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Daily Archives: January 21, 2008

Yesterday and this morning my fellow bloggers and I had a conversation stemming from a comment left by another poster telling the story of a complaint about some Air Force jets disturbing the complainant’s peace who then belligerently asked if there was reason why. The commanding officer proceeded to tell the complainant that it was standard procedure as they were presiding over the funeral of a fallen Air Force officer, killed in Iraq.

The ensuing conversation came up because of our various emotional experiences when reading the story. One of the blog posters was talking about how he felt he never did enough during his time in the service and used the phrase: “Duty, Honor, Country”, lamenting that so few knew what the words mean anymore. Then, he launched into a plug for Fred Thompson because the majority of us are Fred supporters and he said: “I believe that is why an honorable man like Fred Thompson can not break through and appeal to the mass of voters.”

He’s right along several fronts. We dragged Fred into this. He never asked for it but once he answered the call, all he asked for was time to put his affairs in order so that he would be able to put all his effort into it for “Duty, Honor, Country”.

During debates, the clear leader is the one all the others follow in spite of wanting to be the leader themselves, and they resent him for it while wishing that their own motives could be as pure and their hearts as strong for “Duty, Honor, Country”.

Thompson doesn’t need the personal aggrandizement but he has a need to see his country stand strong and honorable for his children, his grandchildren, and their grandchildren. We should emulate his example for:  “Duty, Honor, Country”.

He has a heartfelt concern for the course upon which this country seems to be set, just like those of us who begged him to run for the office, for “Duty, Honor, Country”.  The time he asked for to get his own affairs in order, we begrudged him and the media vilified him for it. When he didn’t dance to the tug of millions of strings, the media vilified him for it. Where is the media’s “Duty, Honor, Country”?

Doesn’t want to be president? He goes on the road, town to town, talking about the issues that the country is facing: “Duty, Honor, Country”.

No fire in the belly? His fire burns hottest of all: “Duty, Honor, Country”. You can’t ask for a hotter fire than that. Presidents like Thompson don’t come along very often. Consider the last 2 ½ decades. Do we turn our backs on and reject someone who gave up a lot to answer the call of “Duty, Honor, Country”?

January 2008


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