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Daily Archives: January 24, 2008

Jim Geraghty is reporting that Thompson would have won the Louisiana Caucus had he not withdrawn hours before. Yes, it is a supreme irony. But the part that bugs me the most is the ridicule of the concluding paragraph:

[…}I almost hesitate to post this, as I realize that for Fredheads lamenting the end of his campaign, the thought of him getting out right before a potential win is like rubbing salt in the wound…

I suppose the chance to gloat was just too much. Thompson may not have had majority support in the presidential campaign, thus far, but one thing many of those ridiculing us don’t seem to realize is: we are a sizable minority. We are a sizable enough minority that Thompson came in third in every primary and caucus to date. We are a minority that is large enough to affect the outcome of not only the primary elections but the general as well.

Keep on ridiculing us, Mr. Geraghty and others like you. There is a backlash to alienating a sizable minority, especially those of us who might turn to Romney as a second choice, whom I believe is who your paper endorses?

Since Thompson’s withdrawal, the media outlets, both the conservative and liberal, have acted like a bunch of scavengers picking over the remains looking for the juiciest morsels of his bid for the candidacy.  My advice is: get over yourselves or you might find Democrats waltzing into a November win and consequently the White House without much effort at all.

What happens to a political party that loses a sizable minority of its base?

It loses elections.

January 2008


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