some regrets even, but the last… shrug… I’m really tired of them taking potshots at Fred supporters.

  • keith says:

    I just visited for the first time (linked from the Corner, ironically) and would just like to point out that Geraghty was pretty pro-Fred all along. As a total Fred-head, I have been pretty sensitive to any Fred-bashing, and to be honest I really didn’t take his comment to be mean-spirited. For what it’s worth…

  • hillbilly says:

    keith, you could very well be right. When you’re getting bashed at every turn, it does make one a bit hypersensitive… none of which clears the water in the least.

    A lot of us supported Fred, not because he was Fred, but because of the principles for which he stood. Now, we find ourselves with only pale reflections of those principles… maybe excepting Romney since he’s flip-flopped in the right direction. We’re having a hard time deciding where to go next.

    Fred blew it in the campaign side of politics. That’s not something that can be blamed on anybody else. However, it still leaves those of us who supported him back where we started from before he even thought about running.

    Remember the talk about conservatives being dissatisfied with the candidates before Fred? Well… we’re right back at that point and Super Tuesday is right around the corner.

  • BB-Idaho says:

    Every election cycle someone has to win and someone has to lose. You work hard for the candidate you believe in. (I’ve still got a Frank Church for President sign in the garage! In case you are a youngster, he won Oregon, Montana, Idaho and Nebraska, before being beat by Jimmy Carter in 1976 Democrat primaries)
    There are any number of ways to respond, but probably the most positive is to continue is to seek the next best choice and continue to work hard. Consider
    how badly you feel, then consider Thompson, his family and staff. And remember, you walked the walk so you are permitted to talk the talk…..

  • keith says:

    Hillbilly, I know what you mean! I am quite depressed to think that I now have nowhere to go, really. I suppose I can try to fool myself into believing that Romney has seen the light and really does embrace Conservatism… but it’s a stretch. Clearly McCain sneers at us, and I can’t bear the thought of voting for him. Rudy openly admits he’s only conservative on some things, and offers up a “take it or leave it” option… I’ll pass. And if I wanted to vote for a smarmy lib former Arkansas governor, well… you finish the joke. So for the first time in my life I may actually sit this one out. As Rush says, maybe it’s just going to take a “Carter Presidency” to grow a Reagan. It would be worth the wait.

  • Goat says:

    I read his blog and didn’t take it as bashing. Fred is a great guy with a great message that ran an awful campaign. He is to blame, not loyal supporters like you and others I know. Fred did not want the job and was shoved into the race with no strategy or organization by folks that over-hyped him without a base to do so..
    Go ahead and sit on your hands and usher in socialist policies thet will be almost impossible to reverse once they are set along with gay marriage and anti-life agendas .

  • hillbilly says:

    Goat, I responded to this on the other comment you made. Romney has always been my second choice. You know that. The problem is, the RNC doesn’t want Romney, the liberal media doesn’t want Romney, and there are just enough people who will look at his religion as a detriment.

    The hit pieces are out on and highlighting every negative they can find, even his money! If he makes it through the primaries and wins the nomination, I’ll feel a whole lot easier about voting in the general for the simple fact that although he’s flip-flopped to the right on issues, I haven’t seen an instance, yet, where he’s made a promise he didn’t keep… as long as it was within his power to keep it.

    Be that as it may, the hit pieces are going to keep coming in the hopes of driving enough voters away to keep him from winning the nomination.

    Keith, perhaps what i just said to Goat will help… a little. I have no special advice for anybody except vote your conscience.

    I’m not real happy with Romney’s immigration plan but it certainly beats the others’. Huckabee’s was a cut and paste job of several different plans. The other two… well…they don’t apologize for their records do they?

    There are a few other things I don’t quite sync with Romney about but he’s still the best choice out of what is left.

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