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They will get worse. 

While the media is deciding who will be the next president, Russia is flexing its muscles in anticipation of a much weakened United States. China has already thrown its weight around and continues to do so. In addition, they court our enemies

In the meantime our politicians promise us the moon while they chip away the foundations of this country. The stock market is falling fast.

And the American people have been hung out to dry as the choices are no longer ours but at the discretion of the elites, which don’t include the rest of us. If matters continues the course upon which they are set even the worst I can imagine may pall in comparison to the actuality.

But cheer up. We can bury our noses in the boob tube and maybe we won’t even know what hit us until it’s far too late to worry about it. We’ll still have American Idol, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears to talk about, right?

Oh, by the way, Heath Ledger is dead.

2 Responses to If you think these times are bad…

  • Goat says:

    Who cares about some drug addict actor that played a gay cowboy we have socialism to defeat my friend. Get off the ground dust yourself off grab a cup of coffee and fight for victory in November behind the GOP banner. I will even if its not Mitt and I have years behind my support, not months. I don’t forfiet the game because my star gets taken out, I send in another and play harder for the win.

  • hillbilly says:

    Goat, I don’t care… well I do in the abstract because he’s one of the prime examples of what’s wrong with this country but mainly it was just snark. On Fox News it was the top story as it was on other major outlets.

    Those articles I talked about prior to the snark weren’t all that hard to find but they weren’t found on the major news outlets in any prominent way and were nonexistent on others.

    They prefer we worry our little heads over the latter part of that post. Much easier to dictate to if we’re unaware.

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